Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope Trailer

The Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope trailer has arrived!


We believe that this will bring a light of hope to Dragon Ball Z fans across the world.

I wrote the script for the series and for this trailer, so it’s exciting to see it in action.

You can read more about this live-action DBZ fan project.

If you’d like to contribute, then please lend us your genki at Robot Underdog’s IndieGoGo page.

What did you think?!

  • Sūn Wùkōng

    awesome & awaiting patiently! :+) ~

  • sesss

    5 dolars??Really Derek?You are really poor 🙁 hahahah,just kidding

    • Ha. It’s true, though! I can’t even afford the $5. Had to put it on a credit card. But I wanted to get the ball rolling to motivate others to donate.

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  • buneppu

    The hero that was coming… please tell me it was Gohan! That world looked pretty post-heart virus.

    • It was Gohan! He and Trunks are the only ones that survived to this point in time. Now it’s them and Bulma versus the Androids. Will they be able to defeat their foes?!