Dragon Ball Z: Saiyan Saga Preview

The new Dragon Ball Z: Saiyan Saga preview trailer has premiered!

This is the start of a 6-episode live-action web-series made by K&K Productions.

They are seeking funding on IndieGogo in order to create the 6 episodes, and they need your help!

If you’d like to see more live-action Dragon Ball Z, then be sure to contribute.

Enjoy the preview!

  • Didn’t these guys die out? They are no longer getting support from the majority of the DBZ community and have burned a lot of bridges. Why would anyone give them anymore money after them basically stealing money from everyone before?

    • No, they’re not dead. They just asked for a lot of money in their recent campaign and weren’t able to meet their goal. I believe it was around $90,000 for a single episode. As a result, they’re going to regroup and attempt it again later.

      • 90k? haha oh man, well if they keep asking for that kind of money they will die out.

  • I think you’re the last DBZ site to even mention their name. They’re done.