Dragon Ball Culture Volume 3 Now Available!

dragon ball culture volume 3 cover

Dragon Ball Culture Volume 3 is now available in ebook!

Son Goku begins a new adventure, and a quest for greater strength. Join me in Dragon Ball Culture Volume 3: Battle for only 4.99!

Also on Amazon, Apple iBooks, B & N Nook, Google Play, and Kobo.

Discover the secret to Goku’s strength as we explore the ancient training mentality he uses to become stronger with every step.

You’ll see how author Akira Toriyama uses ancient Chinese and Japanese belief systems to tell his story, and why discipline is such an important part of Goku’s mindset.

You’ll also see how Dragon Ball transforms itself to become the world’s most popular anime and manga.

Let the battle begin!

What is Dragon Ball Culture?

Dragon Ball Culture is a 7 volume, over 2,000 page analysis, of the origin and culture of the Dragon Ball series. It required over 11 years of research and development, and is a labor of love from one Dragon Ball fan to another. It will enable you to see Dragon Ball, and yourself, with new eyes.

Inside you’ll find a complete and thorough biography of Akira Toriyama (the first biography ever written about him), an explanation of the Dragon World, and an incredibly deep, panel-by-panel analysis of the manga, from beginning to end.

Along the way you’ll discover how Toriyama combines Eastern and Western culture together to create a fusion manga that is beloved across the world.

This is Volume 3 of the 7. It covers Goku’s discipleship under Muten Roshi, his training alongside Krillin, and his competition in the 21st Tenkaichi Budokai.

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  1. Posting Guest says:

    To the user known as Sūn Wùkōng; actually I am quite thankful to Mr. Padula on his answer. But you are wrong, in no way I am being hateful. Also if you know who I am, please specify it. Thank you.

    • Sūn Wùkōng says:

      ? lol, haters gonna hate as in you were pretty much saying dragon ball z & relation to buddhō shéndàoists philosophy/spirituality makes no sense when derek does a phenomenal job at explaining, very similar to many i’ve come across who have similar worldviews concerning manga/anime.
      you could be a number of people & i admit i could be wrong. it’s just that my entire life when something amazing has ever happened, a typical hater would try to soil it. so i know a number of haters whom you might possibly know, but the only way to know forsure is to track your i.p. address. also, i post as Sūn Wùkōng as a troll to those who have never even heard of Journey to the West

      • Sūn Wùkōng says:

        possibly be* dyslexia lol

        • Sūn Wùkōng says:

          if you’ve never thoroughly read Journey to the West or are familiar w/ East Asian Traditional Culture & the history of Buddhō ShénDàoist exportation from India to China to Korea/Japan/Asia in general, then of course you will ‘hate’ on/not comprehend something that makes no sense in the western paradigm. in the western paradigm, you go to school, to get a job/career & make that your life pretty much is how you pay the bills. a typical westerner would think that the Musha Shugyo training in Dragon Ball Z makes absolutely no sense & how they can even live w/o zeni & just train. Derek explains why clairvoyantly. then comes along the ‘i don’t know about this, dbz & Buddhō Shéndào philosophy/spirituality just don’t go together [in the western paradigm]’ & Derek again bringing up his background in East Asian studies that includes Martial Arts & how Dragon Ball Z relates super deep to the literal Dào/Dàfǎ “Great Dharmachakra/Buddha Cosmic Virtue Law Wheel Vortex Practice” x Dragon Ball/Z being one of the greatest Eastern Traditional Cultural + infusing modern Western elements masterpieces to ever be made in the history of ever, lol.

          • Sūn Wùkōng says:

            through the Spiritual medium of relating to the reflection of Son Gokū, i learned to accept that i am in fact dyslexic but that will never stop me from Ascending/Transcending. i became super inspired to continue training in the Martial Arts again & make it my Life — Living & Breathing the Primordial Essence/Genki Dama of Martial Arts. Spiritual Cultivation helps one correct incorret notions & ultimately learn more about themself, others, society/the community, world & uni/multiverse, living Life in Harmony w/ Nature in a balanced state.

          • Posting Guest says:

            I am sorry, but in no way I am discrediting Mr. Padula’s work as I agree he is doing a good job documenting everything related to Dragon Ball and East Asian philosophies. I already covered my issues on it, but what makes me uncomfortable is how there is plenty of disinformation agents and elements to the point we don’t know what to believe anymore as something presented as a good intention, can actually be something harmful to a person and others.

            I use this guest name to which I am also thankful to Mr. Padula for allowing it, to have my share of anonymity. But if you do such account to troll as you said; then you are creating karma; unless there is something I don’t know and if so, I’d rather not.

            The point is, if being a creator saves… then why create something which gives a message as good when at the end the very law which says that creating is good no matter what it is; it is something bad? And I am not talking of Dragon Ball much less Mr. Padula’s documentation.

            If you can track my I.P. please do so, and we can have a conversation. Thank you and I apologize for bringing this discussion here but if I had placed it in its original thread source, it would probably be ignored. Mr. Padula seems to wish to continue talking about it, but like him I used most of my stats on it plus if I were to continue, it would be back on that thread.

            Again, why create something that would give a wrong message? Like you 2 compare the karma debt to earthly money debts. But why create something which gives a wrong message and an expired one for that matter?

            Thank you for this space.

          • sūn wùkōng says:

            lol, journey to the west is about the monkey king troll master’s karma & how he overcomes his monkey mind x extingushes his karmatic debts to the buddha who divinely vajras sūn wùkōng to ascend to buddhahood. journey to the west is inspired by the actuan táng dynasty monk xuánzàng “great mystery” who journey to india to acurately transliterate the buddhist sūtras that can be seen as misinterpreted by disinformation agents at the time. toriyama includes so much real world history & pop culture in his masterpiece: dragon ball/dbz that is a parody relfection of the worldviews of the past present & future. at the end of journey to the west, buddha was testing xuángzàng, sūn wùkōng & the pilgrims [who are all extingushing their karmic debts] the whole damn time to see if they could truly endure as buddhas & ascend to buddhahood — sūn wùkōng is victorious fighting buddha who dispells illusions/darkness/ignorance of dharma w/ a vajra. sūn wùkōng is the ultimate superwarrior who literally smashes the brains of disinformation agents sort to speak as the dharma must be protected from those who are adversaries of the buddha i.e. the latin illuminati in modern times.

          • sūn wùkōng says:

            also, i only really comment to dispel ignorance as i do my best to spread enlightening insights into the actual journey to the west & what inspired toriyama’s dragon ball/dbz. but when someone of the likes of you comments typically as many have done the same to me, it awakens the sūpā saiyajin within

          • Posting Guest says:

            Why do you mention David Icke and any proof he is a dissinformation agent? Maybe you are Derek Padula posing as a troll.

          • sūn wùkōng says:

            also, derek has numerous posts dbz & real world related (that’s kinda what the dào of dragon ball is all about) that is an accumulation of research information compose of years worth of spontaneous effortless effort that pretty much goes into depth about controversial topics such as the typical western ‘can dbz really be trusted’. the reason i even troll as sūn wùkōng is because i saw a david icke{disinformation agent} forum post about how the namekians are actually reptilians being an all male race & the z-warriors being evil/adversaries being the actual good one? it was hilarious & reflected the ignorance of western culture. a divine spark was then ignited & i began researching east asian traditional cultural history to improve enlightening insights into the literal dharma x dào of dragon ball, a highly misunderstood manga/anime. i also used to think that i was lucifer himself & know more about the illuminati than most ‘conspiracy theorists’. toriyama’s masterpiece seriously helps me to meditate & made me realize that i’m not a ‘demon’ for being an unrefined country bumpkin

          • sūn wùkōng says:

            btw, derek allows these comments to be posted as it reflects the worldviews collisions/social-sciences of modern western society w/ the occasional out of america comment in which the dragon ball/dbz fan comments w/ positive feedback. perhaps that speaks volumes about america’s society that toriyama refers to as satan city as most of the citizens are ignorant of dharma x shéndào

          • sūn wùkōng says:

            the funimation dubbed hercule satan is refernce to latin greek roman mythology who is supposed to be a super strong dude, yet as he’s a wrestler/non-tradtional cultural nor freestyle mixed martial artist who doesn’t spiritually cultiavte & lives a western modernized life, he’s the weakest character & biggest parody in all of dragon ball/dbz. this reflects toriyama’s worldviews & the white missionaries judeo christian cultural reformation in the 1800’s, he’s basically saying that those who operate from within a western judeo christian worldview paradigm are easily transcended by spiritual warriors who abide by the eastern spiritual way of life: the beyond ultimate nameless spiritual way/shéndào of life within traditional japanese culture is to live w/ a pure heart in nature & to honor the kamis/ancestors who animate nature — this is to be honored everyday + the warrior aspect includes the history of the eastern martial arts that originates from the ancient sanskrit indian vajramukti that buddha was an eternal grandmaster of.
            funny enough, those in satan city tend to act like americans & despite all of their technological advancments/western modernized lifestyles, they’re hopeless/defenseless in times of crises.
            derek’s first book in the dào of dragon ball book series, it’s over 9,000! when worldviews collide clairvoyantly explains the social-science of dragon ball/dbz & how it relates to yep, you guessed it, the real world.

          • Namek Olmek says:

            True that bro. Damn esoteric Satanist. Lol

          • Namek Olmek says:

            In the Alfa Omega of Yen and Yang there is nothing new under the Sun. Messages, whether ones of haterisum, lack of understanding patterns of spiritualality or wisdom exsist now. So how can they be exspired. I don’t get it. Dbz was exspired but the collective concious of fans have breath life into it again. Same principals same retelling of an exspired old like most sc-ify. But guess what apparently it never gets old. And post if your not exspecting an reply,

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