Why Write About Dragon Ball?

year of writing the dao of dragon ball

Discover why Dragon Ball matters and why I write about it in this insightful interview on Year of Writing with host Omar Khafagy.

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Topics Discussed

  • Getting into the Dragon Ball Spirit
  • How Shaolin Kung Fu led to learning Japanese and Mandarin
  • The origin of Dragon Ball: Journey to the West
  • Derek’s own Journey to the East
  • How to create works of art that last
  • Why writing a book is “like giving birth”
  • How Derek deals with criticism
  • The habit that gives Derek the ability to write for up to 10 hours straight
  • And a whole lot more

Year of Writing

Year of Writing is a podcast focused on the art of writing. It’s a weekly series that helps you get into the mind of a profesional writer.

If you’re into writing or curious to learn more about the craft, then check it out.

It was an honor to be a part of Omar’s program.

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