Dragon Ball Book Progress Update 3

Son Goku Statue

Son Goku Statue

Hi there. A reader requested an update on The Dao of Dragon Ball book’s progress, so here it is.

Most of the book is done in rough draft form. However, new information keeps appearing, new rabbit holes to go down, and I feel like it’s all essential to the book’s content.

For example, right now I’m studying the world’s largest martial arts tournament that took place in China in 2004. I’m reading about the history of Qi Gong and how it exploded in popularity. And I’m learning more about the VHS fansubbers of Dragon Ball in America. There’s tons of stuff.

I’m also completely editing the “… To the World” chapter. It’s currently 48 pages, so I’m going to break it down into smaller chapters with more focused content so that readers have an easier time understanding the global history and overall story of Dragon Ball in the world today.

Then I will continue editing the rest of the Dragon Ball book, which includes finishing the final martial arts chapter on Divine Combat. It’s tough because I’m basically trying to explain how the supernormal abilities depicted in Dragon Ball are actually possible without falling into pseudo-science. Meanwhile, it has to tell a story at the same time.

I work on the book everyday and am making steady progress.

Here I’ll quote the Venerable Master, Lao Tzu. I saw this on a Facebook fan’s page (be sure to friend me on Facebook, by the way!):

The soft overcomes the hard.

The slow overcomes the fast.

Let your workings remain a mystery.

Just show people the results.

-Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

Hopefully the results will speak for themselves.

7 responses to “Dragon Ball Book Progress Update 3”

  1. Wyzedome says:

    Hey Derek,
    Was Passing Thru To Get An Update On The Book, And You Did Not Dissapoint!
    Although Im As Anxious As All Other DBZ Fans Who Await The Book, Do Appreciate You Taking Your Time To Give Us Perfection! Keep Up The Good Works Man, And Will Friend You On Facebook……True- Good- Endure………….

  2. sthomass says:

    I hope the book comes soon.

  3. haad says:

    I am sorry to sound ignorant and annoying but i thought the first part of the three books were out????? If you get a chance please respond if not do not worry i understand. I would also like to mention i am a student of the martial arts and meditation and have been studying these things for quite some time, i grew up watching dragon ball and watch it to this day, ive always wondered the things you are discussing and have learned a lot,.

    • The first part is still being developed. It’s a process directly related to my own level of development. So the book keeps getting better, which is good, but it’s also taking some time.

      That’s good to hear that you’re into these subjects. They contain such a vast breadth of topics because they’re all related to the human condition and our own growth. It seems like it could never end. What I’m realizing is important is to have a purpose for studying it. What’s the ultimate end of that road? Why study it? If you can figure that out, it helps tremendously.

  4. haad says:

    im not sure how much more there is to learn on the subject but i am compeled to support your book! the pure idea of actually getting this documented is pure genius, i suppose what they say is true when they say its a big world and there are people similar to us in ways we do not expect.

    ps i doubt u need an even bigger work load but i wanted to say somthing often missed with this type of research. the sufi’s, they are islamic mystics and certain silat practitioners who were influenced by their theories are recorded to have lifted cars and successfully fought people who had guns and cannons with their fists and meele weaponry, i doubt it is easy to find info on sufi martial arts or even really silats energy workings but if you get bored here is another window you might enjoy learning about, even if there is no time to document it

  5. haad says:

    btw none of my comments were meant to sound cocky, when i meant i do not know if i can learn much i simply mean im deeply into things that cause me to have understanding of these things and might not be in your target audience, there is a good shot i will learn somthing either way good luck to you, much respect

    • No worries. I didn’t perceive your comments that way at all. I’m glad that my writing is resonating with someone, and that you can learn from and enjoy my articles.

      Thank you. Much respect for you as well.