Please Take My 2012 Reader Survey

dao of dragon ball book 2012 reader survey

I want to make my blog and book more relevant to your needs and interests. To do that, I need to know more about YOU. As a result, I have created my 2012 Reader Survey.

Can you take 1 minute to fill out the survey? By doing so you’re ultimately helping yourself, because you will be helping me make my posts and content even more interesting and relevant to you.

Is there a topic you’d like to know more about? Anything about Goku, Dragon Ball or East Asian culture you’d love to explore deeper? How do you think I can make the site better? Now is your chance to be heard.

Your input is important to me and the survey is easy to fill out. Only 10 simple questions that will take less than 1 minute. The results are completely anonymous.

To say thank you, if you take the survey and then leave a comment or share this link on Facebook or Twitter and let me know about it (@derekpadula), I will pick 7 people at random to receive a FREE copy of my ebook, “Over 9,000 Explained!” A $1.99 value.

Thanks in advance for your help.

UPDATE – FEB 11, 2012: I’m still looking for more survey entries! If you want to win the Over 9,000 ebook, please take the survey and leave your name in the comments or tweet me! Do so before the deadline, Feb 28, 2012. Thank you!!

14 responses to “Please Take My 2012 Reader Survey”

  1. Gokouu says:


  2. Gohan says:

    I hope this helps : )

  3. Dao says:

    I had some neat ideas for future blog posts, hope it helps!

  4. Adamsennin says:

    "There’s no one left, except for you!" -Kid Vegeta to Goku during Goku’s vision against Frieza. (I took your survey)

  5. @JXYOH says:

    Just finished the survey – Johan, Paris (France)

  6. Haad says:

    Not much insight, but i threw in my two cents, if nothing else it will help give an idea of reader interests.

  7. ultimatedbzgirl says:

    Finished! Good luck! :)