Goku Vs. Superman DEATH BATTLE is Here!

The Goku Vs. Superman DEATH BATTLE is here! Will Goku win or is Superman too powerful?

Sound off in the comments!

*** SPOILERS IN COMMENTS – Watch the video first. ***

Also big thanks to ScrewAttack for asking me to be a part of Internet history!

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  1. Michael says:

    A lot closer than I expected, but it’s hard to accept the winner. I can’t poke holes in their logic, but something just feels off about the results. Maybe Goku wasn’t portrayed honestly enough, or maybe it’s my own personal bias. The results were pretty clear though.

    • DerekPadula says:

      Yeah, I kind of feel the same way because they never showed us the Superman side of the facts until now. But hey, fair enough, Superman is a beast.

      • Michael says:

        I think I figured out where the flaw was on my part anyways. They do mention Goku being a tactical genius when it comes to fighting, and unless I’m wrong, Goku likely would’ve teleported in front of Superman rather than fly after him. Although that probably would’ve ended worse since Supes would’ve likely just carried Goku with him into the sun unless Goku was able to slow him down and force him back down onto the earth. Vegeta at his maximum in SSJ4 probably wouldn’t be as strong as Goku was, but I do believe he would’ve won the fight strictly based on his cruel and competitive nature. The Kryptonite was the game changer and the second Goku destroyed it, the match was pretty much decided.

        • DerekPadula says:

          Agreed. The Kryptonite was classic Goku though, and those decisions are what make him such a great character.

          I think if Goku were sent to Other World and given a chance to continue training and then be wished back by the Namekian dragon balls, he would eventually surpass Superman’s limits. Or if Toriyama ever creates a Super Saiyan 5! haha.

          • OdaGregsStyle says:

            I have to ask, how did they calculate the multiplication of various Super Saiyan forms?

            Also, given that chibi Goten + Trunks = equal to or stronger than Super Saiyan 3 Goku, would it be possible to calculate a “fusion” formula to determine Vegetto or Gogeta’s strength?

          • OdaGregsStyle says:

            Also, based on their formula, how many times would Goku’s strength have to be multiplied to surpass Superman’s? If Goten plus Trunks = around Goku SSJ 3, maybe it’s their combined strength multiplied by a factor between 10 and 50? While that is high, Goku is a lot stronger than them, but I wouldn’t go so far as to rate him as 100X stronger than Goten and Trunks. (also, is that your voice narrating all the DBZ factoids?)

          • DerekPadula says:

            No, that’s not my voice. There are two voices. One is Ben (Wiz) and the other is Chad (Boomstick).

          • OdaGregsStyle says:

            Okay, last question…. given that Vegeta’s lowly power level was like, 40,000 or so when he was able to blow up the earth but that SSJ Goku is like 15,000,000, shouldn’t Goku’s Kamehameha be enough to kill Superman even if Goku’s physical strength and speed can’t beat his? While I’m not quite sure what SSJ 4 Goku’s power level would be, it’d probably be at least 500-1000X greater than Vegeta back during the Saiyan arc.

          • DerekPadula says:

            Those are what Kanzenshuu provided. I’m pretty sure they are the values stated in the official Daizenshuu’s in Japan.

            Fusion was not allowed, so it has to be one on one. I’m not really sure. My area of focus is Goku’s personality and belief system, which is what determines his actions in the fight (like during the Kryptonite scene).

          • kurodansei says:

            Man I feel like you’ve had to tell like 5 people that fusion wasn’t allowed lol.

          • DerekPadula says:

            Yeah, but I don’t mind. Just imagine how many times Ben and Chad at ScrewAttack have had to repeat the same things to the millions of fan boys out there.

  2. bill says:

    Didn’t Goku become an eternal god, protector of the earth, when he absorbed the dragon balls’ abilities and ascended with shrenron? Is that the correct interpretation? Shouldn’t Goku have been more omnipotent? He should have been immortal then. They left that out.

  3. Dave says:

    ! 30 + minutes of fantasy fun ! I suspect that even with this effort,
    many fans will continue to support their respective favorite. Whether
    Son Goku or Superman, both are fantastic to read about and to see in
    action. I for one, would much rather see them team up to work together.

    I have to also admit, it was a special pleasure to see one of my son’s
    name in the credits. Congrat’s to everyone that participated in this

    • DerekPadula says:

      Thanks, Dad! It took a few days of effort to answer their questions, but it was also a lot of fun and very satisfying to nerd out to that degree.

      It was cool seeing my name in the credits, and when they quoted me in the video!

  4. ODDiSEE says:

    this is really good. but off for the fact that they only used their highest feats. i feel their lowest should have been included aswell but that is just how i view it.

  5. Haad says:

    *********SPOILER ALERT-WATCH FIRST***********

    While I definatly see a couple holes they missed about Goku it is very likley Superman fans will see holes they missed about superman increasing his poer further as well. In the end these are immeasurable powers and they did a good job coming as close as they could to attempt a measurement. It seems they even made some effort to answer the super kaio ken power level questions.
    They did a pretty good job, I love how they had to use abridged goku to come up with an excuse to have the fight and how TFS was also involved. While I think Goku would have immediatly noticed the link between superman and the sun, in a competitive style fight like this he would likley still have let superman use the sun, stopped using the powerpole and destroyed the kryptonite since his charectr wasn’t always worried about winning the fights when people weren’t in danger. If no one is in danger they have convinced me superman is the likley winner though I am a diehard Dragonball fan.

  6. Haad says:

    Mr. Padula What were your thoughts/comments on the match (Unless you intend to have a seperate post on them)?

    • DerekPadula says:

      I believe that Goku should have won and gave ScrewAttack every possible reason I could have to state why, backed up with thorough character analysis and facts.

      They stayed true to the character’s different personalities to a high degree, and while I could nitpick the tiny details (like I’m sure millions of fans will do), what’s the use at this point?

      The conclusion really comes down to ScrewAttack’s final thoughts, which is that Goku is excellent at bursting through limits, but Superman simply has no limits to begin with. When you look at the statistics they put on paper, it’s hard to disagree with the result.

      It was a fun battle!

      • Thanks for the response, not to take up too much of your time on ths but then how do you think it would have went with pre-crisis superman? I’ve heard everythign from he can juggle planets, to he once traveled back in time 10,000 years to study all human martial arts and came back to beat the bad guy to he takes absolutly no damage in his ultimate form.

        • DerekPadula says:

          I don’t know much about Pre-Crisis Superman, so it’s hard to say. I guess the result would have been the same, but even more over powered. Superman is crazy hacked.

          Not to discredit Superman’s efforts, but I still prefer Goku as a character because he had to EARN all of his powers.

          • Thanks again for the reply, I agree as a martial artist there is somthing to appreciate about just the training and the self improvement that gives me a greater appreciation for the charecter of Goku.

      • :) says:

        “The statistics they put on paper” have STRONG FLAWS… for starters the ‘strength’ baseline they use is completely skewered towards Superman. He moves the earth, ok, but he was being helped by Green Lanter, how much did Hal Jordan helped him?
        On the other hand, for Goku, they use an old data point… 40 Tons are in early Saiyan Saga, one would at least expect this base number to grow… and as far as my memory allows I think those ’40 tons’ are in King Kai’s planet… which is 10x normal gravity, so that number is AT LEAST 10x off… And last but not least, Why in the name of Jebus would Goku send SuperMan to the sun if it was clearly what he wanted? I mean he’s not Einstein but that was just retarded…

      • John says:

        I agree Goku should’ve won. I have a few questions since you’re an expert on DBZ :P

        Do you think power levels are linear? I know screwattack does. Personally I feel things like speed, acceleration, strength, energy, power level, etc. Are all different things. Super Saiyan supposedly multiplies power level by 50x but does it increase speed, acceleration, strength, energy, etc. 50x as well? My guess is that it doesn’t. What do you think?

        As we know, Goku has a much faster combat speed then Supes does, and the amount of energy in one of Goku’s punches relies on the kinetic, and potential energy that Ki enhanced strikes would give rise to, which in turn would rely primarily on the speed of his punch.

        Goku can throw strikes faster than Superman, and his Super Saiyan transformations literally have auras consisting of boiled over energy which can’t be maintained in his body, so it would add even power more to his punches and kicks, right? Do you think Supes’ punches are more powerful than Goku’s?

        What do you think about the 40 tons dilemma? Here’s what I think:

        there’s a difference between lifting 400 tons and flying
        while carrying 400 tons. The first uses muscle; the second uses ki. Even if
        Goku was used to working out in 500x gravity, flying while carrying over 400
        tons takes more than muscle; it takes a lot of carefully directed ki output to
        stay in the air while you’re carrying the weight. It was easier for Goku to
        just go SSJ and use the boiling-over ki of the transformation to keep him in
        the air.

        If he’s on a planet with 10x gravity, then he
        needs 10x the normal strength to stand, but 100x the normal energy to fly. To lift
        additional weight while flying, it gets worse; he has to support the additional
        weight with his muscles (still 10x) while also producing enough additional
        energy to offset the increased weight (100x) for a total of 110x the energy he
        would expend under earth’s gravity. And he wasn’t “lifting 400 tons”, he was flying under the weight of up to 400 tons.

        Also, is it possible that EACH weight was 40 tons instead of 40 tons all together?

  7. M3n0 says:

    I cannot get out w/o commenting this. There is one more thing that’s relevant and not used in this amazing 30 minutes calculations and battle: Goku (as a Saiyan) becomes stronger with each fight, so in case (SPOILER ALERT:) Superman beat him (which I disagree) the first time, Goku would become stroger each time and eventually he would beat Superman, of course claiming that Superman has limitless power is pretty much pointless/

    • DerekPadula says:

      True, but Goku would have to be wished back to life with the Namekian dragon balls. And as you mentioned, who’s to say that Superman doesn’t one up him again after Goku powers up from the “zenkai”? He could soak in the sun for a few days if need be.

      This is why I like Goku more than Superman. Goku has to earn his powers and literally go through life and death in order to rise up. He’s much more relatable.

  8. GokuFan says:

    If goku beats bills in battle of gods it means goku is stronger than the god of destruction – a god! And I don’t think superman could kill one. And it would b interesting to see gogeta ssj4 vs. superman

    • DerekPadula says:

      The new movie could be a game changer, but unless it contains Super Saiyan 4, Goku won’t be more powerful, will he? We’ll have to see. Fusions were taken out of the Death Battle because it has to be a one on one fight.

      On a side note, Vegetto is actually stronger than Gogeta. So Super Saiyan 4 Vegetto would be the best.

  9. Goku rules says:

    I think that their method of working out speed, strength and durability isn’t accurate at all bec. they used goku’s base power before namek for speed and it wouldn’t be exact x4 and x10.

  10. Will says:

    Neither of them would go to such lengths as destroying the earth to win a simple sparring match. Also superman didn’t directly defeat Goku as Goku was only destroyed when caught in the blast of the world exploding. Lame.

  11. Chris says:

    Couldn’t see the video here… Does this springboard needs any plu-gin to play? I tried to update my Flash version but still doesn’t work =/

  12. Malakon110 says:

    honestly, I kinda bounced around on who I thought would win in this
    fight… I didn’t really know enough about Supes to have a definitive
    opinion as to who would win, but if they were to show their true
    personalities to the T this fight honestly wouldn’t have even
    happened… so they did have to bend the character a little bit to make
    this believable. YES they did correctly address the fact that Goku would
    do what he could to make it a fair fight, and destroying the Kryptonite
    was a definite game changer and flaw on his part, but thats what Goku
    does… (also why I like him so much) And if Superman has the ability to
    search a person’s soul like they showed he could, than Superman could
    have seen that Goku wasn’t evil by any means and neither of them would have had to die (OR DESTROY THE PLANET) but then again, thats what Death Battle is all about xD

  13. Vitor says:

    well, there are plenty of thing I disagree with the guys in screwattack, but I have to respect their opnion even if I think there were many flaws in their way of thinking. Let me thank you from Brasil mister Derek , thanks for defending DBZ for us lol.
    Mister derek , since you probably know A LOT about DBZ let me ask you this:
    Goku already absorbed the power from his Genki dama when he used the sun ki to form it , wouldnt you say that goku would be experienced in sensing the sun ki that superman “has” and that he had already absorbed and would be able to tell where his source of energy comes from?

  14. Brownie says:

    Was Dragonfist considered a physical or magical attack in this deathbattle?

  15. Brando says:

    This is horse shit! I’m seriously upset with this outcome dude. Like, if they would’ve made the fight close then I wouldn’t have had a problem with this “death battle. But dude… that little end commentary was insult to injury. WTF??? They made it seem like Goku was a little bitch compared to Supes. I didn’t like the way the portrayed my boy in battle either. “He’s super strong! And an alien! I have to fight him and defeat him.” What??? And Goku is a fighting genius. No way would he have let Supes put those pressure points on him. I also didn’t like the way that Supes was unaffected by all of Goku’s transformations. C’mon! None of those transformations weakened Supes’ overall strength? Ugh! When Goku trained with Kami he LEARNED HOW TO CONCENTRATE DURING A BATTLE!!! That’s what made him so EFFIN beasty at the end of Dragonball. So if the earth were to explode during a battle like that he COULD instant transmission himself away from the explosion. And omg dude! The 40 tons logic??? C’mon. Wasn’t that before the 10 year jump to Ubb? And like someone said earlier, being on a Kaio’s planet makes the gravity higher, so wouldn’t that be 40 tons x whatever? Plus, its Goku. So you KNOW that in those 10 years that he only got stronger than that.

    Ugh, I get mad every time I flashback to that “death battle”. I know it wouldn’t really happen like that because both of them are too pure-hearted to fight to the death with millions of innocent people around (plus Goku would want Supes as a sparring buddy). I also, *said while grinding teeth* while I hate to admit it, can’t disagree TOO much with the *shudder* fact sheet post battle. It just sucks to me because, like they said, Superman has had TONS of writers and has had ongoing storylineS since Crisis on Infinite Earths. What has Goku had since ’96…? GT, some fake series pop ups on the internet, and *cringes* Dragonball Evolution. Honestly, as a diehard fan of the Dragonball series, I am a little upset with Akira Toriyama (I don’t care what anyone thinks of me at this point). Dude! Help us out! You made a character that we all look to as a hero and for inspiration to be better people. Doesn’t it make you a LITTLE upset that this beloved character you created (your freakin MASTERPIECE) is being drug through the mud and disrespected??? Please, please, PLEASE! God, in heaven, make this DBZ movie mindblowing!!!. Because I can’t take seeing another slap in the face to my fav character.

    So much more that I wanted to say, but in my anger so many thoughts rushed through my mind that I couldn’t keep up with them all. Sorry Derek. This was my mini rant. Had to vent about it. I’m a diehard DBZ fan to the death of me!!!

    • DerekPadula says:

      No problem, I enjoyed the rant and got a few laughs out of it. I’m glad I was able to provide a place for you to vent.

      I’m also hoping the movie turns out well. Let’s see if Toriyama still has the magic touch.

  16. John says:

    wait vegeta Gallic gun could blow up the planet and goku was about to blast it out the as we know goku pwned the genue force so he got much stronger
    Superman would still win yes but wouldn’t his strength be evan higher and dobole his speed because near death it boost by double

  17. John says:

    o yah I forgot to tell every one how really annoying you all are for saying


    how do I put this nicly


    type in “HIGH FIVE” if you agree these goku fans got way out of hand

  18. Tallen says:

    the reason why goku lost is because theres no power scaling. Cell and broly where able to destroy Galaxys well cell just solar systems but still, they didnt want to do that. of course Goku didnt even want to think about feats like that.. and at the end when he fused with the IMMORTAL shinron that makes goku Immortal LOL. .

  19. Joshua says:

    I’m pleased with the results, I think it’s pretty clear that Superman takes it. Even if you multiply Goku’s given Strength and Durability by a billion, he still comes up short of the Man of Steel. The problem is the fundamental core of who the characters are. Superman’s story isn’t about fighting; it’s about who he is, what he does, and how even with all the power in the world it’s never easy to save lives (which is his primary job and goal.) Superman’s problems can very rarely be beaten by brute force. Unlike DBZ, Supes comics aren’t about plot excuses to go in to various one on one fights with arbitrarily increasing stakes.

    Superman’s story is one of ideals, moral compass, and the goal to preserve human life. It’s also a story of home vs heritage as Superman strives to be human. Where as in DBZ the characters are striving to be more powerful, all Supes wants is to protect and fit in with regular people.

    Villains on Superman’s level of power are usually gamebreaker. H’el for example, the most recent villain, absolutely stomped the Teen Titans in less than two pages of content; including Superboy. These villains are made specifically to be overwhelming, to bring tension because when you see them on page with anybody except Supes you know it’s a fight for survival.

    I don’t think Goku fans should be so upset. Your character losing isn’t a slight on your character, or an insult to him. Just because Goku could stomp, say, Cole from Infamous doesn’t mean I believe Goku is the better character.

    And to top it all off, I -am- a DBZ fan. Like everybody else I grew up with the show, running home after school to watch new episodes on Toonami.

  20. Guest says:

    I haft to admit the video game graphics are cool to watch and
    I definatly enjoyed watching the fight scene. I know this video was created for
    fun but still I think they seriously messed up when they portrayed Goku
    behaving like he was five years old. I mean seriously Goku never jumps into a
    fight without eying up the situation first and his advanced fighting skills
    enabled him to keep up with opponents who are much stronger than him. Like the
    time he almost defeated Cell with his instant transmission Kamehameha despite
    the fact that Cell was much stronger than he was.

  21. Goten Son says:

    I haft to admit the video game graphics are cool to watch and
    I admit I enjoyed watching the fight scene. I know this video was created for
    fun but still I think they seriously messed up when they portrayed Goku
    behaving like he was five years old. I mean seriously Goku never jumps into a
    fight without eying up the situation first and his advanced fighting skills
    enabled him to keep up with opponents who are much stronger than him. Like the
    time he almost defeated Cell with his instant transmission Kamehameha despite
    the fact that Cell was much stronger than he was.

  22. fattori says:

    I really have to ask that, how about a ssj4 gogeta vs superman, would that still have the same outcome?

    • DerekPadula says:

      Fusion’s weren’t allowed. Had to be man to man.

      • fattori says:

        but, if it was allowed, do you think that could change the outcome?

        • DerekPadula says:

          I haven’t done the math, but from my biased perspective, yes. Goku and Vegeta are the ultimate rivals, and when combined become the ultimate warrior. The fight was less than 30 minutes long, so I’m sure they could have pulled off a victory. Plus, the Stardust Breaker finisher may have obliterated Superman at the subatomic level.

          • fattori says:

            And about the way you guys calculated the resistence of goku by the bomb dr.gero putted inside goku, maybe that was dr. gero guess, not really something that could destroy goku.

            The Ssj4 goku could achieve 2x the speed of light and maintain the molecular structure of his body, to achieve that he need to resist way more than the amount of energy from that bomb. things start to scaletad really quickly from something moving at 99.999999999% the speed of light from something moving at the actual speed of light. (as can be seen here => http://what-if.xkcd.com/20/)

            Well, all that is based in speculative science, this is really some nerdfest contest, and i loved the whole thing.

            For me, i think that without the whole “to the death” thing they both never could actually kill each other, goku would be defeated as he was against cell but would put a hell of training to rise to the man of stell league.

            But vegetto or ssj4 gogeta would have some issues against having someone stronger than he claim to be because the whole vegeta personality imbued in that character.

            Lets see how the battle of gods ova will turn out, maybe Goku gets stronger then.

  23. kurodansei says:

    They didn’t actually use the clone technique or oozaru in the video kinda wanted to see the monkey. But I think what the video really says (looking at the fight) is that Goku can beat Superman on Earth and even in the upper atmosphere and space. But once Superman touches the sun it’s like touching base in tag. You can do him no harm. I can come to terms with that.

    Also when Goku says “Finally someone as strong as I am” I just about died when I heard Vegeta in the back go “thanks asshole” cuz I didn’t hear it the first time I watched it. LOVE TEAM FOURSTARS WORK!

  24. i want let u know that i am deaf n i am huge fans of goku is same my personal than other character n superman, i disagree about screwattack make video also, i ask them inbox but it seem they not care report my question…..i know about all superman not really god n limited only juice battery but goku really faster charger than superman slow feed power from sun…..>_>

    ill say sad pity on screwattack not correct about database. if i have tech program make video like same this i would better show real like goku can swing superman’s nuts underwear for real n cant catch up goku’s beyond speed light

  25. well, i am sure ppl angry about screwattack n ill say vote close down screwattack business for good cuz they not correct about database n not know deep about all of heros

  26. Jonh Vidal says:

    LOL !!!! Are mad, Goku beats Superman without becoming supersaiyan. The problem is that Superman is an American icon, so it wins.

  27. KayNine says:

    Superman is the man of steel… Goku can rip through steel in a instance. Not even turning super Saiyan

  28. Hmm, from what I can see, Death Battle got it right. And let me say that I’m a bigger fan of Goku than Superman. It was a good fight and I like both heroes a lot better than I did before. There are many things I can make some concessions on though.

    If Goku had taken advantage of Superman’s weaknesses, he would have won. If he had fused with Vegeta, and went SSJ 4, he would have won. And if he was Gogeta, SSJ 4, used his ultimate technique, AND went Kaio-Ken times 20, he would have won.

    But it was a straight up fight, both of their techniques, powers, limits, and characters were taken into account. A well done fight.

    • Elliot Wilson says:

      You see, I don’t believe people when they claim to be bigger fans of Goku than Superman and still think Superman wins because the truth is THERE ARE MULTIPLE INCARNATIONS OF SUPERMAN. If you think Goku loses to all of them, then you are NO true DBZ fan.

      • mosdra says:

        i am the fan of both and anyone thinks goku is a hero he is not he don’t about he only likes to fight i t was the americans made goku superman copy

  29. Anonymous says:

    They often assumed that fighting speed=travel speed, and that
    training weights=benching weights. I could dodge incredibly fast punches in a fight, but that
    doesn’t mean that I can run as fast as those punches were moving. Also,
    Goku as a child lifted a boulder that, had it been sandstone (a
    remarkably light mineral), would’ve still weighed around ten tons, and
    pushed a boulder as large as Roshi’s house (making it at least 300-400
    tons had it also been sandstone). That 40 ton theory isn’t accurate at
    all. I can certainly lift 80lbs, but when I have 20lbs on each of my
    limbs, I’m immobilized. Also, they used their gravity formula (which is
    an assumption btw, which is against VS. battle debate rules) to multiply
    stats from the Saiyan saga. Goku was MUCH more powerful by the Frieza
    and Cell sagas. Gravity formula is in no way “full proof” as Death
    Battle has claimed. It was a fun fight, cool to watch, but like so many
    Death Battles before it, that’s all it’s good for..

  30. Saiyatonian says:

    I’m a huge Superman fan, as well as a Goku fan, but the ending was just so… wrong. They acted like Superman hadn’t lost a fight in his life and that he’s limitless. He’s not.

  31. Junk3t says:

    Goku would defeat most versions of Superman, but the key word I’m using here is “most”. Because comic books have been around for so long multiple versions of characters exist, including Superman.

    Goku would defeat say TAS, Golden Age, Post Crisis on Infinite Earths and New 52 Superman but not without a good fight. Thought Robot, One million and Silver Age Superman would defeat Goku because they are essentially gods.

    Silver Age Superman is a living deus ex machina who can pull powers out of nowhere, and he was able to blow up an entire solar system just be sneezing and move 10 planets on a chain with ease.

    One Million Superman is practically a god who was able to rebuild Lois Lane from a single strand of DNA, rebuild an entire planet from a rock and even create his own universe.

    Thought Robot only appeared in Final Crisis but he was described as ” The Thought Robot is made of pure thought and capable of adapting instantly & Constantly to counter any future threat. The Power of the Thought Robot Extends Far Beyond Multiverses, A sentinel suit designed for a single Purpose,To Protect All Existence Against The Ultimate Enemy.”

    He was able to summon and hold Limbo itself in his finger which should give you some idea of what he’s capable off and has the power of 52 different realities inside of him. Now before I get called a Superman fan boy I want to repeat my previous statement. Goku can defeat most versions of Superman but not all of them, and until he reaches a level comparable to Gold, TR or SA Superman, he can never defeat them all.

    Sorry for the long comment, I just thought it would be nice to give you a comic book enthusiasts view of this match up seeing as no one else did so in the other comments.

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