Hosting Dragon Ball Fan Manga

dragon ball zeroverse cover goku oob

The Dao of Dragon Ball is now hosting Dragon Ball fan manga.

The first series is titled Dragon Ball Zeroverse, and is a long lost and unnofficial series published in Tibet in 1996.

Dragon Ball Zeroverse has been rediscovered and cleaned up by Marb, former owner of the DragonNews site, aka Dragon Ball Benelux.

Marb is translating each of the hundreds of pages from Chinese into English, and is cleaning up each page by hand.

He asked for a place to host the content; so I figured, ‘What better place to host a cultural artifact than my own site?’

This is an experiment to see if it proves popular.

If it does well, I may open up submissions to other fan manga artists in the future.

dragon ball zeroverse goku oob

You can read it online for free or buy Volume 1 on Amazon.

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Enjoy the read!

One response to “Hosting Dragon Ball Fan Manga”

  1. Dominik Sobolewski says:

    Have you considered starting a youtube channel. A lot of people are still very fanatical about the series?

    I think lessons on metaphysics of the series can help them understand how deep their beloved show actually is.

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