Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope Q & A

Have questions about the new Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope web series?

The cast and crew have answers.

If you have another question, leave it in the comments below and I’ll answer it for you.

I wrote the script to the series and am in touch with the crew. So let ’em fly!

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  1. Cob Khuraibet says:

    Something that was kind of asked but not fully answered… What kind of liberties did you take in writing it? How closely does it follow history of trunks?

    • I try to deliver what fans enjoy about the series, while still making it work on film.

      It’s an adaptation, so it follows the History of Trunks closely, but takes liberties to make things more of a complete story. The TV special is rather anti-climactic because you already know how it ties in with the canonical series. But the web series needs to be a complete story that does not depend on your previous knowledge of DBZ to enjoy. So there’s an actual resolution at the end of Episode 3.

      I want people to feel the same energy that they feel while watching the TV special.

      • Cob Khuraibet says:

        fantastic! It really sounds like you took the right approach. Could it be that all we needed for a great live-action DB saga was someone who actually KNOWS something about the series (I’m attacking you, James Wong!)? I’m really excited to see how you concluded the story! #HighHopes

  2. JustCurious says:

    When’s it coming out?

  3. thad says:

    What year is it coming out and is it true or is it like dragon ball af fan made

    • I’ve been told that Episode 1 is scheduled to come out in November. It’s a fan made series, but it is “real” in the sense that it exists, while AF does not.

    • Sūn Wùkōng says:

      Dragon Ball AF is fan art based upon the fantasy/mystery/what if’s/potential of where Dragon Ball/Z/GT/beyond as a whole can go usually character developments/storyline progressions of Z Warriors & Friends focusing away from the myth/Legend of Son Gokū x prehistoric/Ancient Traditional Nameless Philosophy i.e. Dào, Buddhism, Shinto/Spirituality of East Asia

  4. Sūn Wùkōng says:

    Derek, what are your insights on Dragon Ball Z 2015 film? is Toriyama keeping his fans on cliff hangers as usual?! lol

    • Yeah, they haven’t released anything other than that promotional trailer about “the worst wish in history,” so it’s anyone’s guess as to what it could be. I’m trying not to think about it too much at the moment, but I am excited to see it. Toriyama’s editor, Torishima-san, says it is his best work yet. That must mean it’s a real crowd pleaser.

      The one thing I do kind of hope for is either a giant universal genki-dama against a universal “karma-dama,” or Goku turning into a giant through some kind of transformation technique, and fighting another giant all over the planet, with intricate martial arts moves and huge energy beams. It’d be like a modern version of a legendary story.

      • Sūn Wùkōng says:

        humanoid giant or ōzaru? & doesn’t toriyama usually prefer to design ‘little’ warriors w/ great potential?

        • Sūn Wùkōng says:

          karma dama vs genki dama similar to syn/omega shenron vs son gokū?

          • Yes, just like that, with the two dama’s clashing against one another. I think that’d be cool.

            I’d like to see a humanoid giant, similar to when Gokū fought against Ma Junia in the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai. It’s classic Toriyama, but we’ve never seen Gokū do it. It would connect back to traditional belief systems and also the Sentai series where warriors (like Ultraman) transform into giant versions of themselves. Plus it’s the opposite of everything we’ve seen Gokū do so far, and I think it would feel fresh if he fights another giant.

          • Sūn Wùkōng says:

            oh, ok. thanks for clarifying. yea, son gokū shirnks to microcosmic degree in dragon ball twice or so & vejītto purposely gets turned into a coffee candy to spirituallǐ liberate zetto senshis witin majin super buu so to see a macrocosmic ‘size up’ transformation would be classic toriyama, altho not sure how dragon ball fans would accept that concept. love whatever toriyama has in the works! not to mention torishima-san comments that it’s his best work yet

          • Sūn Wùkōng says:


  5. alois says:

    I’m a really fan of dragon ball that this is bringing back memories from when dragon ball was the best show to watch and k csn say thay finally someone is making the best realistic movie of dragon ball.
    i can’t wait yo see the movies.

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