DBZ Halloween Costume Contest

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Want to win an official Dragon Ball Z Halloween costume? Now’s your chance, thanks to HalloweenCostumes.com and The Dao of Dragon Ball.

You can win an officially licensed adult size Dragon Ball Z costume of Piccolo or Bulma, depending on your preference.


1) Like The Dao of Dragon Ball on Facebook

2) Comment below with your answer to the question, ‘If you could be any DBZ character for a day, who would it be?’

The winner will be contacted on Wednesday, October 23 at noon, EST, by your email (so use a real one), and the costume will be shipped to your door in time for Halloween!

Only United States residents can enter.

This is a way of giving back to my fans. I am not compensated for it.

Give a big thanks to HalloweenCostumes.com and check out their other officially licensed DBZ costumes and Like them on Facebook.

Enter the contest for your chance to win!

And the Winner Is…

Alex Useman!

The winner was chosen by random selection, but in his entry Alex said he would love to be “Gohan. Any stage of his life past the whiny pre-training phase is fine, but Cell saga on is even more ideal.”

A representative of HalloweenCostumes.com will contact you soon to receive your address and will ship out your Piccolo (or Bulma!) costume.

Congratulations, and thank you to everyone who entered!

35 responses to “DBZ Halloween Costume Contest”

  1. Michael Tenorio says:

    If I had to choose, it’d probably be Piccolo. The obvious choices would be one of our two favorite Saiyans, but Piccolo is one of the most underrated and complex characters in the series, and has always been a force on the battlefield in terms of both strength and intelligence. Most people forget that without Piccolo, Gohan would probably never have become anywhere remotely as powerful as he became. It all started with him

  2. Mukesh Chumber says:

    I would be Piccolo, just so I could wear a cape. – Mukesh Chumber

  3. MArtin says:

    I would be Dende. Just look over the earth and live in a palace with my own servant at beck and call.

    • DerekPadula says:

      For me that would depend on whether it’s a nice day or a day that Goku is on the planet and an alien threat arrives.

      “Finally, peace and tranquility arrived on earth… However…!!”

  4. sean degraw says:

    Goku because…HE’S [email protected]#$ING GOKU

  5. Chris Day says:

    As tempted as I am to say King Yemma because of his duties and all the people he would see I’d have to go with Broly.

    Broly had the most genetic potential and it’s sad he never reached it. I guess I’d want to experience the raw emotion and mind that his born genetic power did to him.

    • DerekPadula says:

      I would think King Yemma would be a very frustrating job because of the bureaucratic red tape. But of course you do have the big screen TV.

      • Chris Day says:

        True…but again I’m only him for a day! I just think it would be fascinating to get to see so many people of so many races for a day. In theory you could see races that we haven’t even seen in the show! Would just want to see more of the amazing DBZ universe!

  6. Richard_Roadkill says:

    I would be Perfect Cell, because his arrogance and awesomeness matches my own.

  7. Allan Joseph Lowrie says:

    Definitely chiaotzu! For the fun of going kamikaze on someone! Granted the fun would only be short lived… :(

  8. Allan Joseph Lowrie says:

    Definitely chiaotzu! For the fun of going kamikaze on someone! Granted the fun would only be short lived… :(

  9. Jose Velazquez says:

    I would definitely be Mr. Satan, Do you realize how arrogant I would be throughout the party. “Ohhhhh Yeeeeaaaaa!!!”

  10. Julia Glauser says:

    Bulma. Spend the day inventing capsules, space ships with gravity simulation, hovercars, a time machine, and a dragon radar (just in case). Found Capsule corp the next day. ???. Profit.

    • DerekPadula says:

      Nice picture of you and Kyle Hebert!

      And yes, imagine having that much genius inside of your head. The only frustrating part is that you wouldn’t have enough time to put all of it into action.

  11. Cob Khuraibet says:

    I’d definitely be Krillin. He keeps up with the team all the way to the end. He is there through every major event, despite being grossly outmatched and he always performs admirably

  12. Brendan Birce says:

    If I could be a Dragon Ball character for a day I would definitely be Vegeta. Mostly because he has the coolest battle armor and I’d really want find out training under gravity is like. Plus, having Bulma as a wife would be an experience for sure.

  13. Red says:

    I would definantly be Nappa in a heartbeat. His immesnse power is unstoppable. Alsoo I’d like to see SSJ Nappa with the whole golden spikey hair deal but moved down to his beard.

  14. Angel Hernandez says:

    If I could be a character I would be High School aged Gohan. I think strictly speaking from a story teller’s perspective he should have been the main character by the end of DBZ,. He was definitely the most powerful out of the entire cast by that time. His character was really my way into DBZ, as he was someone I liked a lot and could relate to.

    • DerekPadula says:

      If I was writing the story, I would have made Gohan the hero as well. It only made sense given everything up to that point. Going back to Goku was an odd decision by Toriyama (or his editor). But then again, only Goku knew the genki dama.

      • Angel Hernandez says:

        Exactly! In dragon ball a lot of things happened that are mirrored in the “Z” portion of the story. Logically history would have seemed to be repeating itself with Goku essentially passing the torch to Gohan with his one day back on earth. My idea is that Gohan should have beaten Buu when he returned to earth from the Kai planet. That’s where I would have called that fight. Goku did visit Gohan on the Kai’s planet, and that is where he could have taught him the spirit bomb (although I guess it did take Goku a while to learn it himself).

  15. Zachary PoeticGenius Brooks says:

    If I was a DBZ character for a day I’d wanna be Teen Trunk W/ Sword, before he went into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with Vegeta. 1. all of his moves are awesome especially the move he used on Meta-Frieza. 2. In the video games Teen Trunks W/ Sword (really all of his characters) was my favorite characters and I never lost when I used him. 3. Who in earth would not want Vegeta as a father and Bulma as a mother? I mean you got the richest sayian blood flowing through your veins and the richest, rich person on earth. You would be crazy to pass that up

  16. DerekPadula says:

    I would want to be Goku, but not because of his abilities and powers. Rather because of his simple, lighthearted, concentrated and pure mind. It would be nice to experience that for a day.

  17. Tanooki Kuribo says:

    I’d be Puar cause with enough practice you could be ANY DragonBall character.

  18. Chris Sanchez says:

    I’d be krillen he has always been my favorite because he knows he weaker then goku piccolo and vegeta but he still stands there and fight s with them regardless. He’s one brave dude. Something I strive to be

  19. Kakarot88 says:

    Goku of course! …or Piccolo…nah GOKU!

  20. Laura V says:

    If I had to choose, I would be Vegeta because of that glorious hair! <3

  21. Keith Hasson says:

    I would have to go for future Trunks(Taking it that I would be in the DBZ). I would just to see more of the world and time that he comes from, maybe go to the lookout. Not only if I got to be Trunks, I could go back in time to any of my best parts of DBZ and meet Goku and the other Z fighters(even go to the dragonball timeline)<3. I feel It would even better that way and then I could train with all of them too. And oh boy I could become super Trunks! ^_^y

  22. Josh Kostusyk says:

    I would want to be Gohan. He has strength and brains, a loving family, and he gets to goof around fighting crime in a silly way.

  23. Omega Rockman says:

    Gohan. I can relate to him the most, so I’d be most comfortable being him.

  24. Xavier Brown says:

    Krillin. I have always liked him.

  25. Frank The Tank says:

    I’d want to be Vegeta, you know, sans the dead parents thing.

  26. Anthony says:


    Unlike our core DBZ friends he fought the best fight of his life, he knew he couldn’t succeed and he did not have any friends to back him up, and it was not enough. He sacrificed himself to buy time, and then again to help piccolo fight Frieza again.

  27. Alex Useman says:

    Gohan. Any stage of his life past the whiny pre-training phase is fine, but Cell saga on is even more ideal.

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