March for Goku

Goku’s a good guy, but is he as good as Jesus?

Brazilian Dragon Ball Z fans took to the streets to “March for Goku” and share the Good News about their hero.

Marching for Goku?

march for goku dragon ball z

What is the March for Goku and where did it come from?

It’s a form of satire with a twist.

Turns out there are a lot of evangelical Christians in Brazil, and they have this annual event called the March for Jesus.

It’s an evangelical march that takes place in over 170 countries where believers “express their love for Jesus by serving their communities and worshiping their Lord in the streets of their cities.”

Christian’s in Brazil celebrated their March for Jesus on May 17 alongside Jesus Day, which was signed into law by President Lula in 2009. Over 300,000 attended and it was the largest public event of the year.

In response, some passionate Dragon Ball Z fans decided to spread the Gospel of Goku.

The March

The March for Goku occurred on Sunday, June 1 in the city of Curitiba.

There was a big lead up to the event. Over 27,000 Dragon Ball Z fans on this Facebook event page said that they would attend the march.

That’s a lot. But when you look at the videos you can see that no more than 200 to 400, showed up (depending on your source).

Even so, they made a lot of noise by singing the Brazilian opening themes to Dragon Ball Z and GT, titled Cha-la Head Cha-la, We Gotta Power, and Dan Dan Kokoro Hikarateku.

Fans dressed up as Goku, Android 18, and other characters to show their support.

Another fan created a cardboard cutout in Goku’s likeness and carried it on high.

They marched through the streets and then stopped at the Universidade Federal do Paraná school building.

There they fired off a group Kamehameha, did a synchronized Fusion, and performed a huge Genki Dama to give Goku their spiritual energy, wherever he may be.

march for goku fusion brazil dbz

Seems like they had fun.

There was only one problem.

They made the Christians angry.

The Christian Reaction

gokuism the church of goku dragon ball

Some local Christians were offended.

They responded by saying things on this gospel website such as:

“Goku is a demon that inhabits the astral world. … People do not know they are idolizing a demonic entity. … Dragon Ball is one of the most satanic anime.”

One commenter fired back that it is better to worship the pure hearted Goku than the corrupt pastors of the Brazilian church. He said,

“Goku teaches good lessons to children without asking for money or turning them into pawns to achieve extremist goals.”

Other fans argued that the March for Goku showed the Christians their intolerance, since they were just allowed to have their very own March for Jesus and Jesus Day.

Yet some Christians believe it is morally wrong and disrespectful to their Lord.

Are DBZ fans committing a sin?

A commenter named Ernesto said, “At the time of Moses the people made a golden calf to defy God. Today they make Goku and march to defy the gospel, knowing that the March for Jesus is an ancient practice of the evangelical people.”

Another commenter named Rafa said,

“The hero they love does not exist. Mine overcame death, was resurrected, and ascended to heaven in a cloud and promised to come back for his children.”

Is he talking about Jesus or Goku?

lord goku flying cloud dbz

Of course, the DBZ fans chanting “Satan! … Satan! … Satan!” for the world’s savior Mister Satan probably didn’t help the situation.

Why March for Goku?

march for goku attendees brazil

Why would someone want to take part in the March for Goku.

Marcel Bely is one of the organizers and he took a comparative stance by saying, “The character [of Goku] shows the path of becoming a hero and also has a certain relationship with Jesus Christ after he dies, revives, and saves the earth.”

If Goku and Jesus are similar, then what does the March for Goku mean?

Is it held to mock the idea of such marches in general? Does it praise Goku, or is it blasphemous to Jesus?

That depends on who you ask.

Another organizer said they weren’t holding the March for Goku to offend others or even to necessarily promote their spiritual views.

“This event does not have any connection with religion and does not want to disrespect any religion. This event is only a meeting and March of people who like, and or sympathize with the character that marked the childhood of so many people.”

A third organizer said, “Each had their own reason to be there, but overall this March made us return to our childhood and remember those most beautiful moments.”

Why Goku? She answered,

“He represents a good part of our childhood. That moment when we came home from school to watch another episode with our brother, sister, friends, or even our parents to cheer for Goku’s victory.”

“If you still don’t believe me, then look at this picture and note the expression of happiness on this little boy who won a figure of our favorite character. This happy face represents everyone who supported what we lived in those days: Happiness.”

march for goku cosplayer dbz brazil

If these are just anime fans remembering their youth, then it seems harmless.

They didn’t demand anything, ostracize anybody, or give bigoted speeches. They just sang some songs and had fun while enjoying their favorite show.

Where’s the sin?


lord goku jesus christ heart flying nimbus

You may remember my breaking news article on The Church of Goku and Gokuism.

These people believe Goku is their personal lord and savior who offers salvation in heaven. Some Gokuists believe that Goku is equal to or superior to Jesus Christ, and they use him as their spiritual role model.

For example, the Universal Church of the Kingdom of Goku.

Here is a bit of Gokuist beliefs. “The DBZ, which is the word of GOKU, was written by prophets divinely inspired. She is the infallible standard by which human conduct and opinions should be tried. All Scripture is inspired by GOKU and available for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, so that the man of Goku may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.” (2 Krillin 3:16-17).

As far I can tell from my research there are some people who attended the March for Goku that have this belief.

So for them the March for Goku is a holy gathering just like those who March for Jesus.

Meanwhile others seem to use Gokuism as a way to make fun of Christians. They say things like “Praise be to Goku!” and “Kamen!” instead of “Amen.”

It’s hard to know how seriously some fans take this, but even if it’s taken lightly, for anime fans who want someone they can believe in, Goku may be the one.

Christians, such as those in Brazil, may feel that this is offensive, blasphemous, or a false prophet that will lead these people astray.

The Beginning of a Movement

march for goku genki dama dbz

This is not the first March for Goku. In 2011 there was a March for Goku held in Rio de Janeiro. Then in 2012 it was held in São Paulo and another in 2013 in Florianópolis.

Given that it is spreading around the country, I can’t help but wonder if it will spread around the world just like the March for Jesus.

They’re already planning the next March for Goku to take place on May 31, 2015.

In the meantime an artist plans to sculpt Goku’s statue for Curitiba’s Japan Square.

Would You March for Goku?

we love you goku dragon ball z  gokuism

Would you March for Goku?

Or is this a blasphemous insult to Jesus and his believers?

Whether real or just for fun, Goku’s fans march for him.


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18 responses to “March for Goku”

  1. Dave says:

    An interesting article that clearly indicates a group of young people having fun with a pleasant memory, but also references the inbred intolerance and unwarranted hatred that some will always display to a different concept, activity, or idea that “They” claim might question their own professed (everyone MUST believe as I do, or “THEY” are bad) belief system.

  2. Sūn Wùkōng says:

    lol, Son Gokū predates christ, & his Endurance/Forbearance/Commitment/Devotion/Dedication to the Nameless Dào x Dharma Transcends the suffering that chirst endured on behalf of humanity’s ignorance.
    Son Gokū also Endures/Forbears for Extraterrestrials & even the Kaiōshins themselves! JUST SAIYAN! ~

  3. Ŧr̾įłł Ɠøɬęᾔ #ƵŠʠüãḓ says:


  4. apenas um tolkieniano says:

    i am brazilian, HUEHUEHUEHUE BR BR

  5. Dustin Jeffery says:

    Yes it’s a parody so from my secular juxtaposition I’d get some amusement over the tongue in cheek parody. But if I were able to go I would be going because I’m a fan of DB, not because I’m an atheist.

  6. jasmain says:

    There is no way I would march for a cartoon, who is compared to God the king of kings, one who created heaven and earth and can destroy the world and everything in it. This is blasphemy. A dumb cartoon represent s God in heaven, who has the earth as his footstool!! One who made the universe? Has everyone gone mad?? I don’t mind children being fans of goku, but comparing him to God is disrespectful, goku can’t give life and he can’t take away, know why? Cause he is a cartoon which was created by man, he is a fiction a fragment of imagination, which was drawn for entertainment.

    • Katerina says:

      I agree with you Jasmin. I can agree that Goku is inspiring but to a point that he will be put in equal footing with Jesus Christ?? this is sickening!! It is a grave insult to our beliefs…

      • Velox Mortis says:

        If either were real, Goku would beat the crap out of Jesus. XD Clearly Goku is the superior martial artists. Not only that, Jesus appeared to a small area of superstitious goat-hearders, Goku talked to the entire world, and saved it multiple times.

    • BigBoss says:

      Jesus is imaginary.

      • jasmain says:

        Goku is imaginary…… How dear you say such things…… You have no mind of your own……your thoughts are tangled by deception.

        • Velox Mortis says:

          Your thoughts are tangled by brainwashing, from the time you were a child. If you grew up in India you’d more likely be a Hindu, did you know that? But someone of us break through the brainwashing, realized all the religions are just fairy tales.

          • jasmain says:

            To believe in Jesus Christ is not a religion…….there are people from India who believe in Jesus……so you’re not making any sense……in every country in the world……there must be Christians……you’re the one who is brainwashed…….thinking that you evolved or came from a monkey…….

          • Velox Mortis says:

            Wow… can anyone be this ignorant? By definition christianity IS a religion, believing in jesus christ (a MYTH) IS indeed a religion. Try looking it up in a dictionary some time. That’s like saying red is not a color.

            And obviously you missed the point. The ONLY reason you believe the way you do is because you were raised with it, because your family taught it to you. India is predominately Hindu. If your parents and their culture were Hindu you would be Hindi instead. Instead you were brainwashed into the cult of christianity.

            Also the only reason christianity is in every country is because the barbaric ways they spread it, killing or brutalizing people that didn’t believe as they did, destroying anything even remotely pagan, including libraries, since knowledge itself was considered pagan.

            ROFL evolution doesn’t have anything to do with religion. You can be christian and still accept evolution as a FACT, just like Theodosius Dobzhansky, who wrote a whole essay on it: “Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution”. Evolution has a TON of evidence behind it unlike your silly fairy tales.

            And if you think evolution is that people came from monkeys, you are either retarded or need to take 5th grade science again. That’s NOT what happened. Evolution takes place over many generations, and we are descended from ape-like ancestors about 2 million years ago.

            Try reading a science book, thanks.

    • Velox Mortis says:

      Jesus is a fairy tale which was created by man, he is fiction, a fragment of imagination which was created for controlling the masses.

  7. Katerina says:

    The march for Goku is a total mockery towards what Christians like me do for Our Lord Jesus Christ! It is blasphemous and a grave insult to the Lord Jesus Christ!! God said that there should be no strange gods before Him. It doesn’t matter whether this march for Goku is done for fun or because they have beliefs similar to us Christians. It is Idol worship and it is completely Wrong!! I am a DB and DBZ avid viewer and I find Goku’s character inspiring. Being a fan is normal but deifying an anime character is Sinful!!

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