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Ossu! Ora Goku!

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Mr. Padula explores the early writings of Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball with an eye for detail, vibrant historic research, and a deep analysis of the series and the mind of its creator.


An excellent companion to the series. The book goes beyond what official sources would do by providing insights into Toriyama’s creative process, his motivations, and his plotting techniques. Dragon Ball Culture is one of the most accurate and complete sources of information about anything Dragon Ball related. It could give you a new perspective on the series.

Dragon Ball Culture is an AMAZING resource. I guarantee you will learn a lot. You’ll not only get your deepest Dragon Ball questions answered, you’ll also get answers to questions you never thought to ask!


It’s such an illuminating read. Chapter after chapter, you never let me down. I’m really happy with the outcome and the fact that something like this exists and is accessible to the fans.

Joanna, reader testimonial

The amount of in-depth Dragon Ball information contained in this book is “Over 9,000!!” If you are a fan of Dragon Ball, I highly recommend this book. This book is a must have for any fan of Dragon Ball or for one who wants to learn more about Eastern culture.

Connor Terrell

We are rewarded with a comprehension that builds bridges across boundaries and adds to the way we communicate ideas and passions. The culture in which everything is steeped from is the very fiber, the crucial part, where a thing becomes refined. Cultured.

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Dragon Ball Culture Volume 2

Son Goku’s adventure begins!

Join me in Dragon Ball Culture Volume 2, as we travel along with Goku on his epic journey for greater strength.

  • Over 500 pages
  • Over 1,000 unique terms
  • Over 2,000 years of history

With each step that Goku takes, you’ll discover more of the hidden spirituality and symbolism in Dragon Ball that makes the series so successful.

You’ll see how author Akira Toriyama synthesizes Chinese culture, Western technology, and Buddho-Daoist philosophy to create a series that speaks to your humanity. Not because of the action or the humor, but because it reminds you of what it means to be alive.

Volume 2 explores Chapters 1 to 23 of the Dragon Ball manga.

So let’s take our first step with Goku!

Interested in spirituality and mysticism? Like Dragon Ball? Then this book is a MUST read!

Amazon Reviewer

The Adventure

Walk with Goku, Buruma, Uron, Yamucha, and Puaru as they travel across the world in search of the dragon balls!

What challenges await our young hero?

Why is Dragon Ball so popular?

How does Akira Toriyama incorporate East Asian and Western culture?

Along the journey you’ll learn of Goku’s ancient origin. You’ll hear how the legend of a wild monkey-man begins in India, evolves across 2,000 years of Chinese and Japanese history, and leads to the Goku you know and love.

I’ll walk you through the journey from the first page to the last. And by the time we’re done, you will be an expert on Dragon Ball’s culture.

Will the wish of Goku and friends come true?

Let’s step inside the mind of Akira Toriyama, and find out!