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Derek Padula’s brilliant Dragon Ball Culture books are well-researched and written in a formal but still accessible manner, providing insight on the culture, themes, and history that influenced the story and world of Dragon Ball. Mr. Padula’s books are excellent pieces for any Dragon Ball fan looking to dig deeper into the essence of the franchise, and I highly recommend them

Volume 4 remains with all the strong efforts of rigorous examination and disclosure that are staples of the “Culture” series and it continues to be vital in fulfilling the true potential of what this story encompasses. It is in that description that we stumble upon what may be truly impaired in this beloved yarn. Amazon Review

Dragon Ball Culture Volume 4

Goku goes west!

His grand adventure begins anew as he travels the world to increase his power.

But what will happen when this naïve boy enters the real world?

In Dragon Ball Culture Volume 4, you’ll see how Akira Toriyama brings Western concepts into his Eastern world and fuses them together, creating the Dragon World that we know and love.

Volume 4 explores Chapters 54 to 112 of the Dragon Ball manga.

So let’s hop on our magic cloud and head west with Goku!

Westward Bound

How do James Bond, Indiana Jones, pirates, aliens, magical dragons, Native Americans, and undead movie monsters combine together to create the world’s greatest manga and anime?

Join me in Dragon Ball Culture Volume 4, as we explore Chapters 54 to 112 of the Dragon Ball manga and find out!

You ready to go west with Goku?