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As an avid reader of this course by Mr. Padula, the benefits are now coming to bear. Through this exposure I attain a better understanding of the fundamentals of Eastern culture. … I find myself more connected to the idiosyncrasies of the medium. I can understand its layered meanings, its underpinning comedy, its stratified myth, wardrobe, architecture, many a thing I can grasp unlike I could before; both on a conscious and subconscious standing. Amazon review

Dragon Ball Culture Volume 5

Son Goku battles the demon king!

In Dragon Ball Culture Volume 5 we’ll reunite with Goku and his friends as they compete in the 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai. Then we’ll join them as they fight in a life or death battle against the Demon King Pikkoro!

Akira Toriyama starts us off by introducing three new characters into the story. These are Tenshinhan, Chaozu, and their evil master, Tsuru-sennin. This book reveals each of their cultural backgrounds. That’s right, if you’ve ever said to yourself, “Why does Tenshinhan have a third eye?” and, “What the heck is Chaozu?!” then this is the book you’ve been waiting for.

Toriyama then takes the Dragon Ball story to new depths by adding demons and gods into the mix. He increases the intensity of the series and makes it so Goku has no choice but to train harder in order to enact his revenge. And the way Goku does it is straight out of secret Daoist meditation practices of ancient China. Inside these pages you’ll discover the true origin of the demon king, find out how Goku learns to sense the energy of his opponents, and understand the full power of the world famous senzu.

This book contains hundreds of new revelations about your favorite characters and their adventures through the Dragon World.

Volume 5 explores Chapters 113 to 161 of the Dragon Ball manga.

It’s time to face your demons!

Deadly Demons

How does demonology, ancient Daoist self-cultivation, and a young hero with a desire to become stronger combine together to create the world’s greatest anime and manga?

Join me in Dragon Ball Culture Volume 5, as we explore Chapters 113 to 161 of the Dragon Ball manga and find out!

Let’s take our senzu and fight!