Access the Dragon Ball Scholar’s knowledge, insights, and problem-solving skills.

dragon ball consulting with dragon ball scholar derek padula

Need help breaking through your limits?

Want your Dragon Ball project to go “Over 9,000!”?

Then hire me as your Dragon Ball consultant for the following:

  • Writing, editing, and publishing (fiction and non-fiction) help
  • Culture, history, fandom, and trivia questions
  • Marketing, branding, and social media advice
  • Philosophy, meditation, martial arts, and fitness advice
  • Hosting of online and in-person events
  • To listen and be there for you, and to discuss your ideas

I’ll apply my decades of experience and knowledge of Dragon Ball’s culture, history, and fandom to help you succeed.

Hire Me

Not sure when you want to book our first meeting? Bookings are valid for 90 days after purchase.
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By hiring me you will gain access to the following benefits:

  • 2,000+ pages of original research and interviews that are exclusive to my books (and in my head)
  • 16 years of writing, publishing, and marketing experience to apply to your projects
  • My contacts in the industry and fandom
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills for whatever difficulty you’re facing
  • Empathy
  • An ability to help you complete your work and be successful

Goku and Vegeta reach higher levels by having a good teacher, and you will too!


Sara Jimenez testimonial for Derek Padula

“Derek was an amazing mentor who taught me how to publish books about Dragon Ball! He answered my questions with thorough explanations, and he was also professional about my legal concerns. I’m a native Spanish speaker, not English, so he even transcribed our conversation so that I could read it again in Spanish. 🙂 Thank you so much Derek, for your patience and professionalism!” – Sara JC, Influencer

Issei Takehara testimonial for Derek Padula

“Derek helped me get my chapter on Dragon Ball published in an academic anime journal. My original submission needed revisions, so I asked Derek for help. His edits, suggestions, and mentoring were effective and informative. I resubmitted my chapter and it was accepted!” – Issei Takehara, Japanese Language Instructor

Richard Lowenthal testimonial for Derek Padula

“Derek is one of the rare people who has knowledge of anime, business, and technology. Anime is a big industry, and Derek helped us adapt our business to the needs of our Virtual Anime City. He helped us map where we are, where we want to go, and gave us a list of actions to take to achieve our goals. As an author and expert on the anime industry, he’s the best man to help your business succeed.” – Richard Lowenthal, CEO of GoBrunch

Consultation Rates

Book your time with me on my calendar app in 15, 30, and 60-minute meetings.

  • 15-Minutes: $30
  • 30-Minutes: $50
  • 60-Minutes: $90

Additional freelance services will be billed at an agreed upon time and rate or flat project rate, depending on your requirements.

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