Dragon Ball Zeroverse 68-6

dragon ball zeroverse

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  1. GreatWyrmGold says:

    Wait, the inventor of the spirit bomb never perfected it as well as his mentally-deficient student? (I mean, I know Goku’s supposed to be really good at fighting, but making techniques isn’t part of that. The only times I can think of where Goku used his own techniques instead of ones stolen from others are the Golden Dragon Fist from GT and that one movie, and a few basic moves from Dragon Ball. And we never learned where he learned either of those, so for all we know he actually learned those from someone else.)

    • DerekPadula says:

      North Kaio has a line in Dragon Ball Z where he says that he never perfected the Kaio-ken, and that Goku has taken the technique farther than he ever did. He says it while Goku is training on his planet during the Saiyan Arc.

      • GreatWyrmGold says:

        Oh. So I should blame Toriyama for that nonsense, not the guys who wrote Zeroverse.

        • DerekPadula says:

          I don’t think of it as nonsense, I think of it as an homage to the classic Hong Kong kung fu cinema that Toriyama was inspired by while creating Dragon Ball. It’s a common trope that the disciple surpasses the master by following their rigorous and outlandish training regimen.

          • GreatWyrmGold says:

            I still find that more than a bit nonsensical. Especially when the master is literally a god and the disciple is literally an idiot.

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