Dragon Ball Zeroverse 7-13

dragon ball zeroverse

5 responses to “Dragon Ball Zeroverse 7-13”

  1. Parlo90 says:

    Poor Goten. He just can’t keep up with Trunks’ cleverness!

    • DerekPadula says:

      Yeah, I feel sorry for Goten. But I like how this manga stayed true to their characters and used their personalities in a new way.

      • Parlo90 says:

        Concur. I’m re-watching the anime for the countless time and I’m currently on the Fusion saga, and you truly get the “like father like son” feeling noticing how Vegeta treats Goku when inside Buu’s stomach.

  2. Nicolas Caiveau says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this doujin ! I’ve heard about it since the beginning of the internet and I never had the chance to read it, only saw dirty scans in chinese. It’s actually very good ! Can’t wait to read the rest :)

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