Dragon Ball Zeroverse 81-11

dragon ball zeroverse

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  1. GreatWyrmGold says:

    “Planet Sadal”? Someone’s definitely been doing some post-Super script alterations…

    • DerekPadula says:

      Yes, in the original Chinese it simply said their “home planet.” Marb, the fan who is cleaning up the pages, changed it to Sadal because that is now the official canonical name of their home planet. My personal preference is to avoid changing something whenever possible, but in this instance I think it’s okay because it’s adding specificity, which is a good writing technique. The original author didn’t specify a name, but Toriyama did so 20 years later, so I think it’s alright to add it in.

      • GreatWyrmGold says:

        Yeah, that’s fair.
        On a related note, one which is partly why I made that comment: Did anyone ever ask Marb if the twelve-universes thing was in the original?

        • DerekPadula says:

          I think it was in the original, but I don’t recall with certainty as we discussed it about a year and a half ago. You can ask Marb on Twitter or Facebook @DBZeroverse. If he responds, please post his reply here so others can find out as well.

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