Akira Toriyama’s Battleman

akira toriyama f1 battleman gp sports report

Read Akira Toriyama’s Long-Lost Formula 1 Manga!

Inspired by Formula 1 racing legend Ayrton Senna, Akira Toriyama’s F-1 Battleman GP Sports Report is an Akira Toriyama manga that has never been published outside of Japan!

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History of Battleman

akira toriyama f1 grand prix ayrton senna race car

Battleman was created in 1990 as part of a collaboration between Akira Toriyama, Shueisha publishing, Honda Motors, and McLaren Automotive.

Due to Shueisha sponsoring the Mclaren – Honda F1 racing team, Akira Toriyama flew to Hockenheim, Germany to watch Ayrton Senna and the team compete in a Formula 1 race.

Toriyama returned to Japan and created this manga as a journalistic sports report of the exciting events.

Most Dragon Ball and Akira Toriyama fans don’t even know that Battleman exists. But I found a copy thanks to Kami Sama Explorer in Brazil, who purchased this rare content from Japan and sent me the pages.

I invested several hundred hours to translate the manga from Japanese to English, to clean up the pages, typeset the English into the original speech bubbles, and publish it on my site.

So for the first time in history, Battleman is now available to a global audience!

Explanatory Battleman notes are available on my blog. So you can read the manga and follow the footnotes to understand the real-life people, places, and things that Toriyama refers to for his Japanese audience.


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Enjoy reading Battleman.

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