Overthinking Dragon Ball


Goku Thinks Deep Thoughts

I prefer to write all of my own content and create original posts. That’s why sometimes it takes a little while for a new article to find its way to the blog. But I just discovered some gems of Dragon Ball related philosophy that had to be shared.

These beauty’s are from the Overthinking.com site:

All the articles are written by the same author, Fenzel, and they each explore a different aspect of the Dragon Ball series.

They are also poignant because sometimes I am accused of over thinking Dragon Ball. Now I know there is at least one other person out there willing to take the time to write articles like this. I’m not alone!

On their podcast he said there would be 48 posts, but so far there are only 4. Luckily they are well written and thought provoking.

Why Overthink Dragon Ball?: Fenzel discusses the inherent value of the Dragon Ball series and how it does so many things well that are often overlooked.

On Chosen Ones and Super Saiyans: The “Chosen One” story path and the concept of determinism are discussed in light of pop culture stories like Star Wars, The Matrix, and why Dragon Ball is a prime example of how to do it right.

Metonymy and Metaphor: An educational lesson on advanced literary techniques espoused through the lens of DBZ.

Dragonball Abomination Z: Here Fenzel analyzes the Dragonball: Evolution movie and talks about the ways he felt it failed.

All of them are worth reading for a deeper look at the series.

Unfortunately their comments are disabled on older posts. So, if you feel like sharing, then please do so in the comments below. There’s certainly a lot of fuel for the fire.