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This website uses your personal information to increase the site’s quality.

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Shopping: When you buy products from this site, your email address will be stored on this site’s database in order to email you the product. Physical products ordered will require a physical shipping address. In the event that you need e-books re-delivered to you, the site’s owner will confirm that your order exists in the database by checking for your email address. Your purchase information will not be held on this site. It will be held on third-party servers, such as PayPal, and are subject to their own terms and security protocols. Affiliate links are used on this site’s shopping links, and when you click a link on this site, it may be an affiliate link.

Refunds and Returns: Refunds will only be provided for e-books, not for physical books. To return a physical book for other reasons, please request our physical address via the contact page.

Analytics: Google Analytics tracks what pages you visit, and for how long. Any data it stores about your browsing is held in its servers, not this site’s servers. All of it is anonymous to this site’s owner.

Links: This site contains links to other sites. This site is not responsible for content on other sites.

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Security: Information on this site is encrypted.

If you have questions about your privacy and data, contact the site’s owner.