Dragon Soul Update

dragon soul: 30 years of dragon ball fandom book cover

Today’s the day that Dragon Soul: 30 Years of Dragon Ball Fandom is supposed to be published. So where is it?

The scope of the book increased while I collected your stories, so I’m still editing them and polishing the book. I’m sorry. It’ll be a bit longer until it comes out.

But I’ve got good news.

The book has 81 stories from Dragon Ball fans in 24 countries, so there are over 250 pages of content and over 100 pictures to enjoy.

In addition, the book contains a Professionals category, with stories from voice actors, editors, and producers who helped create Dragon Ball Z.

This includes the voice actors Kyle Hebert (Adult Gohan, Narrator), Chris Rager (Mister Satan), Mike McFarland (Master Roshi), Eric Legrand (the French Vegeta), and 12 more actors who have said yes to being a part of the book, but haven’t replied with their submissions yet.

It also includes Jason Thompson, the editor at Viz who helped bring the Dragon Ball manga to the United States, and Olivier Richard, who helped broadcast the Dragon Ball anime in France, and subsequently the rest of Europe.

Best of all, there’s a Foreword written by a special guest, who at this point will have to remain nameless. But it’ll be good!

The Plan

My plan is to finish editing the content and complete the ebook by the end of April. Then I’ll convert that into a print book.

I work on this book non-stop, 7 days a week. It’s all I do. I have no life. #DBZISLIFE.

Thanks for your support, and I’m glad you’re eager to let your Dragon Soul soar!

11 responses to “Dragon Soul Update”

  1. Arex says:

    Sweet! :)

  2. Michael Tenorio says:

    Take all the time that’s needed. I can barely contain my excitement for it but the wait will be more than worth it. I hope in all the work you’ve done, you don’t forget to include your own story as well!

  3. Desirae says:

    However much time you need to make this book be the best it can be, take it! There is no doubt in my mind that it will all be worth it!

  4. Paulo says:

    Oh man I wish I was a part of this, but to late for that. But I’m sure that I will see myself in a way in the many stories collected in the book. By the way Derek, if it’s not a secret, any story from any portuguese fan?

    Congratulations and good luck.

  5. Kame says:

    Best wishes! :D

  6. Porice says:

    Derek! You might have heard the news. If not, here ya go;


    All I have to say is…… ER MAH GERD

  7. Steve "TempestMask" C. says:

    Sorry I still haven’t posted my story yet. Life got me in a busy squeeze.

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