Advertise on The Dao of Dragon Ball

dbz goku family advertise dao of dragon ballLooking to reach an audience of hardcore, dedicated anime fans?

You’re in luck, because over 50,000 of them visit The Dao of Dragon Ball every month, and the site now supports advertising.

Read the advertising page to learn about your advertising options and the going rates.

For starters, we’re talking about a 91% focused demographic of young men in their late teens and 20’s that are interested in anime, martial arts, philosophy, culture, and Japanese entertainment.

Secondly, they are heavy internet users and hardcore Dragon Ball fans, having been fans of the series on average for more than 10 years.

Thirdly… well, just go and read the advertising page already, why don’t ya?

UPDATE: The site no longer support advertising as I changed my philosophy on whether or not ads should be on the site. If you want to collaborate and promote your company or project, please contact me and we’ll come up with something even better. Thanks.

4 responses to “Advertise on The Dao of Dragon Ball”

  1. PostedB4 says:

    Maybe Faulconer, Menza or Funimation could advertise here? Would seem a natural fit. (in addition to gaming companies or J. import shops)

    • Derek Padula says:

      Good thinking! I’m in the process of applying with RightStuf, and I’ll contact the others individually.

      I’d like to offer more targeted ads to replace the generic google ones. Something that contributes to the site and gives people more of what they’re already interested in.

  2. Iiolas says:

    Maybe if this site was more popular…those prices are..eww

    • Derek Padula says:

      Really? I thought they were exceptionally low prices. Other sites with similar visitor count and less focused demographics are charging 3 times as much across the board.

      I’m always open to hearing feedback and willing to discuss alternative arrangements. Thank you.