Dragon Ball Book Progress Update 2

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Hey everyone. Time for a progress update on The Dao of Dragon Ball.

The site has only had a few updates recently, but the book is coming along nicely. I have a couple people reading it and providing feedback, and I am wrapping up the writing.

The book is undergoing a transformation process, like how Goku and Gohan entered the Room of Spirit and Time, then completed their training and came out super strong. Or likewise Vegeta and Trunks.

I recently purchased my ISBN so that the book can be sold internationally, including on Amazon and other online stores. I also registered with the United States Library of Congress so it can appear in libraries and universities.

Once the writing is completely finished I will transform it into an Adobe InDesign file and deliver it to a professional indexer, as every non-fiction book needs to have a solid index.

When this is complete the book will essentially be done, and I will then publish it through Amazon CreateSpace so everybody in the world can buy it.  Hopefully, everybody will!

3 responses to “Dragon Ball Book Progress Update 2”

  1. ultimatedbzgirl says:

    That is so awesome! So far I’ve been reading everything on this site and the book looks like it’ll be awesome! Congrats on making it this far!
    And good luck with the rest!
    P.S. I’ll make sure to buy it too! But when I have enough money saved :D

  2. Tommy J says:

    Where can i find your book? I want to read it and hope you will help me. After reading your article you made me interested about your book! Thanks!