Dragon Ball Book Progress Update 2

Krillin in a Suit

Krillin's in da house!

Hey everyone. Time for a progress update on The Dao of Dragon Ball.

The site has only had a few updates recently, but the book is coming along nicely. I have a couple people reading it and providing feedback, and I am wrapping up the writing.

The book is undergoing a transformation process, like how Goku and Gohan entered the Room of Spirit and Time, then completed their training and came out super strong. Or likewise Vegeta and Trunks.

I recently purchased my ISBN so that the book can be sold internationally, including on Amazon and other online stores. I also registered with the United States Library of Congress so it can appear in libraries and universities.

Once the writing is completely finished I will transform it into an Adobe InDesign file and deliver it to a professional indexer, as every non-fiction book needs to have a solid index.

When this is complete the book will essentially be done, and I will then publish it through Amazon CreateSpace so everybody in the world can buy it.  Hopefully, everybody will!

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