Dragon Ball Art – Romantic Love

goku chi-chi flying nimbus kinto-un love

Love is in the air, even in the Dragon Ball world. Today is Valentine’s Day so let’s see some fan created art of the romantic relationships we’ve come to love.

I think the wonder of Toriyama’s story telling is that he leaves so much of the “love” story out of Dragon Ball, and yet we as the audience are so easily able to fill it all in.

That’s where these artists come in. I scoured the internet for Dragon Ball love pictures and filtered it down to the best.

The difficulty of this post wasn’t in finding art, because there’s plenty of it out there. The difficulty was narrowing the scope and telling a story. To help do that I decided to constrain myself to Goku and Chi-chi, and Vegeta and Bulma. That’s why the focus here is on romantic love, not familial love.

May the romantic in you enjoy the beautiful art, and may you find that special someone to share it with.

Goku and Chi-Chi Love

goku and chi-chi children love dragon ball art


dragon ball happy valentines day

goku chi-chi date dbz love

goku chi-chi love dbz art

goku chi-chi wedding dragon ball love

goku chi-chi mount paozu dbz love power pole

goku chic-chi love compilation

goku chi-chi sleep after love dbz art

goku chi-chi nimbus kinto-un dbz love

super saiyan goku chi-chi love dbz hungry

super saiyan goku chi-chi love

goku chi-chi don't leave me dead dbz

goku chi-chi love dbz lookout art

Vegeta and Bulma Love

vegeta loves bulma puars discovery

vegeta bulma come love art

vegeta bulma flying air dbz love

bulma vegeta fight dbz love

bulma vegeta love party dbz

bulma kisses vegeta dbz love art

vegeta bulma glove after love dbz art

vegeta blow kiss bulma dbz love

vegeta bulma fight love dbz

fed up vegeta bulma love dbz

vegeta bulma passion dbz

vegeta bulma sleep love dbz

bulma falls vegeta catches dbz love caspule corporation

vegeta bulma love deadly embrace

bulma vegeta super saiyan love dbz

vegeta bulma fight in love dbz cry

vegeta bulma romance dbz love

bulma vegeta don't cry dbz love art

bulma vegeta gone dead dbz love

bulma vegeta i promised you love dbz

bulma vegeta engagement love dbz

vegeta bulma wedding day dbz love

vegeta bulma make love dbz art

goku vegeta bulma love accident dbz art

dbz vegeta bulma love art

What do you think of these two lovely couples?

Would you have liked to seen Toriyama tell more of the love story?

15 responses to “Dragon Ball Art – Romantic Love”

  1. It’s kind of funny to see how differently the two relationships are shown. Goku and Chichi are depicted as fun loving and peaceful, wheras Vegeta and Bulma are constantly shown glaring or arguing. The artists did a perfect job capturing their personalities!

  2. Haha, for some reason I have a hard time seeing Goku and Chichi as being romantic. When I think of those two, I seem to mostly remember Chichi raging at Goku for something and the fights being completely one sided.

    I think in some of the filler episodes Toriyama did tell a bit more of the love story between Bulma and Vegeta (and Yamcha was a bit bitter for a time if I remember correctly). I kind of like the fact that he doesn’t go too into detail with the romance since it gives the fans freedom to do their own thing (besides, one of the reasons I started watching DBZ is because I can’t stand a majority of romance themed animes).

    • Oob says:

      To be honest, I have the feeling it’d be like the “romance writing” in Star Wars prequel 2. Toriyama just doesn’t strike me as the type that can write great romance so I’m kind of glad he didn’t really insist on doing so.

  3. Elvia Mitre says:

    Goku is asexual, he never trully loved Chichi in the way a man loves a woman.

    • Roku1397 says:

      what made you say that Goku never truly loved Chichi considering these factors? 1. He proposed to her. 2. He stayed with her and he had 2 kids with her. 3. Whenever he embarks on a battle what drives him to win is Chichi and his son Gohan? Besides saving the Planet earth.

      • jwm says:

        1. She told him they were getting married when they were older, not him, and he didn’t know what marriage was when he accepted, he thought it was a type of food. 2. He stayed with her and had kids with her out of duty to her as a husband. He never expressed interest, it was always Chi Chi who asked him to stay or have kids. He wanted to train more than he wanted to stay with her. 3. His personal Saiyan Pride and wanting to be stronger than anyone else drives him to win. Toei made him out to be like Superman (which Toriyama hates) but really he’s an arrogant, often idiotic, selfish prick who will put millions in harms way for a good fight.

        • James / Jaime says:

          I think you might be right, at least he was to begin with, though he wasn’t deliberately selfish, just very naiive and idiotic, never thinking far ahead like Vegeta. But he does change towards the end, he expressly tells Chichi that he loves her and wants to live as a real family at last, in ep 287 (looked it up), when he and Vegeta return home with Fat Buu.

  4. SOLOmio says:

    no! then the reason for them to fight would be romantic stuff excuse and i already had enough when videl was being beat down by spopovish or whatever and gohan was ready to kill the guy! Look what love or lust did to goten, He became weak so weak tha he rarely appeared in gt and gt sucks. (kidding i would like but without involving too lame stuff or will ruin the plot)

  5. Roku1397 says:

    I am a big fan of Goku and Chichi coupling. I find Bulma and Vegeta interesting though. It would be nice if Mr.Akira Toriyama includes some romantic moments with these 2 couples, without ruining the original Dragon ball series concept.

  6. 1975shan says:

    i love vegeta and bulma’s relationship so much. it’s by far the best!!!

  7. Patricia Gosselin says:

    I read that Toriyama said himself that he was not at ease with romantic scenes or intimate moments…. he prefers to let this part to the fans.

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