Dragon Ball Hoshi Explained

dragon ball hoshi group dbz heroes

“Dragon Ball Hoshi is the new official Dragon Ball series.”

Have you heard of this before? The internet is abuzz.

In this Google Trends image you can see that searches for “dragon ball hoshi” became a noticeable trend in July, 2011. Searches rose sharply in August before taking a dip, and then increased dramatically in early November to December.

dragon ball hoshi google search trends

So what is it about? Is it even real?

Today you’ll learn what Dragon Ball Hoshi truly is and find out why it matters so much to Dragon Ball fans!

What is Dragon Ball Hoshi?

dragon ball hoshi title screen dbz

The official FUNimation forum has the first verifiable post discussing Dragon Ball Hoshi on June 10, 2011. It states that other forums had been discussing it for a while, and traces it back to a DeviantArt profile that has since been deactivated, named “Goku9.”

Here is the exact rumor often added to YouTube video descriptions.

“Akira Toriyama is to be making a new Dragon Ball series alongside mangaka Naho Ooishi, the creator of the 2008 Dragon Ball Z special, “Yo! Son Goku and Friends Return,” called Dragon Ball Hoshi. Ooishi will be making a manga that continues the Z Manga past the Buu saga. It will have a newly designed Super Saiyan 4, and even a Super Saiyan 5. Akira Toriyama will be assisting her and backing off. The events in Japan (earthquake, tsunami) slowed this down. Now Toriyama is taking care of that. Launch in 2012, 2013.”

Wow, a new Dragon Ball series?! Time to get excited!!

But wait, hold on. There are a few problems with this rumor.

The first is that it’s an outright lie in every single way!

It’s not mere speculation or even grapevine gossip originating from an official source. It’s a bold faced lie! None of it is true.

The second is that it would be illogical for Toei to announce “a newly designed Super Saiyan 4, and even a Super Saiyan 5” before it actually appears in a new series, as this would ruin the story, build up and development of the characters. They would lose viewership and profits.

The third is that you can be guaranteed that a new Toei produced Dragon Ball series would have an extremely specific launch date. Not some vague “in a year or two” like we’ve been hearing about the rumored Dragon Ball AF over the last 15 years.

There would also be an enormous marketing push, with press releases, media coverage, and so on. None of this has happened.

To state clearly, there have been no official announcements of any kind regarding Dragon Ball Hoshi or this rumor.

But that hasn’t stopped people from looking for Dragon Ball Hoshi news.

dragon ball hoshi new dragon ball series

According to Google AdWords Keywords Tool, there were an average of 49,500 global monthly searches for “dragon ball hoshi” over the last 12 months and 18,100 for “new dragon ball series.” But because these numbers are an average, and the number has recently risen sharply, I believe the current numbers are higher.

In short, a lot of people are hearing the Dragon Ball Hoshi rumor and looking for news on the internet.

What are they finding and then sharing with others?

Let’s take a look.

Dragon Ball Heroes


This is labeled “New Series Dragon Ball 2012 Hoshi *All Trailer* Original”

What is it really?

Dragon Ball Heroes, an arcade game in Japan where players insert collectible cards to perform moves or summon allies.

The game has had several big marketing pushes, each one accompanied by a short promotional video with newly animated scenes, like you see above.

Did you notice that the singer continuously repeats the jingle, “Dragon Ball Heroes,” as the videos play? This is because it’s the name of the game, Dragon Ball Heroes. NOT Dragon Ball Hoshi.

As you’ll find with most of these videos, they are missing the beginning and ending. This is done on purpose so that you don’t see the title cards and identify what the animation really belongs to.

dragon ball heroes hero character dbz

The main character of Dragon Ball Heroes, named Hero, is the one you repeatedly see interacting with Goku. He’s a new character made specifically for this game.

Most of the videos you’ll see here are by the same small group of people, primarily the YouTube users “DragonBallHoshi1,” “SuperDragonBallAf2” and “DBHoshi.” They may even be the same person, as the videos have the same descriptions.

They have created multiple videos with misleading titles, all aimed at building up hype and confusing viewers.

Sometimes if you try to comment on their videos to tell people the truth, the comment has to be approved first, and it never will be. Only the “I’m so excited” and “Dragon Ball Hoshi looks awesome!” type of comments are approved. Or comments are disabled outright.

This is not Dragon Ball Hoshi.

Dragon Ball Online


This video is labeled “Dragon Ball Hoshi New Series 2013 Original.” It has 1.4 million views.

And you know what it really is? It’s the intro to Dragon Ball Online, the new MMO currently being played in Korea and Taiwan.

Dragon Ball Online is an official video game that continues the canon Dragon Ball story. It takes place after the end of the original Dragon Ball manga (DBZ anime), and completely ignores Dragon Ball GT.

Akira Toriyama is involved in its production. He spent over 5 years working on the character and world designs.

The game is massively multiplayer and allows you to select from several races and classes from within the Dragon World, including some new ones, and then train them to have different skills. You take your character and go on adventures, team up with others, make friends, and chase after the dragon balls.

dragon ball online dbo dbz gameplay

An English release has not been announced, but there are English modifications that allow you to play the Korean version.

This is not Dragon Ball Hoshi

Yo! Son Goku and Friends Return


This video is labeled “New Series Dragon Ball Hoshi 2012.”

It’s actually “Yo! Son Goku and Friends Return,” an animated special from 2008 in Japan. It tells a short story about Goku and his friends battling against a new bad guy and introduces Vegeta’s long lost younger brother, Tarble.

This is not Dragon Ball Hoshi.

Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi


Here’s one called “New Series Dragon Ball 2012 (Dragon Ball Hoshi) Real Full HD).” It has 2.8 million views.

What is it?

It’s the opening for Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi [aff] in slow motion, because apparently that makes it better.

The two characters fighting Goku are personifications of the types of characters you can create in the Hero character customization mode.

This is not Dragon Ball Hoshi.

The Episode of Bardock


This video is titled “New Series Dragon Ball Hoshi Episodes 1 Real Full HD 1080p.” It has 214,000 views.

But what is it really?

The Episode of Bardock.

A single animated episode based on the 3 chapter manga created by Naho Ooishi, that tells an alternative story of what happened to Bardock after Freeza killed him and all the other Saiyans.

Instead of dying, Bardock goes back in time and faces off against Chilled, Freeza’s predecessor. In the process, he becomes a Super Saiyan.

The manga had appeared in V-Jump, Shueisha’s Video Game magazine, between August to October, 2011.

Why a video game magazine? Because Bardock was going to be transformed into a Super Saiyan for the very first time in the new update of Dragon Ball Heroes, the arcade game mentioned above.

dragon ball heroes episode of bardock super saiyan bandai

As you can see in this image, Bardock, Chilled, Freeza and King Cold are positioned next to the Dragon Ball Heroes arcade unit.

The Episode of Bardock premiered in Japan during the Jump Festa event from December 18 to 19, 2011. It then streamed live on Bandai’s website for another week.

These guys on YouTube recorded the stream, added subtitles, and then labeled it Dragon Ball Hoshi.

This is not Dragon Ball Hoshi.

The Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans

dragon ball ssss bardock goku eradicate saiyans dvd 2012

Want the official version of The Episode of Bardock? It was distributed on a disc as a bonus in the March 2012 issue of Monthly Saikyo Jump, published by Shueisha.

Also included on the disc is the recently re-animated film, The Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans. This is a special film that originally appeared as animated clips on a Dragon Ball video game for the Playdia console in Japan in 1993, called Zetsumetsu Keikaku (Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans).

The scenes were reanimated as a bonus for Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 [aff] on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, and this is the first time it has been published outside of the game.

This film was also streamed online, on Sheuisha’s Official V-Jump Website. But it’s region blocked for those in other countries.

Naturally, The Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans is also passed off as Dragon Ball Hoshi, as you can see in this clip where they overlaid all the sound with Dragon Ball Heroes music.


This is not Dragon Ball Hoshi.

Dragon Ball SD

dragon ball sd official manga saikyo jump goku chi-chi yamcha

The first issue of Monthly Saikyo Jump was also the premiere of a new, official, Dragon Ball manga, called Dragon Ball SD.

This one is actually real!

The manga is done by Naho Ooishi, with supervision by Akira Toriyama. The series retells key moments of the Dragon Ball series in a SD (Super Deformed) style, where the characters are shrunk down and cute. It’s made to appeal to little kids.

Saikyo Jump was released as a quarterly magazine for 1 whole year before it turned monthly on December 3, 2011. The Dragon Ball SD manga therefore had 4 chapters. The story retold Goku’s training with Kame Sennin, his fight against Freeza, against Cell, and against Majin Buu.

Now that it has appeared monthly, it has returned to the beginning of Dragon Ball and is retelling the story in a cute style.

It’s unknown how many issues are planned.

Luckily nobody is trying to pass this off as Dragon Ball Hoshi because it’s a manga. But just to make it clear…

This is not Dragon Ball Hoshi.

Dragon Ball SSSS

dragon ball ssss saikyo super saiyan secret project logo

In early January, Bandai announced a new project called SSSS, which stands for Saikyou Super Saiyan Secret.

This is a collaborative project with Toei to do cross promotional Dragon Ball video games and animation. The streaming of Episode of Bardock was the first result, and they are working on new video game titles.

Since it’s a secret, very little else is known.

There are already videos out there being titled SSSS that consist of other content. So don’t be fooled in the future when you see more.

This is not Dragon Ball Hoshi.

Why does Dragon Ball Hoshi Matter?

dragon ball ssss project bardock super saiyan

By now it should be obvious that Dragon Ball Hoshi is none of the things you’ve seen above.

So I’m sure you’re dying to know, what IS Dragon Ball Hoshi?

The truth is that there is no such thing as Dragon Ball Hoshi. It was a lie from the beginning!

That’s right, the cake is a lie!

Dragon Ball Hoshi merely consists of recycled clips from other Dragon Ball properties. That’s why most of them are so shallow and there are never any title screens.

It’s not even a fan made creation like Dragon Ball AF, where people have created new characters, illustrations, manga, action figures, original videos, and even video game modifications.

Nor is Hoshi like the other fan creations, Dragon Ball AE, Ultimate Z , V, SF, X, Absalon, Neo, or H, that contain stories or illustrations.

Dragon Ball Hoshi is nothing. It is an empty name devoid of substance.

Dragon Ball Hoshi only matters because it exists so prevalently.

Put an End to Wild Rumors

dragon ball heroes berserker character art dbz

Even with Dragon Ball Hoshi clearly explained, you may still wonder, “Why then is there all this content on the internet labeled as Dragon Ball Hoshi, and so many people talking about it?”

I would ask, “How can something so fake still fool so many people?”

Is it because of the animation quality? Because of the crafty editing and withholding of valuable information? Because of the deceptive lies?

Sure, these contribute. But the real reason is because Dragon Ball fans inherently WANT to believe that there will be a new Dragon Ball series.

Deep in their hearts they seek to relive the same experiences from the first time through Dragon Ball, and they want to reconnect with their favorite characters. Everybody wants a new Dragon Ball series!

Dragon Ball is still relevant to its fans, and the new releases of films, video games, and re-animated works like Dragon Ball Kai continue to excite their interests without fully satiating them.

Unfortunately, just like those who promulgate Dragon Ball AF as the next official series, these YouTube guys are con-artists and attention seekers. They either want you to click on whatever they are advertising, or watch their videos and be fooled into believing it so they can get a laugh.

Or they’re just plain dumb and honestly don’t know what they’re doing.

Just look at this conversation on the unofficial Dragon Ball Hoshi Facebook page, which has 3,858 likes.

Mason says, “They are making a new dbz series.” Robin replies, “Mason, they are not..” and the owner of the page says, “if dragon ball hoshi was fake than why did they make it. Common sence if i was fake i wouldn’t of putting this page in the first place. Duhhhh.”

Yeah. I rest my case.

The same thing happened with AF between 1999 and today.

To point, the Dragon Ball Hoshi rumor is so prevalent because once a rumor is started on the internet, it’s hard to kill.

Spreading rumors and gossip is wrong in the first place, and knowledge of truth is the remedy. So now that you know, please stop believing and telling others about it.

There is no value to Dragon Ball Hoshi’s existence.

Unless a new Dragon Ball series is finally made, the rumors may never die. But let’s try to end them, shall we?

When official news comes down the pipeline you’ll be sure to see it across the web on legitimate news sources. There’s no need to make up stories.

Remember, all you have to do the next time you see something labeled as Dragon Ball Hoshi, is close your eyes, tap your heels together three times, and think to yourself…

“This is not Dragon Ball Hoshi. This is not Dragon Ball Hoshi. This is not Dragon Ball Hoshi.”

Then you’ll be whisked away by Kinto’un and magically wake up from this illusory dream.

Follow Up

Posted on Sept 7, 2012: Will There be a New Dragon Ball Series?

Follow Up 2

Posted on Sept 22: Kyle Hebert, the Narrator of DBZ, says that Dragon Ball Hoshi is as fake as Dragon Ball AF.


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293 responses to “Dragon Ball Hoshi Explained”

  1. Derek Padula says:

    There was no appropriate place for this in the article, so in case you’re curious, what does Hoshi mean?

    Hoshi [星] means Star. So, Dragon Ball Star, essentially. Although it can also mean planetary object.

    Now if it were Hoshii, with two I’s, then it would mean “I want,” or “wish,” which would make more sense as a fan creation, implying “I want [more] Dragon Ball,” or “Dragon Ball Wish.”

    Where this name came from remains a mystery.

    • Jeremy says:

      bummer! oh well, what do ya do? Itold my one friend about this "new" series and after reading this I just text him and said forget it :(

    • Ivan says:

      You just broke my hearth, i tought it was real, and i wonder if so many people want another dragon ball, why they dont just make another one and make a lot of money out of it. I guess the only thing left to do is to find the dragon balls and ask for my wish, more dragon ball!!!

    • Daniel says:

      This is horribly depressing news, I was so looking forward to a possible new series of Dragon Ball. Do you think it is possible that they will ever make a new series of Dragon Ball?

      • Peter says:

        Well to be honest, they’ve come full circle with the series’ storyline. And I do count Dragon ball GT since it was official and Akira did have some involvement with that series. But that’s not the point. The point is that Dragonball has had an awesome run and it will forever live on in our hearts. It deserves to rest in peace. Now what I think it needs is an HD remake. With animation like the opening and endings in Kai. Update it as 1 last treat for the fans. Let us bask in the glory of a new dragonball, (Z), (and maybye even GT) with new crisp animation. Now that would be awesome.

    • Jared says:

      but what’s up with this? it’s obviously new animation, new voice actors and a rewritten script…

    • shan says:

      it is so nice of u 2 explain that but if u know and tell us any new series would come or not with batter ending then it would be so nice of u

  2. Haad says:

    nice article. And i see, I had heard about dragon ball SD and had heard that it was the same person who had made yo son goku and his friends return with Mr. Toriyama, it seems that is real, the only difference being i heard the brolly special was part of it, guess not, nice article, clears some things up.

  3. Derek Padula says:

    Yeah, clearing up the confusion was the whole point. Glad to know the article works.

  4. Biba Sennin says:

    I’m glad somebody has written about this mess. Now I have something to link to when people bring up "Hoshi" who are obviously ill informed of how marketing is done.

    To add my own stamp on your essay, Derek; If there’s ever a new Dragon Ball series, you won’t find out about it on fucking YouTube.

    • Derek Padula says:

      Right. Unless Toei tries to pull some viral marketing stunt. Maybe involving the "Super Saiyans are Real" kid, haha.

      But yes, I would have thought it was common sense that it wasn’t genuine, and yet here we are. This article is already very popular, and it’s because of all the random searches for "Dragon Ball Hoshi" on Google. Fans want it to exist.

  5. ultimatedbzgirl says:

    Thanks for making this artice. It’s kinda annoying how many people think this is real. Like many others though, I wish there could be a new series. Would indeed be awesome.

  6. Thomas says:

    Too bad it probably isn’t real. And if it was real, it wouldn’t be ad good as the old dragonball, dragonball z episodes, because the creator already quit making episodes for a long time. It would be great though, a completely new storyline.

    • Derek Padula says:

      Yes, I agree completely. If a new Dragon Ball series ever began production, I wish I was involved with, because I think I have a pretty good understanding of what makes Dragon Ball tick, and why fans love it so much.

  7. ian says:

    Thank you for this, very helpful.

  8. Bucci says:

    great read..

  9. Shane-O-mac says:

    I just got into finding about DB Hoshi recently and looked up if this was real. Came by your article and cleared a lot of issues on these rumors. When watching these so called trailers on you tube, one mistake on there part was saying that Akira toriyama had no involvement with DBGT. In which he did in a creative way. All designs are still from him.

    • Derek Padula says:

      That’s more or less accurate. While Akira Toriyama didn’t design every single character, he did sign off on several of them, including Super Saiyan 4 Goku, which was designed by another artist at Toei who greatly admired him. I can’t remember his name right now.

      Yeah, if you know your Dragon Ball trivia, it becomes fairly clear that these videos aren’t from a new Dragon Ball series. They’re real, yet not real.

      And I’m glad it helped you. Thanks, Shane-O-mac.

    • I am following the same footsteps as you are. Going across YouTube to relive his transformations brought up several links to the "Hoshi Series". Knowing it was too good to be true, I was naturally skeptical because of the AF rumors. When GT came out, I realized it was so much different than the Toriyama creations, and I immidiately began thinking it was from someone else yet I knew Toriyama was somehow involved. I watched these "trailers" on YouTube closely and saw DBZ trading cards flying around and realized all their past enemies were still present. No one new except "Hero" and others… It’s quite clear that it’s fake if you’re a TRUE DragonBall fan. Even if it were real, I wouldn’t be too excited considering the "trailers".
      Derek you mind if I include a simple link to the episodes for all the fans to see from DragonBall episide one to GT episode 64 including their movies and missing episodes such as The Bardock Episode and an English subtitled episode of Tarble, Vegeta’s lost borther? Thank you.

  10. chris says:

    i knew it was most likely fake from the db heros and the db online stuff, but it would be amazing to have an entire series devoted to bardock that i nearly fell for a couple of months ago. it amazes me how many people on youtube dont know how to google

    • Derek Padula says:

      The end of Bardock’s life has already been told, but we know so little about the rest of it. What was Bardock’s childhood like? Who raised him, what battles did he fight in, did he ever fall in love? There are so many possible stories.

      It would make sense to build a new series around Bardock because he looks and sounds just like Goku, the character that people are already familiar with and adore.

      • Jeremy says:

        now that would be very cool to see! Bardock is one of my favorates! I always wished there would be some kind of event that would put Goku and his father together somehow and for Bardock to see just how powerful his son was becoming, as a super saiyan or one of the other levels.

        • VSVoidSpartan says:

          I agree, completely! Bardock himself already turned into a Super Saiyan, now what we gotta see is him going all out with his own son! Epicness!

          • Daniel says:

            I still feel that if what "Episode of Bardock" said was true then he could have trained for the next 1000 or so years, staying young and fit forever, and comeback to fight his son. That would be awesome. I say 1000 or so years because 1) that is the last known time of a Legendary Super Saiyan and 2) If you looked when GT just started Goku was already in his late 60’s and didn’t look a day over 35. Just saiyan. :P

          • Derek Padula says:

            But Bardock didn’t attain immortality, just Super Saiyan 1, right? So why would he live for 1,000 years?

            I believe Goku was in his mid 40’s at the start of GT.

            Vegeta mentions that Saiyans maintain their youthful state for longer than human beings so that they can continue fighting, but in Dragon Ball Online it’s revealed that after they hit a certain age, such as around 50, they start to age rapidly and then pass away earlier than humans.

            That’s the cost of working the body so hard. Nothing lasts forever. Unless you’re immortal.

  11. Joe says:

    If there was a new Dragon Ball series, what would you want it to be like? Personally, I would just want an alternate Z timeline, where the saiyans arrive later than originally, giving the human Z fighters some spotlight.

    • Derek Padula says:

      I’d want it to be the continuation of Goku’s story so we can see what happens to him at the end of GT. It could be immediately after or hundreds of years later. I just want to know what transformation he went through. To me, that scene is just like in the Matrix when Neo fuses his consciousness with the machines. He undergoes a transformation and then disappears. But there’s gotta be more to the story after that.

      Of course to really tell that story you’d have to go into the supernormal. Even more supernormal than DBZ already is. And maybe that’s why I like that idea so much.

  12. James says:

    if only the rumers were true that would be amazing i remember seeing the last episode of gt and saying yep they have to make a new series to explain what goku does after that

  13. iMe says:

    ”Deep in their hearts they seek to relive the same experiences from the first time through Dragon Ball, and they want to reconnect with their favorite characters. Everybody wants a new Dragon Ball series!”

    You got it!

  14. Bebe Jerome says:

    i was disappointed but i rather know the truth then a complicated lie

  15. DBfan says:

    OMG!!! everybody wants a new f*cking series! WHY WON’T THEY MAKE ONE!!! WHY ARE THEY KEEP MAKING GAY STUFF AND NOT DB SERIES! I hate this… :/

    • Gt man says:

      Ikr?!? Like come on, db, dbz, and dbgt were great series! It feels like they will never make a new series even though there are thousands of us fans who want a new one… I swear he just hates his fans…. -_____- :'(

  16. joey says:

    great info you rock thank you :)

  17. suren says:

    Why would you dead this rumour for, fair enough it isn’t real but that’s why we still love dbz so much the slightest hope that it will return regardless whether or not its wasting our time

    • Derek Padula says:

      Because it’s a lie. That’s why.

      Why would you prefer to live in ignorance when ignorance is the primary cause of suffering?

      Your reaction is very fascinating because it’s a perfect example of how much Dragon Ball fans want their to be a new series. They know that Hoshi is a lie and yet they continue to perpetuate it as if it were true.

  18. nobody says:

    this is dumb dbz af was ok even when it was fan made but this

  19. moses says:

    i also wish they would just make a new series. i’m so fucking sick of companies doing MMOs and shooting for more constant money. just take of the fans for once people. i know its all a business, and hey make an mmo, but don’t do it and ignore the series that EVERYONE clearly wants. i don’t give a shit if its new people, new timeline, new universe, new dragonballs, new whatever, just fucking make another series, and stick to the gold of 3 episode power ups, longer and longer hair, bad guys that take every single z fighter to kill, fusions, and why not kill of goku and bring him back a few more times? jesus hasnt got shit on goku. sorry jesus. and fuck yeah, bring back the tails, why not.

  20. Der Kopfsammler says:

    Thank you for this blog. The only thing that indeed came as close to the new series was the special anniversary episode where it reveals Vegeta’s little brother, asside from the Kai re-made series to convert DBZ into HD for the new generations.

    DBOnline is still beta. The events are from 200 years (or was it 400?) after DBZ in the future. Hopefully it will be released worldwide soon as ive been looking forward for that one. :P Akira is feeding the fans slowly like that. But thats his style. We shall just wait and see… but yeah we need to ignore those internet lies.

    • Derek Padula says:

      Yep, I agree. Just sit tight people. Be grateful for what you have and appreciate what may come. Even if it never arrives, you still win because you are now content.

  21. dfffr says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pjv8ItaUD8s yeah its so fake SIKE you’re a retard its 100% real

    • VSVoidSpartan says:

      Dude, those subtitles don’t match! I keep hearing the word "game" in the interview, so that means they’re talking about some game instead of Dragon Ball Hoshi. (blegh!) If the word "Hoshi," which translates to "Star" in English, was ever used, we would have heard the word in the interview itself. Plus I don’t hear the title Dragon Ball, or in this case "Doragon Boru," ever being used anywhere in the interview. The guy just slapped random bullshit subtitles to mislead everyone. I know my Japanese, learn your facts.

      Also, if you’re just using sarcasm and KNEW it was actually fake from the start, don’t post it without thinking, because most of us can’t see sarcasm in comments.

    • VSVoidSpartan says:

      Also, if you’re just that same faker, you’re not welcome to this article!

    • Derek Padula says:

      In line with VSVoidSpartan’s comments, this is absolutely fake. It’s footage from an old interview with Toryama, and fake subtitles have been added on top of it in an amateurish fashion.

      If you post videos like this again I will block your IP address from the site and you won’t be allowed to comment any further.

      Thank you for calling me a retard, by the way. No offense taking, but let’s try to be a little classier next time, okay?

  22. VSVoidSpartan says:

    By the way, nice article! Now if only the other people could make an attempt to find this, and read it instead of making assumptions that the whole thing is real. This whole fake series ruined the DB Fanbase Community enough already, this needs to stop!

  23. Cody says:

    I would give ANYTHING for a new dbz spin off…….GT was not all that great, but at least it was new. I keep looking for stuff like Hoshi hoping to find ANYTHING about a new show. :(

    • Derek Padula says:

      You, me, and a billion others, Cody. I wish Toei would realize what a cash cow they have on their hands and release a new series already.

      But what I find most interesting is that Dragon Ball fandom continues to get larger even WITHOUT a new series. It ended in 1997 yet here we are having this conversation. Really incredible.

  24. shane says:

    thank you very much,,,,,,im waiting for new DBZ series

    again thanks for making a article like this : )

  25. savio says:

    thanks for this article.DBZ fakes suck like hell.Let us all learn drawing,editing and animation make one all by ourselves rather than waiting for the creators of dbz to make
    anotherone as the wait seems to be endless. :P

    • Derek Padula says:

      Those are clips from the reanimated content on the Ultimate Tenkaichi game. The clips were made specifically for the game and are used to help tell the story. That’s why each segment starts and stops abruptly. When the animation ends, you begin playing the game again.

      This was posted by the same person who posted the others. He just put the clips back to back.

      Needless to say that this is not Dragon Ball Hoshi. :)

    • art-inspired says:

      dragon ball z ultimate tenkaichi game.

  26. art-inspired says:

    hmm… im art-inspired, first of all. i was able to be THE first to know, and i mean KNOW that the hoshi thing was fake. i had found the video, and i was in the first hundreds to view it. i knew, and i mead KNEW this was fake. my friends gave me the cold sholder, and some still do, but they are slowly coming to the realization that this is fake. i told as many people as i could, but nobody wanted to hear it! lies, and deception for a while, that was what i had to deal with, lies… well you know the rest. thank you SO much for posting this. i was wondering if the world would come to their senses.
    you can reach me on the psn. my name, as i said before is "art-inspired" xbox account name is "art inspired"
    im new to the xbox thing. plus, i think one more super sayian and goku may become a worm hole!!!

  27. art-inspired says:

    yo, i was looking up dragon ball hoshi on google, and found this site! let me say firstly, THANK YOU!!! its about time someone did their homework! i knew from the start of the hoshi trailer video, and all the way to this article that the whole hoshi, or AF or what ever you want to call it was fake! the simple and sad truth is that dragon ball z series may be completely over. you know why? because its been over TEN YEARS since dragon ball GT ended. this hoshi thing will not , AND I MEAN WILL NOT be on any television. im 99% sure i was the first to know it was fake. i tryed to tell my friends, but they wouldnt listen, and are FINALLY starting to appologize for giving me the cold shoulder.

    if anybody wants to contact me, my psn account name is "art-inspired" and my xbox account name is "art inspired".

    plus one more super sayian transformation, and i think goku would become a black hole!

  28. krayzie says:

    LOL Dragonball Hoshi, This new game is in nearly every arcade in tokyo, cool concept where u put down your cards and they battle on the screen, as soon as i heard the music i was like this shit is fake.

  29. you are a liar, i found a video of toriyama speaking about hoshi and saying it is real and will come out in 2013

    • Derek Padula says:

      I’m going to presume that you don’t speak Japanese, because if you did you would immediately realize that the interview has nothing to do with Dragon Ball Hoshi.

      Even if you don’t, it’s obvious that this video is from a long, long time ago, and that it’s not relevant to the series today.

      Lastly, it was posted by somebody named "xDragonballHoshi," who has posted other fake Dragon Ball Hoshi videos.

      If you were genuinely fooled by this, then please open your eyes to the obvious facts inherent in the video.

      And if you still think I’m a liar after thoroughly reading this article, then there’s nothing else I can do to help you, because logic clearly doesn’t work.

  30. gores says:

    thanks, you explained me very well!! it’s sad to see this kind of fake around us… using our love and our childhood for promoting ;/

    • Derek Padula says:

      Yeah, but it’s not surprising. Everybody wants a new Dragon Ball series.

      What I think is shameful is that they’ve continued telling the lies for this long. I at least have some respect for the Dragon Ball AF creators because they took the time and effort to create something original. Even if the quality varies, at least they MADE something, and that’s not easy to do.

      The Dragon Ball Hoshi guys add no value to the world, they only take value away.

  31. Kou5etsu says:

    Thank you, so much noise concerning the trut. S
    Surely cognitive dissonance plays a role.
    Great work, keep it frosty!

  32. ELiTe_0N3 says:


  33. trol says:

    Dbz was my life. These rumors ressurected me. Now I have no life again. I watch kai with my nephews and I just wanna cry knowing something so great and unique had to end. No matter how many t shirts, posters and figures I buy, it won’t be enough to get akira off his ass. I’ll cry myself to sleep tonight. Hopefully I dream of a new episode. Maybe I’m over-exaggerating or maybe I’m just in love with a masterpiece.

    • Derek Padula says:

      If you’re serious, then I’m sorry for making you cry! But far better to know the truth now then be let down even more later on when the truth became self evident.

      Given all the other comments, I wouldn’t say you’re over exaggerating. Seems like a LOT of people want a new Dragon Ball.

  34. Braden says:

    What are the odds of a new series? Love the article by the way, I know many have already told you that but it is always nice to give credit where it’s due.

    • Derek Padula says:

      I’d say the odds are pretty good.

      Namco-Bandai just released their 2012 fiscal report and Dragon Ball was a top earner. Namely because of the Ultimate Tenkaichi game, but also through their Toy division, which generated a lot more revenue then they expected.

      This tells us that one of the biggest companies in Japan is STILL profiting off of Dragon Ball 15 years after the end of the series (1997). I’m sure the executives have taken notice. How much more so if they released a new series, hm?

      Off the top of my head I’m not sure how well Toei is doing, but they cancelled production on Kai because they supposedly weren’t making enough in sales at the time. It’s really up to them of course, since they own the license.

      If anything, I would first expect to see a Dragon Ball SD anime based on the manga. But that should be a while away since the ink is still wet on each new issue.

      Here’s hoping they surprise us with something better.

      • Braden says:

        I don’t think sd would sell as well. Most dragon ball fans want to see new material, what i mean by new marerial is the continuation of dragon ball z, where it left off or after dragon ball gt. if they gave the fans what they wanted everyone would be happy. Win-win. I just don’t understand the hold out. I especially don’t understand releasing material that doesn’t add on to the story. Of course sales are low in dragon ball Kai. It’s this way because the fans have already seen it. Some fans don’t like the new voice overs which is acting like a deterrent. What do you think?

        • Derek Padula says:

          Yeah, I would agree.

          I have a hunch the hold out is related to fear of uncertain market trends and overall corporatism. Toei thinks of their work as a business asset, not as art. They’re not willing to take risks without verifiable proof that it will be lucrative.

          Now of course you’d think it would be overwhelmingly obvious that Dragon Ball is a huge money maker, yet here we stand.

          • Braden says:

            Yes agreed. That’s why I think there is another reason we haven’t had new db series in so long. I’m wandering if Toei feels he can’t live up to expectation. Perhaps he feels dragon ball’s best days are behind them and he is at a dead end in story plot and characters. He might feel to some degree that he is writing the same things, enemy threatens lives, people die, goku goes one step higher in super sayian, then do it all over again. Funny thing is we would all still watch even if that were the case.

          • Derek Padula says:

            My guess is that Toriyama is concerned it will never end, like One Piece. The original Dragon Ball was a long march of constant work for over a decade. He was so tired by the end of it that he’s basically just done one shot manga’s ever since. His last big project was Dragon Ball Online, and that took 5 years of effort. Unfortunately we don’t have that in the West yet, so it seems like he hasn’t done much.

            Point being, he’s probably like, "Thank you, but no, I don’t want to give up my life all over again."

  35. Derek Padula says:

    I was looking through my notes and found the original video that the Dragon Ball Hoshi believers keep pointing to:


    It’s from a V-Jump interview, and here is the translation, provided by someone on YouTube:

    Interviewer:Do you do the video game?(0:05)
    Akira:I do video game considering my age. Sometimes.(0:08)
    Interviewer:How often do you do the video games in a week?(0:15)
    Akira:It’s less than one hour. (0:19) I do the difficult point with my son. But my son is more better at video game than me recently.
    Interviewer:How often do your son do the video games?(0:28)

    So there you have it! No more believing the altered version of this video with the fake subtitles pasted on top, okay?

  36. Braden says:

    I think there is a good story to tell about the 1st super sayian. I’ve been watching season two and vegitas short flash back of the 1st super Sayian looks very promising. That could be a great start to the rejuvination of dragon ball. Perhaps the creativity of the history of the 1st super sayian could spark new ideas for the continuation of dragon ball were it left off. What are your thoughts on this?

    • Derek Padula says:

      I think it’s a great idea. Lots of potential there.

      Another idea that just occurred to me would be to go into more detail on Kami’s life before assuming the throne. There’s a whole back story that was only shown briefly during the Saiyan Saga that talks about him leaving his home planet amid disaster, landing on earth, surviving alone in the wilderness, experiencing the violent atrocities of human war and death, and then purifying his spirit and expelling his demonic self.

      I mean, WOW. What a story! So much character development and growth. So many unanswered questions that make me wonder what his life on this planet must have been like, all the suffering he endured, the battles he fought, and the inner challenges overcome.

      • Braden says:

        I couldn’t agree more. That would be an excellent tale, there is so much more dragon ball that could be written that would be new and refreshing. I really enjoy our intelligent discussions if you have a twitter follow me and we can talk about dragon ball more rapidly. @shack_attack03. Also I have a real appreciation for your article, I am also a writer, I write for sidelionreport.com

        • Derek Padula says:

          Hey Braden. This got marked as spam because it had a couple links in it, so I didn’t see and approve it until now. Sorry about that.

          Checked out your writing on the Lions. Very cool. I always liked Barry Sanders as well. I grew up in East Grand Rapids, MI, so we’re taught to root for the home team and all that stuff.

          And I can tell from the picture on your article that you have a family. Wish you all the best and hope your writing is inspired!

  37. Shigamurinana says:

    Well that was a bit disappointing…
    What if goku was found by someone other than gohan? Can u imagine goku growing up in the city? xD

    • Derek Padula says:

      If Goku grew up in the city it would have completely changed his entire personality! He probably would have lost his innocence and his original nature would be obscured by the modern concepts of city life. Growing up as a feral child in the wilderness was an essential component of the simplicity of his mind as an adult.

  38. Braden says:

    Another idea pertaining to new dragon ball episodes could be the background stories of freezes and his family. How freeza became so ruthless and obtained so much power. The characters are there, freeza, cooler, king cole, and how they rose to rule the power. That could be very interesting and rejuvenate the freeza saga. Then follow up with or include the background stories of bardock, the first super sayain. They could then continue goku’s story and perhaps brIng back the Sayian race through the dragon balls. Even make a broly series somehow, the dude always seems to come back. Man o man do they have possibilities to bring dragon ball to the top once more.

    • robert says:

      you right all we now is how hes afraid of frist of all and were his origans are from and come to think of it what are coolers other tranformations and also why is their family names all cold lierlly i mean chiller cooler frieza cold

  39. ANGEL says:


    • Derek Padula says:

      There is nothing preventing them that I know of. Toei owns the rights to the anime and can apparently do whatever they want with the series. The Episode of Bardock, for example.

      • Michael says:

        I have a silly question about the episode of Bardock
        Basically it says that Bardock is the Legendary Super Saiyan and in the series Vegita says he is a direct descendant of the legendary super saiyan so does that mean that vegita and goku are related?

        • brison says:

          they arent related. vegeta believes that only the royal bloodline can be a super sayain. he belives that that is his destiny so thats what he thinks. goku and vegeta are not related. remember, broly was also the lengendary super sayain from birth but he and vegeta arent related.

    • Brison C. says:

      goku left in db GT. it would be really difficult to start all over again.

  40. Javier says:

    i supposed to have a meeting with my girlfriend and yet here i am reading your article and realizing i’m not alone, i miss DB, i guess Akira didn’t expect heartbreaks on the other side of the world, let’s keep having faith.
    By the way… im really late and Why Goku?

    • Derek Padula says:

      Sorry you were late for your meeting! Don’t want to make the girlfriend upset. :)

      I relate the most to Gohan because of his untapped potential and human nature, but I wish I was more like Goku because he knows exactly what he wants out of life, sets his priorities, and dedicates his entire life to that single purpose. He is a man of commitment and achievement.

  41. Renee says:

    Thank you for such a well-researched, well-written article. I’m with every other poor idiot who saw the You Tube videos and got all giddy thinking of another DB series. As disappointed as I am, I won’t lose hope that it will happen someday. Maybe it is better that it ended well with people wanting more, rather than like other anime/mangas that go on forever and fans start get sick of. Maybe. *sigh*

    • Derek Padula says:

      You’re welcome. Thank you for appreciating it.

      I had never really thought about that until now. Ending while you’re on a high note. Reminds me of what Jerry Seinfeld chose to do with his show, making sure that it didn’t fall into mediocrity and ruin its reputation. It’s still airing on TV twice a day if I’m not mistaken, and is still highly regarded by fans.

      Maybe that’s the key to staying popular. Give them something good and leave them with that memory. Anything else might ruin it.

      That may also explain why there hasn’t been a new series in all this time. Why would Toei want to rock the boat on their cash cow? It continues to bring in money, so why do anything risky? They’re not thinking of it as art. To them it’s a business first and foremost.

  42. Renee says:

    That was the only reason I could come up with as to why Mr. Toriyama ended it where he did. Maybe he saw where it was going (Super-Mega-Somebody versus Super Sayajin Level N). If Vegeta could blow up a planet by himself at the beginning of DBZ, a SSJ7 or 8 would destroy Earth just trying to power up. He was actually pretty smart ending it just at the point to began to get redundant, but it sure doesn’t keep all his fans from crying into their pillows at night.

  43. TANKSALOT says:

    I tried like YEARS to prove my brother hoshi is fake (fisrt I was happy too but then I tough,
    is this even logic? thinked deep and then searched for stuff and it was FAKE) i just have to show this to my brother and he punch me xD

    • Derek Padula says:

      You’re welcome. Sorry your brother punched you, though!

      • Truthnothoax says:

        Your a jerk man some people wanna actually see a new series or even believe one is coming out most teenagers and young adults grew up with this and would like to believe there’s still hope for more and you say on one dudes post it’s better not to live in ignorance maybe some would like to and not agree with what you post

        • Derek Padula says:

          I never said there wasn’t hope. I am one of those "young adults who grew up with this and would like to believe there’s still hope for more." There is always hope and I’d love for there to be a new Dragon Ball.

          Dragon Ball Hoshi is an outright lie in every conceivable fashion. The evidence is overwhelming and I presented it in a logical and linear way. I’m not going to curb the truth because of concerns that you or a few other people can’t handle reality and prefer to live in the Matrix.

          The only reason you suffer is because of your attachment to the illusion. Open your eyes, endure, and then go beyond it. Once you realize that what you had been holding on to was fake, you’ll finally have peace of mind. Trust me, you’ll be much happier in the long term.

          If people really don’t want to read the truth, what is stopping them from leaving the article and going back into the countless lies that keep them occupied?

          Plus, don’t you see from the 100 comments and over 570 facebook likes that this article is appreciated? Do all of those people think I’m a jerk?

          Look inside yourself, rather than point the finger at other people. Dragon Ball Hoshi is a lie, and for your own sake, I recommend letting go of the attachment that someone else fabricated and force fed you.

  44. TANKSALOT says:

    btw here is a link to watch episode bardock subbed to prove hoshi’s fakeness even more! well at least you can enjoy the movie ;D

  45. Chance says:

    Hey Derek,Thanks For This Amazing Article! You Should Check Out Dragon Ball Z Abridged By Team Four Star.Its A Parody Series On Youtube That Is Hilarious.They Have Amazing Voice Actors That Do Voice Overs Of The Original Anime.Even Chris Sabat the Voice If Vegeta Has Said He Loves The Show…..
    Check It Out http://www.youtube.com/teamfourstar

    • Derek Padula says:

      Hi Chance. Yes, I’ve seen Team Four Star’s videos before and they’re very funny. I’ve been thinking about asking them to be on my blog for an interview.

  46. Christian C. says:

    I just want to thank you very much! I never post or comment on things like these, but i felt compelled to, being that I’m such a huge fan of DB……You do not know how close I was to clicking on the youtube links and spreading that news, hell I typed out a txt and was seconds away from sending it when i saw the link to your article…The fact that you took the time to research and post all of this shows your conviction to the property ..I hope someday they can make a decision on continuing the story, again thank you for being a voice of reason

    • Derek Padula says:

      You’re welcome, Christian. I’m glad it was helpful to you.

      A couple people called me a jerk for pointing out that Hoshi wasn’t real, but the majority of comments are positive and I appreciate that you can understand the reason and logic behind it.

      I also hope that they decide to continue the story.

  47. zarcom2k12 says:

    They (Akira Toriyama and Toei Animation Ltd.) should do a final sequel of dragonball gt and be done with the story already.

    OR better yet, have a DBGT-kai (yeah I know, everyone hates GT so to fucking bad) and further explain on Goku passing away.

    All I know is, Goku passes away, Pan gets older and has a bratty Grandson who is obvously a whiney little disgrace to Goku’s name, and he fights Vagina Jr, thus having an annoying coninous cycle.

    I love Dragonball, Z and GT, Kai was good and well done, but honestly, its a business and a series. Idiots have to quit being so goddamn obsessive over stupid shit like that.

    ta ta.

    • leo says:

      goku dos not pass way dude goku took off with shenron at end if dbgt become one with him he did nto pass way goku was ltitle kid when lfit with shenron so if pan is stell alive then goku woos tell be alive so sotp saynig hr passed wya he did not h becoem irmtal if he was dead he wodo helo on his head when eh meet goku jt but ther eno helo

    • guest says:

      Goku did not die he went with the dragon and appears in the movie

  48. Hyunckel says:

    Thank you very much for this torough explanation. What a damn letdown. Cheers from France.

  49. Lem says:

    I feel so depressed after reading this. But thanks for letting people know about the truth.

  50. jimmy says:

    Dbz kai is on every night in Australia so I tape it and watch it every day after work and today just at random Googled new db and found all the vids on you tube and was so happy but after I looked at them I could see something was not right and then I found this thankyou for making it all clear for me. But how cool would a new season be with bardoc and others in it

    • Derek Padula says:

      You’re welcome, Jimmy. Glad to know this article is being read in Australia as well.

      I agree it would be cool to have Bardock in a new series. I hope they do something with his younger years, battles on different planets, and love life. We could finally learn who Goku’s mother was.

  51. liam says:

    i’m glad to see a professional fan out their able to tell the truth to this pathetic roomer, in as much detail as possible. It is a shame they put the cartoon to an end, it was truly a work of art. But better to know the truth about it, even if it’s not what your hoping for. so thank’s very much.

  52. Gracore says:

    One thing to perhaps bare in mind is that the false hype is a good (all be it annoying) thing if you want there to be more series. The hype and number of searches would probably make for great proof that there is still money left in the franchise – That being said, GT was terrible and DB Evolution is about the worst thing ever made, and DB online looks like an equally wasteful use of the title, So im not sure I would even like to see it fall any lower.

  53. Alice says:

    Hey what your saying is true facts thanks but I do have one thing to say they are making a new DB series it’s only a manga though it’s called Dragonball RN and it takes place after GT it wont let me read it but maybe you guys can read it and Reply to me if you can I’m not sure if it’s actually Akira Toriyama’s work but it very well could be I saw this a little while back on the Dragonball Wiki here’s the link to the website all you have to do is click media, then click which manga you want to read black or white or even full colour. here’s the linky http://www.dragonballrn.com/index.php
    ~Alice <3

    • Derek Padula says:

      Hi Alice. Sorry to tell you but that is a fan series as well. I saw it years ago (the site is copyright 2007), and you can tell it’s made by fans in a couple of ways. The first is that there’s a donate button on the site. Neither Toei or Shueisha would have a donate button and the manga wouldn’t be available for free on an official website. They would charge for it like they do the rest of their manga, since it would cost so much to produce. The second is the art style. It’s Toriyama-esque, but is missing the refined details that mark his work, and it doesn’t look like Naho Ooishi’s art style either.

      But I can understand why you were tricked by it. The site looks nice and official.

  54. laura says:

    And boom there goes my hopes and dreams.

  55. Daniel says:

    I had done the research as well and came to the same conclusion, I wish people weren’t so gullible. People hear someone say something like "They’re making a new Dragon Ball series called Dragon Ball Hoshi" and instead of researching it online to confirm it, they start telling others and this nonsense starts spreading like wildfire.

  56. jando says:


  57. aqua says:

    thank you i was wondering what this was luckily a quick Google search lead me here

  58. DBH says:

    It’s all going according to plan.MUWAHAHAHA!

  59. Zein says:


    Good job sir and I am glad someone has common sense in this world. If people would do some simple, realistic research on their own. They would come to find all the information that you have compiled here with relative ease. People are just to gullible, and I understand that people are just clinging to the perpetuated thought and dream of a new series. Yet, I doubt we will ever see it, and some part of me hopes that we never do. However, for all the people that do want a new series or at least something artistically pleasing, tho it is taking some time to come to completion and fruition. Try looking into DragonBall Absalon, found in the link I will post below. It is based sometime after GT, and is a fan based continuation created by a man named, Melvin Dompig an animator from the Netherlands. He is also known by his Youtube and deviantART name of Mellavelli. I actually enjoy his artwork in the animations he has posted, rough as they may be. He claims the finished products will be more crisp and clean and his cell stills on his deviantART seem to support his statement.

    Again Derek thank you for helping clear up people of ignorance, someone had to do it. Also I hope that the DB: Absalon fan work helps some people get a little satisfied, and maybe the support for Melvin will give him a renewed flame to work ever steadfast on his fanimation.

    Have a great morning everyone,


  60. Kisu says:

    Hi Derek

    thx for the massiv work on this site and bigger thx for the informations about this fake series it´s good to know that some fan´s work for the truth about this nearly legendary anime and a bit it´s a blame for it that some fan´s make those stupide fakes

    but i have question reasond in the "hunger" for DB, after years i couldn see it i atcually want to see it complete wich means from DB to DBZ (DB KAI) and GT aswell as the movies and OVA´s, but from germany you never find it that you can understand it … no matter wat i search i never find the DB episod´s in german so do you know a site where i can watch it all again uncut and in german ?? if you know pls tell me

    • Derek Padula says:

      Hi Kisu, you’re welcome, and thanks for visiting from Germany.

      Unfortunately I don’t know where to watch the German dub. Wish I did because that sounds like a lot of fun.

      • Kisu says:

        some time´s it´s really funy to watch in german becouse some voices are really funny ^^ but when you know the german sub and english dub it where enough ^^ and thx for the fast answhere

        (and sorry for the bad englisch)

  61. kicks says:

    So sad heart broken again

  62. mcmikeymike says:

    Wow, I just came accross this new series on youtube, got super excited for it. Checked google, came here and world was shattered within 10 minutes. Thanks for the info, really appreciate it. Lets just hope the interest in this rumour sparks actual production in a new series.

    • Derek Padula says:

      Yes, I hope it sparks production in a new series as well.

      And I’m glad when you saw something about a new series you did your research, rather than blindly believing the rumors.

  63. utkarsh parashar says:

    can any body tell me that after dragon ball gt,new series dragon ball hoshi is came..?

  64. leokhorn says:

    Thanks for this debuking. I did stumble upon one of the videos on YT and got my hopes up for nothing ^^;. Internet is fast at spreading rumors, but thankfully it’s also fast at bringing you the truth if you look for it just a bit.

  65. robert says:

    thank you when isaw hioshi i was like sweet but somethings not right come here it explains it all and i have ultimte takichi and i know of heros and online so this clead it up but i wonder when goku asorbed the dragon balls did he have immortalty or was he shenron sorry for bad spell bad computer

    • Derek Padula says:

      You’re welcome, Robert.

      It’s my belief that Goku finally attained immortality, going beyond the cycle of life and death. It’s a very Daoist way to end the series.

  66. VSVoidSpartan says:

    I do have some video that will spread the truth like a wild fire (wish it was better quality though). It’s an actual confirmation that this Hoshi thing is a sham, a fake, by the one and only Kyle Hebert, the Narrator and the voice for Gohan from Dragon Ball Z (English obviously). I haven’t gotten around to uploading it yet, but I will soon if this gets out of control.

    • Derek Padula says:

      I just spoke with Kyle at the Anime Expo. Interviewed him for my article on the convention for The Epoch Times Newspaper. He was really nice.

      Can you upload the video and send me the link? I’d like to use it for an upcoming article called "Will There Be a New Dragon Ball Series?" Thank you!

  67. Cityracer says:

    Finally someone put a great article exposing this lie. However, this lie was actually helpful for me.

    When I saw a Dragon Ball Hoshi video show up in my YouTube recommendations, I was excited, but after the vid was over, I was pretty sure it was fake. After proving my theory, I was determined to find something about Dragon Ball that I hadn’t seen before. Eventually, I came to fanfiction.net

    That was November of last year. Since then, I have wrote 5 complete DBZ fanfiction stories, I have 2 in progress and many ideas on the way. I also decided to become a writer after I finish school.

    For this, I’m glad these false videos existed, but now its time for these false rumors to come to an end.

    • Derek Padula says:

      It’s great to hear that Dragon Ball inspired your writing. It inspired mine, too! :)

      Fan fictions aren’t something I have focused on across the site because I don’t have much experience with them. I read a few in high school, but that was in the late 90’s when most of the writing available was rather poor.

      Are there are some really good ones you would recommend to others? I’d like to highlight them on the blog.

      Thank you.

  68. DBFan says:

    I have a silly question about the episode of Bardock
    Basically it says that Bardock is the Legendary Super Saiyan and in the series Vegita says he is a direct descendant of the legendary super saiyan so does that mean that vegita and goku are related?

    • Derek Padula says:

      That would be extremely interesting. Do you remember where or when it was said? Somewhere on Namek, I take it? I’d like to see if that’s an English only line or if it’s also found in the original Japanese.

      If so, my mind = blown.

      Oh, but the other thing of course, is that the Bardock story is not canon from Akira Toriyama, and completely subverts the original story, so even if it were the case, it wouldn’t necessarily matter.

  69. SuperSaiyanMonkey says:


  70. robert says:

    still they need a series about goku junior or a series between when we frist saw goku junior and when goku was carried off by shenron am i right

  71. adrian says:

    i want the gt series to continue

  72. Freddy says:

    Some people on youtube are so gulable I was just looking at comments people posted on dragon ball hoshi videos they. actually thought it was legit most of the videos looked so fake I cant believe so many people were that easily tricked.

    Your other article about dragon ball af was pretty helpfull so I decided to check this one out, I knew hoshi wasn’t real. Thanks

    • Derek Padula says:

      Thanks. Glad you liked both of them.

      And yes, I’m not really sure how so many people are being continuously fooled by the videos. Maybe they weren’t taught critical thinking skills in school?

  73. Lucas says:

    Ótima reportagem, com todos os detalhes que um fan precisava saber sobre as verdades e entiras. Obrigado!

  74. Lucas says:

    Ops, now in English..Great story, with all the details that a fan wanted to know about the truths and lies. Thank you!

  75. DxD Reaper says:

    it really had my hopes up to reconnect with the dragonball-z family akira please make new dragonball-z story line, ive been keeping up with goku and family for years i miss my hero :(

  76. BigRob says:

    In all honesty I wish people would stop putting up fake stuff about new DB series cuz every time i see one i get excited and when i find out its fake it makes me sad and wish that theyd make a new DB series, and i hope they do!!

  77. DBZfan4LIFE says:

    You suck! Don’t you see that if we continue this, the creators of Dragon Ball may give in to fan pressure and actually create it? Didn’t you say yourself that everyone wants a new dragonball series? We should work harder trying to spread the word.

    • DB FANNER says:

      Dude you r right we should work harder to turn the rumor true

    • samuel says:

      It didnt work with af. You’re taking the attention away from his real dbz projects. Like the shonen jump confirmed movie coming out in either march or may, I forgot. Its not dbz hoshi its just a movie.

  78. DB FANNER says:

    True it was a started rumor but DBZ fan 4 LIFE is right if we spread the word we can preasure them into making the series but at the same time ok its a fake rumor
    that doesnt mean we cant turn a rumor real
    so i agree with u 100% and disagree with u 100%

    • Derek Padula says:

      I’m all for a new Dragon Ball series. Shouldn’t that be obvious by now? I run a Dragon Ball website for Pete’s sake.

      What I’m not for are lies, illusions and hype.

      DBZfan4LIFE’s logic is no different than the Dragon Ball AF fan’s logic. Dragon Ball AF is 10 times as popular a search term as Hoshi and it actually exists because the fans made it real. If THAT didn’t grab Toei’s attention and make them want to start a new series (from 12 years ago up to today), why do you think Hoshi will somehow be different?

  79. samuel says:

    Hoshi doesnt exist nor will it ever. But!.. But shonen jump released information about a new movie, not a seties but a movie. So its legit. no real information on it beside who is working on it, and when it will come out, and that it is either around or after the buu saga I believe. Shonen jump is legit so yeah, cheer up :D im ready for another movie.

  80. McKinley says:

    Well it sucks it’s true but u never know maybe one day

  81. joshua says:

    All of you are completely clueless, dragon ball hoshi isn’t real series, because piccolo, gohan, trunks, goten, and those guys wouldn’t be around any more, because need to think of they time frame that dbgt ends at, and goku would be they only one around, and dragon ball af is a for sure series, And I know for a fact that they plan in having the saiyan levels stopping at super saiyan 10, being the perfect form looking like a regular saiyan, but the powers not even a single muscle moved and a planet is destroyed, AND DO NOT SAY I AM WRONG BECAUSE I AM CORRECT BECAUSE I WAS IN JAPAN FOR 2 AND A HALF YEARS

  82. Yuuichi says:

    There is fan – made a comic base on Dragon Ball Z serie http://www.dragonball-multiverse.com/en/faq.html

  83. VEGETAonSTEROIDS says:


    • VSVoidSpartan says:

      No, that was just "Episode of Bardock", an anime rendition of a 3 part manga series, part of the SSSS (Saikyo Super Saiyan Secret) Project, not episode 1 of Hoshi, because Hoshi doesn’t exist.

  84. Leonardo says:

    Permit me to translate this article into Spanish course giving all credits to you, to stop this misinformation about the "Dragon Ball" in my native language

    • Derek Padula says:

      Please do. It was a lot of hard work to write and I’d be happy for more people to read it in other languages. :)

      Can you send me the link when it’s up? I’d love to read it in Spanish. Thanks!

  85. dbzfan9000 says:

    at first i was excited about dbh during the article but when he said it was fake i was very upset cause i am a huge dbz fan and i was looking forward on watching dbh.but if there are a lot of searches and japan and funimation see that there fans want to see this i think
    they will make it. HOW IS WITH ME, DRAGON BALL HOSHI DRAGON BALL HOSHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Sara says:

    This isn’t fair I was so excited and you want to tell my there is no Dragon Ball Hoshi. That Isn’t fair to all DBZ fans!!!

  87. Anonymous says:

    I understand, by the way hoshi is fake *wink wink*

  88. Dillan says:

    To all you dumbutts who thinks hoshi is real and are standing against us, and seriously, I cannot believe you don’t believe this guy. Why don’t you try making a new series of dBGT? got any ideas? AFTER THEY ALREADY HAD EVERYONE DEAD? wouldn’t it be awkward if everyone came back from the dead? What the heck was the hero’s legacy for? If you wanted a good fake show, or even a real show, Then try using Goku JR, Vegeta JR, Grandma Pan, that one guy goku jr’s friends with, as he discovers the secrets of his ancestors.hmmm???

  89. JAMESSSSSSS says:

    Now i just want to play Dragon Ball Online. Like right now!

  90. tony says:

    Thank you for clearing this up but until the episode of bardock was said to be hoshi i actually believed it because of how gt ended and then they showed goku traveling with what looked like goku jr but anyways thank you

    • Derek Padula says:

      Your link is broken, but I know which video you’re referring to, and I already debunked it somewhere else in the comments. I’m sorry, but the Japanese translation in the subtitles is a lie. This video is from a long, long time ago, and Toriyama is answering questions about how often he plays video games with his son. Dragon Ball Hoshi is not real.

  91. LJ Master says:

    You know…I can’t stand you fucking people, and how much you say you love the series…I love the series, and if they make more..unless they go entirely crazy..let them…I will not be fucking things up…and its will make the new generations of children see our part of the series but in there perspective….So, I say shut the hell up, and allow the creators to create…

  92. EliteKamiko says:

    IF ITS NOT REAL,EXPLAIN THIS MORONS! http://www.carddas.com/dbh/news/108.html

    • Derek Padula says:

      Obvious troll is obvious. It says "Dragon Ball Heroes" right at the top. Did you even look at the page you posted or try and read this article where I completely explained what Dragon Ball Heroes is?

      And don’t call my readers morons.

  93. brandon says:

    they have absalon af hoshie gt z dragonball sd in japan jack ass bec my brother is in japan and my brother told me and they are coming out with a movie abt absalon in japan on march 30 2013 trust me bec my brother lives in japan and he is in the navy dip shits learn your dam shit

    • Derek Padula says:

      Wow, I can’t believe you actually posted something like this on my site. I welcome comments, but if you insult my readers intelligence like that again I’ll ban your IP address from making further comments.

      Because I actually care about you and want you to be educated with the truth, this is the movie your brother was talking about:


      Read that article, okay? Thanks.

  94. brandon says:

    theres your answer da"s so plz shut up i want my son to grow up kning what i watched as a child now quit argueing over this bec im crazy over it and im 21 and you all are starting to piss me off

  95. asac says:

    Yeah for Sure man I am 17 and me including 2 younger brothers are seriously in for it i wish that is not a rumer and it really is a new series including new transformations charecters and espacially a new game on PC PS3 or Xbox 360 id love to play it as i have ended all the previous games at hard levels

  96. Terry Kerns says:

    Thanks Derek, as a long-term fan, I understand the fervent (albeit, usually, belligerent) wishes of DB fans for a continuation of the series… obviously, some are more fervent than others and feel the need to spread misinformation… it is sobering and also comforting to know people like you are going the extra mile to debunk the bullshit… Toriyama for life! (why doesn’t anyone start up rumours of Dr Slump, Go Go Ackman or even Sandland starting again? Go figure… or should that be Go ku?)

    • DerekPadula says:

      That’s a good question about why there are no rumors for the other series. I guess it’s a testament to the effect that Dragon Ball had on people. The others were good for their own reasons, but did they appeal to people in the same way as Dragon Ball? Aside from being humorous or adventurous, not really. Dragon Ball has universal qualities that appeal to the human spirit, and this is why fans will always be hungry for more

    • VSVoidSpartan says:

      I would like more and more English DBZ fans to get into Dr. Slump, since that’s the anime that became a part of Dragon Ball in the first place. It’s a good show! Just pretty hard and expensive to get now and days.

  97. Gokou is GOD says:

    this is like proving GOD does not exist to Theist >..<

  98. zzzzzzzzzzzz says:

    i didnt read all this but your are saying hoshi iz fake and there u are wrong akira toriyam sad it himself that hoshi iz real

  99. rytram says:

    i believe derek. primarily for one reason. i download anime from japan and korea ALL THE TIME. literally 100’s of anime i have downloaded and watched have never been released in the states. just like i just watched naruto shippuuden 283 today lol and it wont hit the states for at least a month or so. if there was a new db series id have seen real news about it from one of my favorite subtitler groups like horriblesubs, subdesu, taki, databayou, etc. and just as he said. if it was real funimation would be all over it like flies on shit. even if korea decided to say F**K off to funimation. id still have watched it lol. that shit would have been leaked online in the first fukin day. trust me. if people want to watch it it WILL get leaked and subtitled online then released. also u would have seen it too. wanna know the REAL reason to start a rumor. its the same reason DBGT was made. enough of a stir and demand prompted them to make a new series, albiet one not made by the original writer. so if they start a rumor and create a big enough of a commotion they MIGHT make another one. even if the original writer dont want to as long as they can get him to sign off on the idea. after all where there is money to be made they will make it. as long as the profit far outweigh the cost of making and producing it.

  100. true dbz fan says:

    but they are coming out with new episodes of dbz with in the next few years so obviously they r not done yet cause they are making new movies and episodes its 1st goin to be released for japan and a few other countries first and see how it does then if it does well they r goin to realease it for the usa just keep america away from makin it other wise we all know that they’ll fuck it up jus like they did dbz kai and dbgt what everybody seem to forgot the long sagas and story lines made dbz not cutting out the stuff and this time dont make gohan trunks and goten and piccolo a bitch this time like they did in dbgt cause they really fucked it up america cant do anime that’s why it’s called japanese anime not america anime so if any of the writers from america see this leave the show the way it is dont touch it otherwise yall gonna fuck it up.

    • Zachary Brooks says:

      Good Shit they really should re-do GT or cut it off and do something completely different. and make Uub a better character. He was one of my favs and he didn’t do shit really

  101. xMVince says:

    I would actually kill someone if it meant a new dragonball series. I would not kill anyone for any other reason. If I had a genie with one wish, you betcha it would be “Give me an EPIC new Dragonball Series!!!!!!”. I would pay UNGODLY amounts of money for this. I would give my soul to the devil. I would sacrifice my firstborn child!!! Hell, take my 2nd one too! And if it’s a longgg series like DBZ then I’d be willing to let you have my wife as well.. But you gotta treat her nice!

  102. Dave says:

    Mystery solved! Thanks for taking the time and explain everything. I pretty much drew the same conclusion after bumping into the same stupid trolling vids on youtube.

    Yet this feeling of : “could it be true” kept nagging me. Cause where the hell did the name “Hoshi” came from anyway. It had to come from something! right? That’s where I bumped in to your page. And now my quest for lies has stopped.

  103. Zachary Brooks says:

    After 5 Seconds of seeing this so called (DB Hoshi) after watching TFS Special – Episode of Bardock I quickly looked for articles like this one so I didn’t get my hopes up. Thank you Derek for posting this. Even though your hard found evidence proves the point even still there’s a part of me that wants this to be real. Akira Toriyama really should try to make a new series, with all of this fake hype about this kind of stuff, he would be stupid if he didn’t at least think to himself about it. This Manga/Anime series isn’t like any other people have really grown on it. The fact that the series started in the 90’s and ended in the 2000’s makes it one of those things that people want to keep seeing. I really wish there was a way to get Mr. Toriyama to see how inspired his fans are by his creations. I don’t know if there is, but maybe there is a way to make a article that would reach his ears about his fans and what they want. And just think on how badly his fans in not only in america, but all over the world want this. I don’t know who Akira Toriyama is, but a tear has to come to his eyes knowing that there are this many fans that love his work.

    My email is [email protected] if you want to reply to this post separately beings as I probably won’t be able to keep track if you personally ever do post a reply.

    • Zachary Brooks says:

      only looks nice because it’s art that Toriyama actually made just smashed together from other things. exact proof of what derek is tryna say.

  104. Brooks says:

    I think I’m Going to puke. I just looked up a video claiming to have art for SSJ 1-20 and well it’s obvious this all started with 5 year olds.

  105. XtremeHairball says:

    Acccording to the YouTube community guidelines: “Everyone hates spam. Don’t create misleading descriptions, tags, titles or thumbnails in order to increase views. It’s not okay to post large amounts of untargeted, unwanted or repetitive content, including comments and private messages.”

    On that note, each of these videos (since they are not only misleading, but also a part of a mas series of videos by a small group of view-profiting users) can be reported for violation of the youTube terms of service and community guidelines. I’m getting started on it right now, because frankly, it sickens me that this/these person(s) are lying to DB fans and spitting in the face of the creators of the actual productions/games.

  106. hotoburd says:

    dragon ball af is fake the “super sayin 5 goku” is just a fanmade charecter for his fan fiction its not even made to be goku

  107. Bert says:

    Dragonball Hoshi and dragonball Af always got me excited, except for Af because i knew it was fanmade. It made me happy thinking that I could see goku fight the bad guys all over again, and become another level of supersaiyan. Learning that Hoshi is fake was somewhat of a bummer, I’m only 14 and I wish there was more dragonball stuff at the moment then there was probably back then. but ohwell, there’s always battle of the godss, which is in Japan only. :p

  108. ali says:

    Dbz got me creative and stylistic with realism

  109. VSVoidSpartan says:

    I’m not seeing any Hoshi related videos by those users anymore…. Did Hoshi finally die?

    • DerekPadula says:

      None of the videos are loading on this page, so you may be right. That would certainly be something!

      That said, it’s STILL the most popular article on the site, almost 1 year after publication, so Hoshi seems well enough alive in the minds of fans. Dragon Ball AF Explained is number 2.

      • VSVoidSpartan says:

        Ah well, since the videos are down, I know that the Hoshi believers would find out that it’s fake pretty soon. However, I am noticing multiple copies of the user’s videos being reuploaded in other channels , so I am working on finding every single one of them to break the news. I agree with you though, Hoshi is still pretty popular in the minds of fans, but it pains me to see how gullible some of the community are to actually believe this. I wouldn’t blame them though, cause as you said before, a lot of fans want and demand for a new series to be made. That being said, I hope they would be able to handle the truth about this.

  110. tommy says:

    do dragon ball absalon

    • DerekPadula says:

      Thank you for the suggestion Tommy. I’ve considered it, but I don’t really see a need to “explain” Dragon Ball Absalon, since it’s rather self explanatory all by itself. That said, if the creators want to come on for an interview, I’m all for it.

  111. jevans2966 says:

    They should really make a new one with goku jr and vegeta jr. Like come on!!

    • go to watchcartoononline.com ang there`s a movie called a hero legacy if you search dragon ball gt movies it`s got goku jr. and pan as a grandma Derek you can use this to take away hoshi from minds.

  112. Clayton says:

    Is there anything we the fans can do to convince the creators to make a new series. they have to know how badly we want a new one. plus they would make so much money. the antipation is killing me

    • DerekPadula says:

      I would contact Toei and Shueisha directly. They have branches in cities across the world, such as in Los Angeles. Or start a petition online and then get 100,000 signatures and show it to them.

      Honestly though, I think they already do know how big it is, and that’s why they’re investing so much in the new DBZ film and all the video games and toys. The question on their minds right now is, “Will this investment pay off?” That’s why we, as fans, need to speak with our wallets and go to the theater and see the movie or buy the translated version if / when it comes out. Same with the new Dragon Ball Z color manga that Viz has decided to publish in the United States.

  113. Dhirendra Singh Gehlot says:

    as DBZ is so popular . the new series should be made . there is also lots of money in it & the fans will get what they want

  114. WolfFangFist says:

    It seems to me that akira is tryin to step back and let others, just as skilled as him, influence and shape the DB universe. I think the big question is when he does completely step back will DB fans except a new series with little or no assistance from akira.. like it or not GT so far is the end of the main series, with just as many inconsistencies as DB and DBZ XP At some point akira will just be recognized as the originator and hopefully Dragonball will live on.

  115. Chahiko says:

    Good work on calling out them fake vids. This was enjoyable to read.

  116. josh says:

    What about brand new world. The theme song. There is a YouTube video for it.

  117. Tony Lira says:

    I for one will buy the new movie Dragon Ball Z Battle of The Gods when the translated version comes out

  118. ssk says:

    Yes I would want to see a new serious are since they came out with battle of the God’s continue the story after that I haven’t seen the movie but I read the discription and it left a opening for something new and continue to make more levels of ss I truly believe that a lot of money will be made from this and the fans been asking for it for years I’m almost 30 and been watching it for years and would love to just see more as well as our younger generation

  119. Daniel says:

    Derek im sorry but youre the fucking liar….go to hell

    • DerekPadula says:

      If I’ve lied somewhere in this article, then I honestly don’t know where. I did my best to be as truthful as possible.

      I’m hopeful you will make it to Heaven.

  120. conor says:

    hi I’ve seen video’s about Christopher (voice of vegita) and this one guy asked him when chris was sighning autograph’s about will they English dub battle of the gods. and he said I don’t know FUNimation didn’t even buy the license it seems there not even interested in a new series. Derek what do you have to say to this (please reply)

    • DerekPadula says:

      How old was the video? There is no new series, so I’m not sure what you mean.

      For Battle of Gods, 20th Century Fox has the rights to any theatrical film, and FUNimation is “in talks” on that issue. Hence the delay. As far as I know of from contacting licensing managers at Fox a few months ago, they didn’t even know the movie existed. So I’m not sure what that means for an English release other than to be patient and see what happens.

      • conor says:

        battle of the gods isn’t that old it is very NEW so im not sure but Christopher (voice of vegeta) said that they didn’t even license I am freaking out if you can PLEASE FIND MORE ABOUT THIS AND I am begging you if its not that much trouble send it to my email it is [email protected] please!!

  121. robert nerino says:

    Hello, thanks for this blog post. you see I really love dragon ball z and I watched the full movie of dragon ball z battle of gods subbed and so have 100 people that signed to have a NEW SERIES. I understand you talked to the people involved with dragon ball z. I and other people would just be grateful if you can ask the again if they are going to make a new series soon or in the future. I would do it my self but i cannot go to Tampa Florida when shadocon starts in October I have a child who loves it and needs special help if you know what I mean ( he suffers from a mental issue) he just loves the show so if you can that would be just the best. even if they say no I would understand:)

    • DerekPadula says:

      Hi, Robert. I just asked Justin Rojas, the PR man at FUNimation for an official comment on the question of, “Will there be a new Dragon Ball series?” His response was, “FUNimation has no information regarding any of that.” Take that to mean what you will. And keep in mind that the series comes from Japan, so FUNimation is only responsible for the English dub. The real people to direct the petition toward is Toei in Japan.

      Regarding your son, Dragon Ball offers a lot of inspiration to people across the world, including those with special needs. The show speaks to our humanity and our inner potential in a way that makes us want to be our best. I’m glad he’s found something like that.

  122. dragon player says:

    i watched battle of gods and there was so many openings where he could of made a new series or movie do you think so derek

    • DerekPadula says:

      Yeah, I thought Battle of Gods was a great film that opened up a lot of possibilities for a new Dragon Ball series. I’d love to see Goku become inspired to reach a higher level, or go train with Uub and see if they can beat Birusu.

  123. nick proler says:

    hey Derek if you go to one of the cons and say you see Christopher sabat or Sean schemmel could you ask them about if they heard anything about making a new dragon ball series please

    • DerekPadula says:

      Hi Nick. I know Sean personally, and he has confirmed that they are not making a new Dragon Ball series. He is a voice actor for the FUNimation dub, and FUNimation has no knowledge of a new series, which would be made in Japan by Toei anyway. So at this point there is no new series. If there is an announcement made, you can check the blog and read all about it, for sure.

  124. john smith says:

    I don’t know when but akira toriymama said *I would love to continue dragon ball z* doesn’t that mean he will make a new series?

  125. walt says:

    hello Derek I have a question for you. for your personal opinion no one else’s just yours do you think in the future akira toriyama will make a new dragon ball series

    • DerekPadula says:

      I don’t have an opinion on the matter, but I would sure like him to. The demand and money are certainly there, but I get the feeling that he’s no longer motivated by those things. So it’s hard to say. If they do make a new series, I’d love to be a consultant.

  126. mako star says:

    hi will you go to another metting again to check up on battle o gods and a new series

    • DerekPadula says:

      No, I’ve already had those conversations with them. Trust me, I’d love for their to be a new Dragon Ball series just as much as you, but I don’t have control over that decision.

  127. jessi says:

    hi your hot I like your pic

  128. mark tomphson says:

    ok I have a really important question please relpy) ok so I watched dragon ball z and dragon ball battle of the gods and you know pan dauter of gohan an vedel well shouldn’t she be in battle of gods and vedel said she was pregnant what happened to pan please tell me

    • mark thomphson says:

      oh I forgot um and why is trunks and gotten kids aren’t they supposet to be teenagers like from the last episode of dragonball z

      • DerekPadula says:

        Videl is pregnant with Pan. That’s the whole point of that scene. She is a Saiyan who has not been born yet, but is alive inside the womb.

        Trunks and Goten are still kids because the story takes place between the battle with Majin Buu and the end of Dragon Ball Z.

  129. TimTom21 says:

    wut about dragon ball new age?

  130. jason says:

    please explain it to me im confused

    • DerekPadula says:

      The video is no longer available, so I’m not sure what you referred to. Besides, I’ve explained as much as is humanly possible in this blog post or in the comments. There is no new Dragon Ball series.

  131. monster inc. says:

    hi I just wanted to check in its benn a couple of mouths since you sent this, so is there any new rumors left

  132. VSVoidSpartan says:

    It pains me to see re-uploaded fake videos about Hoshi still being around. Although the views for Dragon Ball Hoshi on youtube have died down from what I see thanks to this article, and the efforts of youtubers proving it’s fake in the first place.

  133. VSVoidSpartan says:

    It pains me to see re-uploaded fake videos about Hoshi still being around. Although the views for Dragon Ball Hoshi on youtube have died down from what I see thanks to this article, and the efforts of youtubers proving it’s fake in the first place.

  134. Monkey king says:

    If the creator ever make a new dragon ball series I would like him to make new characters like junior goku and vegeta

  135. justin says:

    ik db af is fake but I really want another series cmon guys try hard and do a petition or something

  136. cole says:

    Those “customised” characters are from ultimate tenkiachi…..

  137. Nathan says:

    Well with the release of Dragonball Z battle of gods, it seems your ideal on hosi could be wrong. Considering beer us was never killed goku still lost, not to mention any offical Dragonball anime has been made into a manga then an anime Dragonball GT never got a manga series because the DBGT story was never written or created by toriyama. Not to mention battle of gods got left wide open and was created and wrote by Toriyama, the way it ended begs the questions why would Toriyama not give it a proper ending with goku killing beerus? Also goku being nowhere near as powerful as beerus to be able to defeat him? Which leads to the belief there will be a new series, with beerus as the main villian. I know when this was made and wrote that we had no idea about battle of the gods was coming.

    • DerekPadula says:

      You are correct that this article was written before Battle of Gods.

      But why would you assume that the movie would lead to a new anime series rather than a new movie? The movie takes place between the defeat of Majin Buu and the tournament where Goku meets Uub. So Toei probably won’t make a whole new anime series just for that. Not to mention they likely won’t make a new series again unless Toriyama writes it.

      Besides, they already announced a new movie coming out in 2015 that is a direct sequel to Battle of Gods. That means Beerus will likely be in it again. Though we’ll have to wait and see.

      • Fábio Rodrigues says:

        men you were wrong in that one. ..and he explained why he believed in a new series ” the way it ended begs the questions why would Toriyama not give it a proper ending”

  138. Dragon Ball Z fan says:

    thanks for letting me know

  139. idontwanttopickaname says:

    Whos excited for DragonBall Super!?!?!?!

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