Will There be a New Dragon Ball Series?

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Will there ever be a new Dragon Ball series? Every Dragon Ball fan wants one, and people keep asking me to tell them. Unfortunately there are some things I just don’t know, so I went straight to the official sources to find out!

In this article you’ll see how I contacted FUNimation, VIZ, and even a Japanese voice actor of DBZ to find out if there will ever be a new Dragon Ball series.

Fans Want a New Dragon Ball Series

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The Dragon Ball manga ended in 1996 and the Dragon Ball GT anime ended in 1997. Since then we’ve had lots of video games and an occasional animated special, but no new series.

Because there was no new Dragon Ball series, Dragon Ball fans created their own.

The first was Dragon Ball AF. I completely explained the Dragon Ball AF phenomenon and also revealed Dragon Ball AF’s origins earlier this year.

Dragon Ball AF is a huge fan created phenomenon from the late 90’s that by all logical perspectives should have died years ago, yet the rumor of Dragon Ball AF being the next new “official” Dragon Ball series still exists.

Even though AF is enormously popular, fans don’t take it as seriously anymore because there has been a new rumor to take its place since late 2011, called Dragon Ball Hoshi.

Dragon Ball Hoshi Explained has been the most popular article on my site since it was published on February 19, 2012. It has accounted for 36% of all visits to the site, with over 260,000 page views and 192 comments, all from people who passionately want there to be a new Dragon Ball series.

In that article I showed a chart from Google AdWords Keywords Tool that showed the average “global monthly searches” on Google over a 12 month span.

dragon ball hoshi new dragon ball series google keyword searches

At the time, “new dragon ball series” received 18,100 searches and “dragon ball hoshi” received 49,500 monthly searches.

Meanwhile, “dragon ball af” received over 1,000,000 searches. That’s right 1 million! This made it as popular a term as “dragon ball kai,” a legitimate and official series from Toei.

Now let’s take a look at the results on September 6, 2012.

new dragon ball series google keyword searches

They’re all even MORE popular now!

The term “new dragon ball series” receives 27,100 monthly searches, “dragon ball hoshi” receives 165,000, and “dragon ball af” receives 1,220,000.

What does that tell us? That the hunger for a new Dragon Ball series is bigger than ever before. Every Dragon Ball fan wants there to be a new Dragon Ball series, and they want it now!

The New Dragon Ball Z Movie

new dragon ball z movie 2013 goku

The desire for a new Dragon Ball series has been huge for over 15 years, and the recent announcement of a new Dragon Ball Z movie in development in Japan has fueled the flames even further.

This obviously raised a lot of questions from excited fans.

What is the story?

Who are they going to fight?

Will it be released internationally?


new dragon ball z anime super saiyan goku

Yeah, like that.

Forums all over the internet are asking the same questions, and nobody has any answers. They make wild speculations and start fanaticizing about what it could be or should be.

So here we are. Fans are going insane and they want answers, but as usual, there are none.

That’s where I come in and go straight to the source: FUNimation and Viz, who work together with Toei and Shueisha, the developers of new Dragon Ball content.

A New Dragon Ball Anime?

vegeta goku new dragon ball series

FUNimation is the American license holder of Dragon Ball, and one of the largest dubbing companies in the world. Dragon Ball is the anime that single handedly made their company. In their own words, “FUNimation is the house that Dragon Ball built.” Dragon Ball made them a fortune, so you would think that they, above anyone, would want a new Dragon Ball series, right? Just look at the demand!

To find out, I asked my contacts at FUNimation. I won’t name names, but I can say they are the Senior Brand Manager and Vice President of Acquisitions & Licensing.

Here’s what I asked:

“Does FUNimation intend to dub the new Dragon Ball Z film once it is released? A lot of people are asking and I’d like to have a reply straight from the source. I understand negotiations may still be in progress and no official announcements have been made, so “no comment” is perfectly acceptable.”

Also, “Any comment on the question, ‘Will there be a new Dragon Ball series?’”

Their reply?

No reply.

I asked again in a different way, left voicemail messages, and so on.

Still no reply.

So what does that tell us? Unfortunately nothing!

I waited 2 months and followed up several times before I wrote this post, hoping they would respond and I’d have some real answers for you, but FUNimation’s lips are sealed.

Luckily there’s always Viz.

A New Dragon Ball Manga?

new dragon ball manga

The Dragon Ball anime only exists because of the Dragon Ball manga written by Akira Toriyama. Without a new manga by Toriyama there can be no new anime (unless you want another Dragon Ball GT scenario!), so the real question is, “Will there be a new Dragon Ball manga?”

Toriyama wrote the manga for Shueisha, and Shueisha’s American licensor is Viz Media, who handles Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece and many other manga series. I tried my hardest to get through to Shueisha directly, but neither the phone numbers nor emails I found actually worked. And that’s okay, because Viz is here.

So I call Viz and speak with their Marketing Director, who is also in charge of the Dragon Ball property. I ask her the same questions I asked FUNimation, in addition to asking if Shueisha has any new Dragon Ball manga in the works.

She said, “We finished working on the series years ago. We’re now focused on Neon Alley, our live streaming anime service.”

They don’t have any new Dragon Ball related projects in the works. They also don’t have plans to publish Dragon Ball SD, the “super deformed” retelling of the original Dragon Ball story, by Naho Ooishi. It’s not even on their radar.

dragon ball sd new dragon ball manga

Naturally they don’t know anything about the new Dragon Ball Z film because it’s animated, and that’s something that FUNimation is going to have to answer, (but won’t).

In short, Viz has no Dragon Ball plans for the foreseeable future.

While not a direct confirmation, this strongly suggests that Toriyama is not working on any new Dragon Ball manga. If he were, then Shueisha would have most likely told Viz to prepare for it, since it’s a series that would undoubtedly draw a lot of attention.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if a new series really is going to come, then it will probably be animated and won’t be based on manga by Toriyama.

Will they Ever Finish Dragon Ball Kai?

dragon ball kai saiyan saga

Okay, so FUNimation is silent about the new movie and a new series, and Viz says they have absolutely nothing Dragon Ball related in the works. But what about Dragon Ball Kai? There’s still the entire Majin Buu Saga to finish. Will that ever happen?

I asked Ryo Horikawa, the Japanese voice of Vegeta, for the answer, at Anime Expo 2012.

“Will Toei finish Dragon Ball Kai, or do you know if there will ever be a new Dragon Ball series? A lot of fans want to know.”

Ryo said, “I’d love to, but I don’t really know.”

That’s all he had to say about it, and his response tells us that one of the lead voice actors of the Dragon Ball Z series is unaware of any possible completion of Dragon Ball Kai. He hasn’t been contacted by Toei in regards to it or any other Dragon Ball series, which implies that nothing is in development.

If Vegeta doesn’t know, then who does?!

No New Dragon Ball Series

gohan sad cry tears no new dragon ball series

So there you go. We didn’t have any evidence for a new Dragon Ball series to begin with, but lack of evidence has never stopped Dragon Ball fans from getting super excited, now has it? Just look at the huge demand cited earlier. But as it happens, there will be no new Dragon Ball series.

I’m sure the AF and Hoshi fever will continue to spread like the flu and will never go away, but now we have confirmation (or notable silence) that there is no new Dragon Ball series in development.

You may still be thinking it’s possible that Toriyama and Shueisha are secretly working on something in Japan and haven’t shared it with their licensors in other countries, right? Sure, it’s possible. For example, we didn’t know about the new Dragon Ball Z movie until recently, and that has been in development for years. But honestly, it’s probably just wishful thinking.

The only possible source to find the definitive answer is Toei themselves, but don’t you think it’s likely that Ryo Horikawa would be aware of any project coming down the pipeline? And he said he doesn’t know about Kai or any new series, so there probably isn’t one coming within the next year, at least.

And trust me, I want there to be a new Dragon Ball series as much as anybody. In case you haven’t guessed, I’m kind of a big fan.

At this point the situation should be clear, but I still hear your hopeful plea that, “Hey, maybe the silence from FUNimation DOES mean there will be a new Dragon Ball series! They’ll announce it soon!”

To paraphrase Alexander Pope from “An Essay on Man” …

Hope for a new Dragon Ball series, like Shenron, always springs eternal in the human breast.

pilaf seven dragon balls wish shenron

Go ahead. Make your wish!

And let’s all hope it comes true.

143 responses to “Will There be a New Dragon Ball Series?”

  1. Dave says:

    Nicely done!

  2. Oob says:

    What’s this whole "Dragon Ball SD" stuff? I don’t get why Viz wouldn’t bring that over.

    • Derek Padula says:

      It’s a children’s version re-telling of the Dragon Ball story, in sort of a silly, condensed version. The art is by Naho Ooishi and the project is supervised by Akira Toriyama. Naho is sort of Toriyama’s predecessor / disciple. There have already been 10 issues and you can buy it online or find scanlations of it out there.

      It’s a good series so I don’t understand why Viz wouldn’t bring it over either. Seems to me like there would be an audience for it, and they could do cross collaboration with Toei to promote the new movie.

  3. SSJ 5 says:

    I think there will announced new series after new movie. Because we don’t know new movie until we heard it. I believe in there will be new series. But I’m doubt we will see 2013 because of 21 december 2012. I hope we will pass it.

  4. LRA says:

    Well, there will be a 3ds game called dragonball Heroes coming out, which I think has it’s own storyline. You can have a look at it here: http://www.saiyanisland.com/2012/08/dragon-ball-h

    Also, Derek, I just read the free download chapter of your book, really interesting stuff.
    Just wondeing, what are your views on things like Ki, the Kiai, and similar things? I know it’s very controversial amongst Martial Artists.

    • Derek Padula says:

      Thanks, LRA. Yeah, I believe in Ki. You can read about some of my thoughts on DBZ and the martial arts in this category:


      I have two articles specifically on the Kiai and Kaio Ken. I also devote almost 200 pages to discussing the martial arts in The Dao of Dragon Ball.

      • LRA says:

        I have to admit, I’m not too sure of it myself, mainly to to claims by certain martial artists that they can knock someone out by touching them, which usually only seems to work on their own students. That said, the concept of Ki as a life force does seem rather smiliar to the concept of Brahman, which I do believe in. I guess I’m not clear on what is meant by Ki, if it means something like Pranayam, then I might be inclined to believe in it more, as Pranayam is just breathing excercises (which I believe are used by divers), or if it is more a meditational thing, like how athletes use visualisation. And I am suspicious that a kind of mystical practice could actually improve one’s combat abilities; I would have thought that such a practice would have a purely spiritual benefit. So I suppose I’m wondering: out of all of these things, what does "Ki" actually mean, what does it mean to train Ki, and can such training have any impact that is other than spiritual?

        • Derek Padula says:

          Hi LRA, sorry for the delayed response. Your questions and concerns don’t have simple answers.

          Ki is a broad and extremely profound subject, so it’s not easy to summarize in a blog comment. For that reason, I won’t try! Now in regards to the idea of meditation and the mind-body connection, you should check out Dr. Shin Lin’s site at UC Irvine:

          He has done some groundbreaking research on the effects of Ki on the brain and even on cancer cells. In this video he shows how externally emitted Ki reduced or completely eliminated prostate cancer cells:

          I’ve been trying to get in touch with him, but he hasn’t returned my calls or emails.

          The rest of your questions will have to wait for an in-depth article or the full book.

  5. LRA says:

    Also, I don’t mean to knock your beliefs, I’ve just heard so many seemingly contradictory things on the subject and would like some clarification.

    • Derek Padula says:

      No worries, I didn’t take it that way. I think Ki is one of those things that has to be experienced to fully understand. You’ve either felt it and believe in it, or you don’t. No amount of rational understanding can really prove it to you.

      If you really want to understand it, then start practicing one of the eastern martial arts, such as Gong Fu or Tai Ji.

  6. chris says:

    so after all this well there be a new serious or what???

    • Derek Padula says:

      No. The answer is no.

      If the situation suddenly changes with a new surprise announcement, I’ll gladly post a new article about it. But as of now, there is no new Dragon Ball series.

  7. Mia says:

    I have enjoyed the articles, Thank you. I have always found the increasing popularity with Dragon Ball amazing, and its ability to obtain new fans and their loyalty. It is always an experience talking to other fans where the conversation can range from heated debates to sharing favorite episodes, which only makes you want to watch it all over again.
    I was just wondering is it known why Akira Toriyama has not written more manga for Dragon Ball. I have heard rumors that he wanted to end it earlier than it did, but was pressured to continue. Yes, I know all about the worth of rumors especially after reading a couple of your articles.

    • Derek Padula says:

      You’re welcome, Mia. Thanks for enjoying them.

      It’s not specifically known why Akira Toriyama hasn’t written a new Dragon Ball manga. That rumor has been going around for almost 2 decades, and to be honest, it’s not as inaccurate as most of the DBZ rumors. Toriyama did work incredibly hard on the series and at the end of it he said he was going to take a long break.

      Lately he has been involved with the Dragon Ball Online game, and now the new DBZ movie in 2013, so it seems like he’s getting back into the world and characters.

      Everybody wants a new series, but it’s really up to Toriyama, so we’ll have to wait and see.

  8. SSJ 5 says:

    Actually all dragon ball fans should talk to with Akira Toriyama on creating new series.

  9. zaiko says:

    You do realize companies are NOT allowed to say certain things that will get them in trouble by the higher ups, and tell the most basic things.

    Also, companies LIE lol, big lies.

    I will just say this, NO, AF was NOT real, but there was something being developed back then in 2000, but the project was a "scrapped project" for the BIG 3, starting with NARUTO back in 2003. That is why there were rumors flying around.

    If you want a new series, DEMAND ONE, take the Invader zim approach, and it has to start in japan, but america is not active enough!

    START A PETITION on all major forums.

  10. rego says:

    You do realize dragon ball kai is complete right? Its mission was to be as close as it could to the manga and guess what, there is no Majin Buu Saga in the manga.

    • DerekPadula says:

      I’m sorry but you’re 100% incorrect. Toriyama most definitely wrote a Majin Buu Saga in the manga. That’s why there is an ending to Dragon Ball Z to begin with, not to mention Goten, Trunks, adult Gohan, Super Saiyan 3 and Majin Vegeta. Go do a search for those sagas on Amazon or elsewhere and you’ll see they do exist.

      The reason they didn’t finish Kai is because Toei decided it was too expensive and not lucrative enough.

  11. Bardock, Father of Kakarot says:

    Well, it’s recent news, but someone is making a manga based off of Dragon Ball Heroes. I’m unsure if Akira really has any part in it, but I think it will be better than Dragon Ball SD

    • DerekPadula says:

      Yeah, it was a short promotional manga for Dragon Ball Heroe.. Toriyama did not do the drawings, although they do look very close. The rumor is that Toyble from Dragon Ball AF drew them, although I don’t know if that’s true.

  12. Goku says:

    Hi! I just wanted to say that I was looking for dragonball sd online and couldn’t find it on Amazon or Ebay. I don’t know what you meant when you said you could buy the manga online.

    • DerekPadula says:

      It is available in the Japanese Shonen magazine. That’s what I was referring to. You can buy that online.

      Yeah, I don’t believe it’s available in Engish yet, as Viz has no plans to release Dragon Ball SD in the United States. Sorry for any confusion.

  13. The next goku says:

    I don’t understand why would you stop making episodes of dragon ball z or gt like that’s dumb you start something then wanna quiet mad people like watching dragon ball z especially me :(

    • Tarbel says:

      Toriyama felt he way for extended the series apparently, only because of its popularity and arguably the money earned. He got tired of it, which is why GT was created separately in hopes to earn more money of DB’s fame. Everybody hates it though.

  14. Son of Man says:

    Actually there is no need for new series of DB. DB is an anime and a well constructed spiritual creation. These animes: DB DBZ DBGT. You can see, 3 seres. If you look at the anime like this you will realize that you can’t wait for an additional serie, because that serie would made the previous 3 worse -in spiritual context-.

    IN DBGT either the last episode or the movie you can meet with cristal ball or Cristal balls and Shenlon. DB starts with the cristal balls (Goku’s 4 th). circle enclosed, energy flows. Of course they are focusing on other anime,because it’s finished, I mean the work, not the anime, Thats the reason for the enormous amount of fans still.

    Would you tell to Da Vinci to paint the brother of Mona Lisa because there are so many fans. Of course you can’t because Mona Lisa would loose from it’s value. -Mona Lisa has individuality and also spirituality and is done, finished, I think-. Some anime are more than a cartoon.

    Actually there is no need for new series of DB…

  15. But what about dragon ball absalon?

  16. Connor says:

    Recently, Krillen’s Japanes voice actress said that the Buu saga for Kai is being made, but only for international markets.

  17. Saevus says:

    Even though there’s no “official” Dragonball series, a fan-made mini-series has been released just two months after this article called, “Dragonball Absalon”. But there’s still in early production and only have one episode as far as I know. May not be official, but its definitely what the fans been waiting for.

    You can see episode one here:

  18. oliver says:

    they need to make a new series to explain how earth ( 2nd earth “GT”) got its dragon balls back and where Goku went.

    • crazy54542 says:

      The creator of DBZ and DB is not the same for GT so if the original creator of DB and DBZ were to come out and create a series it would probably and I would hope so be continuing from training uub….p.s hated the whole Goku turning to a little kid again but the rest was ok and the GT movie was eh.

      • the creator of DB of DBZ is dead

        • DerekPadula says:

          You are incorrect.

        • Havish Vyas says:

          lol what?
          Akira Toriyama is still alive…
          And on 5th of this April, he became 58 years old…
          He also made an Movie, namely- Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods which was released on 30th of March, 2013.

          • Russ Havens says:

            The creators for all the series are the same. Akira designed characters, scenes and villains in gt. He wasnt involved in the story. Its all still produced by toei. It was akiras idea to make goku a kid for the perserverance factor.

          • Fábio Rodrigues says:

            He didnt wright the story, the story was never cannon, and after almost 15 years everybody can shut the fuck up abou it being cannon, it was completely dismessed , and its equivelent to a high end production of AF or Absalon , only it made money

  19. cali says:

    Man they playin games quit bullshitting and come out with the series for goodness sake Smgdh :/

  20. Jason H says:

    Why cant they make a movie about vegitas childhood

  21. Prince of All Saiyans says:

    I’d love a movie during the time Goku is dead and Gohan is letting himself go where Gohan tries to save the day…fails…and then Vegeta steps in and is a bad ass.

  22. alpacino700 says:

    It took years for them to produce Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z before they could present it to the world. So obviously now many years later they have to come with some new stuff that they have been working on since the alleged end of Dragon Ball Z, we only have to wait and see. Just the fact that there’s a new movie end of this month coming, should make a bell ringing. THEY are still doing stuff on dragon ball Z!!! Of course there’s gonna be a new series, it just a matter of time. Who would be so stupid to miss out on the monstrous profits they’ll gain by any new movies or series of Dragon Ball Z.

    ps: I hate Naruto, and all the other crap. They just exist to fill the gap where dragon ball used to be. There, I said it. And everyone who thinks otherwise, you are crazy and a moron. There is no better animation then Dragon Ball. Undeniable. GT was probably not a success because it was too quickly wrapped and brought out.

    • DBZ Should Come Back says:

      You are exactly like me Sir. I hate All The Other Junk They Have Besides DBZ Cause It is Exciting.

  23. Gogerai says:

    Their will be a new series since the movie really never concluded

  24. rizwan uddin says:

    i wnt them to make any dragon ball series movies specials possible lke dragon ball af and absalution and i want him to publish sd. so any dragon ball fan that could contact
    akira toriama please persuade him to make him to make it also there is this vid that talks about new db series while hes playin naruto he said dragon ball gt or kai wasnt made by akira toriyama but it was made by a guy who had licence and permision to make it so if there was a company that make anime becomes bankrupt they could get licence and get permission and they could make a NEW DRAGON BALL SERIES MOVIES AND SPECIALS SO WE COULD SEE GOKU AND THE GANG DEFEAT THE BAD GUYS SO IF akira toriama becoms bankrupt that will HOPE FOR THE BEST

  25. joshua plackmon says:

    Good point a prequel to how it all began ? I like. dragon ball z because there is no other animation besides maby avatar the air bender that fights for a purpose. even then dragon ball z,gt still have more excite ment.

  26. rizwan uddin says:

    all dragon ball fans that could contact akira toriama please talk to him about creating new dragon ball series,specials and movies

  27. james says:

    Why dont they just continue where they left off from goku jr and then lter tell the story of what happened in between that time then skip back to goku jr grown up i honestly cried at the end of dbgt and then ending of the movie that followed just pissed me off. but they have so many ways they could continue dragonball. They could tell a story of vegeta or maybe do a series of gokus dad or king vegeta. or what and how vegeta raditz and nappa ended up working for frieza and what they did in that timw period these are really great ideas and if you could plz recomend them to FUNimation and or viz. I garuntee theyd make a fortune after leaving me and many other fans clueless. thank you for the blog and thank you for taking your time to read this

    • DerekPadula says:

      Thanks for the great suggestions James. I completely agree with your ideas.

      The problem isn’t with FUNimation or Viz, as these are the American license holders for the Japanese series made by Toei (the TV and Movies) and Shueisha (the manga). Toei and Shueisha are the ones who make new content, so the fans really need to speak with them. Unfortunately I don’t know anybody important at those companies who makes business decisions.

      • DBZ Should Come Back says:

        I disagree with all the GT Crap. I wish the end of GT Never Happened. A Cheap Way to Get Rid Of It. It is just Sad How They won’t make more or what I know, They wont make more but they could make all of this $$$ And The Demand. The Most Recent Searches (Will FUNimation Ever Make Another DragonBall Series) Is Over 1.5 Million In The Past Year. I don’t know why they are planning to make other dumb Animes When They won’t make as much As DBZ would.

        • DerekPadula says:

          FUNimation isn’t the one who makes Dragon Ball, they only dub whatever Toei and other companies in Japan make. It’s not up to FUNimation to make new Dragon Ball. It’s up to Toei.

  28. Alan C says:

    Thanks for this, Derek. I discovered your blog last night and am appreciating your insight.

  29. Dragon Ball's Biggest Fan says:

    Actually in the end of Battle Of Gods I think Bills says I will wake up in 15 years and there are 15 more gods or something like that. So it would make no sence(sorry if I cant spell it right) to make 15 more movies unless Akira Toriyama is retarded. So that must mean NEW DRAGON BALL SERIES! :D

    P.S. They are finishing Kai and I think Toriyama did say he is adding to the manga!

    • Dragon Ball's Biggest Fan says:

      They wont reply beacause its secret sssshhhh

    • lost thoughts says:

      ****SPOILER ALERT*****

      You my friend have it all wrong, in the movie Wiss puts Bills to sleep for only three years and he says that there are 12 universes and that they all have gods of destruction. Goku is in the 7th universe where bills is the god of destruction. It doesn’t really happen in that order but you get the point.

  30. Marianne says:

    I got only one question to leave here: from which episode or movie of DBZ did you take the picture where kid Gohan is crying? I really couldn’t tell and am uncertain if it came from a either a movie or an episode. Thank you.

  31. DBZ fan says:

    Ep 2 of dba (dragon ball absalon is out!)

  32. anthony says:

    HI DEREK PANDULA thankx for what you posted I watched dragon ball z and dragon ball gt first and I don’t know if I should watch dragon ball or dragon ball kai please tell me if I should watch them

    • DerekPadula says:

      Of course! Dragon Ball is what started the entire series and is worth watching. It has hundreds of millions of fans.

      Dragon Ball Kai is good too, depending on your perspective. Some people enjoy the filler of Dragon Ball Z, while others enjoy the tighter editing of Kai and the new music and improved voices. I really like it.

      If you want to see something new, then watch the original Dragon Ball. If you want to watch Z in a “refreshed” way, then watch Kai.

  33. jack says:

    hi Derek I really appreciate the blog post of dragon ball new series and you have been the only reliable person that was telling a true story. you are awesome but maybe if you can please try to check in with akira toriyama about the new series. not for any throuble maybe you could have a list of all the people that want a new dragon ball series to show I really think anything can happen

  34. mark v.:0 says:

    thnx now I understand:) but I really really wanted a new dragon ball series to bad there never going t make one:( :((((((

  35. alex says:

    say if they do make a new dragon ball series is it a possibility that they can continue dragon ball gt

    • DerekPadula says:

      They would only do that if they decided to continue along without Toriyama. But Toriyama continued the story after Z ended when he helped write the Dragon Ball Online story, which skipped over the contents of GT as if it never happened. If Toriyama is involved, then GT won’t be continued.

  36. o riley hersh says:

    hey couldent you set up a meeting or interview with toriyama or others involved with dragon ball and discuss all of our questions?

    • DerekPadula says:

      I would love to, but they live in Japan and I live in New York City, so that could be difficult. Toriyama is known for being quiet and avoiding interviews in general. Though to be honest, I have never tried. Although I have done interviews with other people involved with the show in the United States, and all I had to do was ask, so it’s worth a try!

      • o riley hersh says:

        thankx I really appreciate It but you should go to japan for like a week and try to get a meeting with someone involved with dragon ball you could be everyon’s hero if you try it its worth a try there is sooooo much people asking me on my blog about going to japan but I really cant and if you go I could tell everyone on my blog about what is going on and tell them it was all because of you that’s if you go?

  37. conor says:

    i got a question will they ever english dub dragon ball battle of the gods

  38. andrew w. says:

    what is dragon ball hoshi

  39. luck violante says:

    I wonder if they will English dub dragon ball battle of the gods please tell me if you know anything about it

  40. gggggg says:

    hi will they make a English dub for dragonball z goku and his friends return

  41. weston says:

    Derek if you find anything out about the new series or English dub for dragon ball battle of the gods please tell us in the comments

  42. micheal says:

    hi what is dragon ball z ultimate tehtachi

  43. Kevin Burkett says:

    Another Dragonball series would work, but they’d have to do it right. None of the ridiculous super saiyan transformations, and I think Goku and Vegeta would have to pass the torch onto someone else in order for it to not be gt 2.

  44. KAITOKID says:


  45. Sellzah Strike says:

    so with this all being tied to gether….they did this only to show what was really happening before DBZGT. this isnt going to be the end. after this thwy may even keep going like they do with naruto And bleach!
    if anyone agrees this may be a better serise

  46. Noel Abraham Paul says:

    Man aww I need a new series of dbz plz because I watched battle of gods and I have nothing to watch so plz

  47. Noel Abraham Paul says:

    Oh I got an idea how about to continue battle of gods movie in episode

  48. Connor Pearson says:

    Hi its been a pretty decent time since you’ve tried to get more information (and thanks a lot) I was just wandering since its been quit awhile since u done this information that you could maybe try doing it again and maybe find out if theres any talk because iv’e been hearing rumors and its been driving me and my youtube channel fans crazy. I have my own youtube channel that I personally spend my time on getting more news on the dragon ball z franchise and over the years my fans been going crazy, I posted this article on my channel and iv’e got to tell you these people really like you, so I was just hopeing that you could try something small like get to talk to one of the voice actors or something because man these fans are hungry for more and more. I would really appreciate it if you did personally I think dragon ball z has a special place in our harts if you could respond to this by sending a email to ([email protected]) I would appreciate it thanks.

    • DerekPadula says:

      Hi Connor. Thanks for sharing my article on your YouTube page.

      Unfortunately I don’t have any information on a new Dragon Ball Z series. And even if I did I wouldn’t be allowed to share that info with anyone.

      Sean Schemmel and Christopher Sabat and I have spoken before, but they’re not allowed to talk about anything, under contractual obligations with Toei.

      Some fans don’t know that Dragon Ball Z comes from Japan and is dubbed in English in the United States. So if there’s going to be a new Dragon Ball series, it will first premiere in Japan and then take a year or so to arrive overseas. So you’ll probably hear about a real series in Japan long before you hear of one in your country.

      But of course if I ever hear anything (that I’m allowed to talk about) I will make a news post about it!

  49. mitchell morez says:

    hi can you tell me if akira toriyama confirmed to making a second battle of the gods movie because on this video it seems true https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFpSNS10x1I

    • DerekPadula says:

      No, Toriyama did NOT confirm that there is a new movie in the works. This narrator is overly emotional about a small comment Toriyama made that IF there is a new movie made in the future, that he would like Vegeta to play the main role. See here for the exact quote, and please share it with others.


      • D. Hernandez says:

        8 months later you ate your own words “Revival of F!”

        • DerekPadula says:

          The new movie wasn’t announced at the time this video was posted, so the guy was lying for the purposes of clickbait. At the time I made my comment it was true, and his video was a lie.

      • Veritas! says:

        right now derek….I guess he did :) keep us up to date with any new stuff dude! i dont get the hardship of another series. they make all this bullshit like powerpuff girls and all that crap so why so determined not to create a new show when the force is strong (from the fans). now the manga as good as it was, is loosely used in the anime show, so as much a people like to believe that there first has to be an manga, there doesn’t, it seems a little fanboy ish, need some real objective reasoning really. GT wasn’t bad, the tone changed a bit and the kid goku was a dissapointment mainly because throughout DB we wanted the adult Goku, then we got him back and when he did finally return to earth after th Buu saga they made him into a friggen toddler. despite all this fan felt heartache i guess we can count ourselves lucky were even getting movies.
        As for Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan…..also fricken ridiculous. Would the title “Super Saiyan God Ascended” have killed them?! its a little less juvenile!

  50. mitchell morez says:

    hi can you tell me if akira toriyama confirmed to making a second battle of the gods movie because on this video it seems true https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFpSNS10x1I

  51. Cameron says:

    They should make a series about future trucks after he defeated the androids

  52. Funimation_Kid says:

    If they did it would fuck up there plans it’s not just that it could be money problems or maybe they do have a type of trick up the wazoo and it’s coming 2016

  53. Andrew S. says:

    Actually In My Opinion But I Think If They Make A New Series Or At Least A New Movie Why Not About Goku Jr.

  54. Andrew S. says:

    Or One That Shows Us What Happens Next In Future Trunks’ Timeline

  55. Ice Cold Justice says:

    You know, it’s a shame that everything is either relegated to the world of “fan fiction”, or tied up in licensing/legal, because, personally, I have literally a TON of ideas in which direction they could go. For example, how about a what if scenario of Bardock having been successful in stopping Frieza, or how about an OVA of the kais prior to and following their encounter with Majin Buu. I could go on for days, believe me. My point is, almost all of the major franchises follow one simple rule… when all else fails, and you think the well is dry….prequel!

  56. Ice Cold Justice says:

    And one more question…could someone please explain wtf the story is with Evil Goku?

    • DerekPadula says:

      Evil Goku doesn’t exist. For some silly reason fans have jumped to the conclusion that this is the plot for the next DBZ movie, without a single piece of evidence. It’s a product of the usual Dragon Ball fan rumor mill.

      • Ice Cold Justice says:

        That’s exactly what I thought, there’s not a single shred of info on it. It’s actually quite a shame, such possibilities.

        • Ice Cold Justice says:

          If it isn’t too much to ask, is there anything you’ve heard that you CAN tell us please?

          • DerekPadula says:

            I haven’t heard anything about a new Dragon Ball series. I wish I was friends with Toriyama and had an inside scoop, but the people in the industry that I’m friends with don’t have any information on a new series.

  57. mateo garza aka hit man mg says:

    Y don’t they make a series about Goku Jr they all ready brought him in to the picture

  58. Goku ss1000 vs the marvel!!!! says:

    OHHH please. Please make many many new new new new many many episodes of dragon ball!!!!!!!!! I M DYING RIGHT HERE I FRICKING LOVE DRAGON BALL

  59. weldie says:

    I have nothing to discuss but realy funimation

    • DerekPadula says:

      Did you know that FUNimation is not the creator of Dragon Ball? What they do is license, dub, and distribute the content that Toei makes in Japan. They can’t license a new Dragon Ball if Toei does not create a new Dragon Ball. So don’t point the finger at FUNimation. They’re one of over 40 licensee’s across the world.

      • Daniela Lopez says:

        True, its like with Fairy Tail , so they liscenced it with permition of Hiro Mashima. Samething with Toei , our only hope is that they make more episodes. But i have a feeling that it might end this year or next year.My brother has been watching since he was a kid so he knows what the story is about , btw he is near his twentie!

  60. shintoryu says:

    Honestly what I want to see most is more bardock. For example a special where Goku meets his father in the afterlife.

  61. lucas rosario says:

    They had a dbz movie about every good and bad charater so what about vegeta or the humans.or they could have buu or cell’s brother. goten hair in absalon and gt. i didn’t really like gt.

  62. anthony says:

    are they making a new dragon ball movie that takes place after battle of gods?

  63. Shrey Patel says:

    Hey i am Shrey Patel and am a great fan of dragon ball. So can You pls give me email of funimation i think they did not answer you but they may answer me.

    • DerekPadula says:

      I appreciate your enthusiasm, but there is 0% chance of that happening.

    • Daniela Lopez says:

      Ok, well you guys know , that if something happens to the voice actors, they will quit Dragon Ball, same thing that’s happening with the TV show: The Simpsoms . BTW , Bart”s voice actor died.Thats why their changing the story, possibly gonna end it I know how all of you feel,but one day their going to end the series but i hope not THAT soon. Im sooo in episode 147 in Dragon Ball Kai 2014. Arigato osanimasu {i think thats right] for reading this.

  64. son kakorot says:

    I want new dragon ball series.
    But name it SSZ.
    Super Saiyan Z(warriors).
    But a good, long and entertaining story is must we don’t want time pass.

  65. Lara martin says:

    From when is it stating

  66. Evan Lewis says:

    I’ve heard there will be a sequel to the dragon Ball z series called chou (super) made by Akira toriyama himself. It is due out in July. It is a continuation of the original drago ball z series. It could be just rumors but, they made a movie called Dragon ball: battle of the gods. With lord Beerus and Whis. And an other movie called, dragon ball z resurrection F (Frieza) due out this
    year April 18, 2015. Frieza was ressurected with the dragon balls by emperor pilaf. I don’t know if that is his name or Olaf I forget. But anyway he wishes back Frieza and all his minions and everyone fights even, master Roshi and this time Frieza turns gold. There is even a clip of the movie on YOUTUBE. Again I could be wrong about a sequel to the original Dragon ball series supposedly called chou ( super ) that Is all I know. Goku fights with Frieza first and he gets busted up Goku tags Vegeta just, when Vegeta Is about to finish off Frieza. Frieza blows the EARTH. Whis tells Goku he can turn back time for only 3 minutes. Earth is restored and Goku throws his famous ka-me-ha-me-ha at Frieza and Frieza is killed then Vegeta is a bit mad at Kakarot, Goku tried explaining why he intervened. But you know how stubborn Vegeta is that was about 3 minutes of the end of the end of the movie which was called DRAGON BALL Z RESURRECTION F


  67. Daniela Lopez says:

    i still havent seen all the series

  68. Jz says:

    They should make a saga of buu and baby where they escaped from hell vegeta gohan and others save the earth without goku

  69. Skylar slashinski says:

    I know that dragon ball super will take place before the last episode of dragon ball z but will it take place after the movies battle of gods and resurrection of f

    • DerekPadula says:

      Dragon Ball Super retells the stories of Battle of Gods and Resurrection of ‘F’ along with new content in-between. We don’t know if it will continue past Resurrection of ‘F’.

  70. Jon says:

    Even thought it is different they need to make a DBM series and ask A.T. if he would help with it. DBM would be a great series because it deals with what if universes. DBM was right after the Buu saga and I wish the creators would try and get it into an anime series.

  71. captain! says:

    Welp, it’s here.

  72. Joe says:

    Even though db gt was created by a diff person, i think it would b cool to bring those characters into the series and state that they r from a diff universe, n compare power levels n fighting skills. I also feel that db super needs to get more creative with transformations for saiyans, all that really is changing is the hair color and the aura, which makes it boring.

  73. SamPlayzYT says:

    Dragon ball super… canon and made in 2015… and still ongoing…

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