Dragon Ball Tattoos – Groups

dragon ball tattoo z warriors back

Welcome back to part 5 of The Dao of Dragon Ball’s multi-part series on Dragon Ball tattoos.

An enormous power threatens the galaxy, and our heroes come together to defend it… in the form of Dragon Ball tattoos!

Is there a specific DBZ character you prefer over the others? Why pick and choose? Why not have ALL of them tattooed onto your body!

That’s what these folks did! So let’s take a look!

Dragon Ball Group Tattoos

dragon ball tattoo goku vegeta super saiyan dbz

dragon ball tattoo shenron gohan goten trunks majin buu dbzkai

shenron dende piccolo dbz tattoo

shenron vegeta piccolo dbz tattoo

goku vegeta gohan trunks shenron dragon ball tattoo dbz

Vegeta Goku Tattoo Super Saiyan Leg

goku vegeta piccolo dragon ball tattoo dbz

dragon ball z warriors tattoo

dragon ball tattoo goku vegeta super saiyan dragonballs

gohan goku super saiyan dragon ball tattoo dbz kai

goku gohan shenron back dragon ball tattoo dbz

dragon ball back tattoo z warriors dbz

goku vegeta piccolo gohan krillin cell leg tattoo dbz

dragonball z warriors tattoo back kai

dragon ball z warriors back tattoo kai

dragon ball tattoo trunks vegeta android piccolo

dragon ball tattoo vegeta android trunks goku gohan dbz

dragon ball tattoo vegeta gohan piccolo goku kame dbz

dragon ball tattoo z warriors leg dbz

dragon ball tattoo progress art dbz

dbz tattoo vegeta bulma krillin freeza shenron goku kai

dragon ball shenron tattoo dbz kai

dragon ball z tattoo dragonballs

dragon ball z tattoo group arm

dragon ball tattoo vegeta bulma krillin freeza dbz

goku super saiyan 3 tattoo dbz

broly freeza buu majin buu oozaru

freeza krillin dbz tattoo

majin buu freeza tattoo dbz

dr slump arale chan toriyama bot dbz tattoo

dragon ball group tattoo yin yang heroes villains


Those were some detailed tattoos!

It’s amazing that people are so dedicated to Dragon Ball that they would go through such a painful process.

Look at the size of some of them. It would take hours of being needled, and a lot of money, to receive such tattoos.

So tell me, are these people a bit strange, or are they super fans? Are there better ways to show your fandom, or is this the tops?

What do you think?

Come back tomorrow for the next post in this series… even more Goku tattoos! There are so many tattoos of Goku that he’s returning for a second round!

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15 responses to “Dragon Ball Tattoos – Groups”

  1. Some of these tattoos are amazing. Love the sleeve ones. Saying this from the point of a huge DBZ fan and a huge tattoo fan :)

  2. If you look closely at the tattoo you can see the majin symbol inside Vegeta’s eye and Fat Buu’s face inside Kidd Buu’s eye. Kind of a Yin Yang thing

  3. Hi! the pics 1-15-16 are from my back! it was a real surprise found my tatoo on the web! Greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    • DerekPadula says:

      Hi Carlos! That’s so cool. I’m impressed at your dedication to the series. That must have required a huge amount of thought, planning, hard work, pain, and money. It’s incredible!

    • Isidro says:

      Respect Carlos! How many years you got this on your back by now?

      These group tattoos show a ultimate fandom of the series. If I see someone with a DBZ tattoo which is well done by an artist I would deffintly gonna say something great about it! I need a DBZ tattoo myself, one of the symbols :)

    • Pablo Bianchi says:

      Carlos, where did you get that tatoo? Can you give me the address? I’m from Argentina too!

    • Trey Garlow says:

      Hey I was wondering who did that I wanted something like that and that tattoo is amazing

  4. Allgoodbeats says:

    I love all these tattoos I want to get the vageta ape on my chest but I cant find any good pics online

  5. Daniel Fernández Sánchez says:

    mis tatuajes de Dragon Ball

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