Dragon Ball Z Legacy

What do you think of Dragon Ball Z’s legacy? Dragon Ball has been out for almost 30 years. Think it will continue for another 30?

To get DBZ fans excited for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods’ theatrical release in English, FUNimation is releasing a 4 part video series that retells their own 20 year experience with the series.

Part 1 was released on July 2, seen above.

And FUNimation just released Part 2:

Here’s an insightful comment from Christopher Sabat:

“I honestly don’t think I had, or any of us really, had anything to do with Dragon Ball Z’s success. I think Dragon Ball Z just has some sort of magical, visual drug in it that makes people like it.”

And from Producer Justin Cook:

“It was always this excitement about being part of something that was bigger than us.”

FUNimation did put in an incredible effort and they did make huge waves with DBZ.

But it’s true what they said.

Dragon Ball Z is an amazing series and is a success wherever it goes.

As Gen Fukunaga has said in previous interviews, “FUNimation is the house that Dragon Ball built.” Without Dragon Ball there would be no FUNimation.

dragon ball z legacy

So what do you think of Dragon Ball Z’s legacy?

And more to the point of the videos, of FUNimation’s legacy?

Where would either of them be without the other?

That to me is the real question.

Without DBZ, would there even be an anime industry in the United States?

Christopher Sabat:

I’ll dub this till the day I die.

With the announcement of a new Dragon Ball Z coming in 2015, it seems like Dragon Ball Z is going to be around for a long time to come.

That means its legacy will continue!

3 responses to “Dragon Ball Z Legacy”

  1. Marianne says:

    Oh boy! It sure is! If it survived in the last thirty years despite the new animes coming up every year and new manga authors showing up their way to the comic industry, it will definitely stood out. Why did Dragon Ball Kai appear? It’s for today’s younger generation! They need to be informed of Dragon Ball that popularized shonen/action anime in America! Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods to reinvigorate Japanese audience of a classic 80s or 90s anime! Cheers to Akira Toriyama for founding the success of his ultimate work!

  2. ScreamingBeast says:

    Dragon Ball will forever be the only anime I prefer to watch dubbed rather than subbed. Something about the FUNimation cast is just magical to me.

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