Dragon Ball Super Announced

dragon ball super

A new Dragon Ball anime series called Dragon Ball Super is coming to Japanese TV in July, 2015. The story and characters are developed by Akira Toriyama, and the veteran voice actors will return.

After 18 years of waiting, Shenron has granted our wish!


dragon ball super anime

The title of the show is Dragon Ball Super, pronounced in Japanese as Doragon Bōru Sūpā (ドラゴンボール超).


Dragon Ball Super will be directed by Kimitoshi Chioka, a story-boarder on Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. The series will be produced by Osamu Nozaki at Fuji TV, who said in the official press release by Tōei:

“Having loved Dragon Ball since childhood, it is very exciting to be a part of this project. Mr. Toriyama has developed a plot that’s not only a dream come true for Dragon Ball‘s millions of fans, but one that will foster in a new generation of viewers.”


The story of Dragon Ball Super is canonical and written by Akira Toriyama. It’s set during the 10 year time gap between Goku’s defeat of Majin Buu and the 28th Tenkaichi Budōkai at the end of the series. According to the press release:

“Dragon Ball Super will follow the aftermath of Goku’s fierce battle with Majin Buu, as he attempts to maintain earth’s fragile peace.”

But keep in mind that the latest theatrical films, Battle of Gods and Resurrection of ‘F,’ are also canonical and created by Akira Toriyama. So it’s unlikely that Toriyama would retell the story of his latest films in the weekly anime.

Instead, it’s likely that Dragon Ball Super will take place after the story of these 2 films concludes. This suggests that Super Saiyan God will play a role.

Since nothing else about the story has been announced, we don’t know if this will continue past the 28th Tenkaichi Budōkai and into the territory of Dragon Ball GT. It may negate GT, and then again, it may not.

We also don’t know how many episodes there will be. 24? 64? More?

Masako Nozawa, the voice of Goku, Gohan, and Goten said in the Dragon Ball Super press release:

“I hope that this series will last a long time and have the same impact around the world as its predecessor.”

We’ll have to wait and see.


The show will premiere in July at 9am in Japan, on Fuji TV. It will take the time slot of Dragon Ball Kai.

A new Dragon Ball anime premieres in 3 months!

Never thought I’d say that.

And it’s a continuation of the series, in new territory, with new villains, and new battles.

What more could you ask for?


We are in the middle of a Dragon Ball renaissance. Or perhaps it’s just the beginning?

Tōei and Shūeisha know that Dragon Ball is their cash cow, and seeing the international fandom, they are banking on Dragon Ball to continue bringing in the bucks.

The most amazing thing is that we don’t know what’s going to happen.

This is an all new story, and we’ll get to experience it week to week, just like the Japanese did back in the 1980s and ‘90s.

When we first saw the show on TV, it was every weekday. Now we’ll have to wait an entire week to see each new episode. And we may end up watching it with millions of other people at the same time, depending on if they simulcast it.

This also means new Dragon Ball Z video games, new action figures, posters, calendars, T-Shirts, and everything else the merchandise machine can create.

And as someone who makes their living by writing about Dragon Ball… well, this is good news.

It’s an exciting time to be a Dragon Ball fan.

Are you ready to go Super?

14 responses to “Dragon Ball Super Announced”

  1. wrfdnciurobfqwunfbwnjkld says:

    I wonder what the animation would look like.

    • DerekPadula says:

      Given that Dragon Ball Super comes out in July, they’ve likely been working on the series for months. This means it will probably look similar to Resurrection of ‘F.’ They’ve already invested so much time and energy into that art style, that it would be strange to create a new one.

      • wrfdnciurobfqwunfbwnjkld says:

        I also wonder how long the series would be. Argh! So exciting! Guess we’ll have to find out.

  2. Michael Tenorio says:

    I’m beyond excited at this point. I remember brushing off all the (at the time) false rumors that plagued Facebook and Youtube following the release of Battle of Gods. Now this bombshell drops out of left field. It’s a surreal feeling. Getting to witness an entirely new story, not knowing what’s coming next or where things will ultimately lead is certainly something to look forward to. I haven’t felt this way since I first discovered the series so long ago.

  3. potatochaps says:

    Derek do you personally think the new anime will take place after the movies or not?

    • DerekPadula says:

      Yes, because it would be silly if they just re-animated the movies. It would undercut their own creation financially and artistically.

      It’s only logical that they continue the story after Resurrection of ‘F,’ but before the 28th Tenkaichi Budokai.

  4. Porice says:

    Beside the moon landing..surely this has to be the greatest happening in mankind’s history

  5. Desirae says:

    I’m still unsure just what to expect but I have faith that this will be nothing short of amazing!

  6. Ricky says:

    I’m a little confused, how will the new movies and series tie into the DBZ finale at the 28th Budokai

  7. Paulo says:

    I hope they continue the story after the Tenkaichi Budokai, and finally see Goku training Uub. To be honest, I’m tired of this 10 year gap. I mean, how many gods, revivals, new transformations and new threats can they pack in that period of time? Come on, give us a true follow up to Dragon Ball Z and officially put Dragon Ball GT on the spin-of title it deserves on the first place.

    In my opinion, Toriyama saw better days when it comes to his writting, as seen on Dragon Ball Minus and Battle of Gods. I’m skeptical about Revival of F, and I cannot wait to see it because it’s going to be more game-changer than we though. It will establish a new standard for the main characters (namely Goku and Vegeta), and it will be Toriyama’s last chance to prove if he’s still able of keeping doing justice to what he created in the first place. I know he’s been out of Dragon Ball for many years and he’s still getting in touch with it while doing these recent releases, so I understand the lack of sense in much of the recent stuff, but we’re not talking about a movie anymore. It’s a series, official follow up. The messing around metter just got very low.

    All things considered, I’m very excited for this. After so many years of rumors, hoaxes, speculation and theories, it’s finally happening. When I was a kid crazy for Dragon Ball, and I saw the ending of GT, I could never imagine that I had to wait until my mid-twenties to see a new series, if one at all.


    Shit, this is going to be ass. Look at GT it didnt have a manga and this dosnt either! This is just another dbz cash-in to make little kids buy the merch and stuff. Ugh and look, nobody even cares about this. Nobody wants it!

  9. djh1991 says:

    I cannot wait until Dragon Ball Super comes out. What kinds of new heroes are we going to see? What kinds of new villains are we going to see? Are we ever going to see Uub, Pan, Goten, Trunks, Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo, and the rest of the Z fighters in Dragon Ball Super series? And are ever going to see Gotenks as a adult or the return of Vegito in the series.

  10. ssjg blue matt says:

    I just wanna say this is great me and a lot of my friends have been waitng for new stuff about dragon ball and finally our dreams are relised so when the new seris comes out I will watch it with my friends with enjoyment

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