Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope Thanks!

Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope’s crowd funding campaign raised $6,827! Thank you!!

You guys rock the dragon!! Thank you so much for donating and sharing the campaign across the internet. This funding will increase the power level of our web series by allowing us to buy costumes, makeup, superior equipment, secure locations, pay for the gym, combat training, and use wire equipment.

Now we can take this project to the DBZ EXTREME!!!

Even though we didn’t reach our goal of “Over 9,000!” we’re still giving it our best. As Goku says, “I won’t know unless I try!” So we’ll do whatever it takes to make Dragon Ball Z come to life.

Everyone who shared our project, Liked it, or donated, helped to make this possible.

dragon ball z light of hope jack wald trunks

If you’d still like to donate and receive the same perks, please go to Robot Underdog’s Patreon page. You can submit a donation of as little as $1 to receive your name in the credits of each episode.

This is a non-profit project that we’re doing for the fans.

Thanks again!!

2 responses to “Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope Thanks!”

  1. MarCas92 says:

    I don’t understand what peoples obsession is with adapting Dragon Ball to live action. I am all for re imaginings and seeing new versions of things. But come on. A live action remake? Oh how original. I’m sorry but the feel and tone of Dragon Ball can never be captured outside an animated medium. Hopefully I’m 100% wrong and this will be amazing. But I doubt it.

    • DerekPadula says:

      To be clear, it’s not a remake. It’s an adaptation. I have written 3 original episodes based on the Dragon Ball world and the events depicted in The History of Trunks TV Special, rather than a shot for shot remake, because I agree that it would be unoriginal, a waste of time, and ineffective to do so.

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