Goku Vs. Superman Death Battle Announced!

The Mayan’s were right. On December 21, 2012, Goku will fight Superman and the world will come to an end in an ultimate death battle!

On this day ScrewAttack.com will reveal the answer to the ultimate question: Who will win in a gigantic Death Battle between the world’s strongest warriors, Goku or Superman?

Superman is the iconic western superhero and Goku is the iconic eastern shonen hero. Both have been praised as nearly invincible warriors with good hearts and the strong will to help others. Neither of them likes to kill, but what happens when you put them in an arena and only one can survive?!

ScrewAttack is looking at both character’s lives, from birth to death (and rebirth), and all of the techniques and personality traits. Then they will animate the fight and add voice to the characters. Goku is voiced by MasakoX from Team Four Star and Superman is voiced by It’sJustSomeRandomGuy, adding a hilarious professionalism to the battle.

This isn’t your standard internet debate between comic book nerds that has raged on the internet for almost 2 decades. The goal of the Death Battle is to definitively settle the issue once and for all. Saying, “He could have won if only X were allowed!” will be a thing of the past. Everything is being considered including all instances and forms of the characters, such as Super Saiyan 4 and Goku’s Dragon Fist technique from GT and the movies.

But there’s so much to learn and understand in order to have the final say, so they contacted two experts in the Dragon Ball community and two experts in the Superman community to consult on important questions about the heroes’ personality, martial arts training, fighting strategies, and physical limits.

superman vs goku death battle dao of dragon ball derek padula

My expertise is the philosophy, physiology and deeper aspects of the Dragon Ball series, so I was honored when they asked for my help.

They also asked Mike “VegettoEX” Labrie from Kanzenshuu.com, the foremost expert on the history and trivia of the Dragon Ball series.

Our combined efforts should have proven without a doubt that Goku is the victor, but we won’t know for sure until December 21.

If the world is destroyed, let’s hope that Goku wins the fight and wishes us all back with the dragon balls!

Who do you think will win the fight?!

Follow Up Video on Dec. 11, 2012

Who is Goku and what are his abilities? Check out this new video by the guys at Screw Attack to find out!

Here’s another one!

How fast is Goku? Watch the guys at Screw Attack get super nerdy and try to calculate Goku’s top speed.

Do you think Goku is faster than Superman?

Follow Up Video on Dec. 15, 2012

Superman’s Bio!

44 responses to “Goku Vs. Superman Death Battle Announced!”

  1. Zachary Brooks says:

    Lol good shit man I’m glad I’m the first to know because of the picture I loaded on your Facebook lol (I also gave lengthy comments on your blogs about “The truth about DB AF and DB Hoshi). Thanks for the post and I can’t wait to watch lol.

  2. Master Fu says:

    This sounds great. Incidently, I believe that Goku will win. Why do I think this? Last time I looked Superman has not nor is capable of destroying an ENTIRE world with ONE attack! Just saiyan is all! (Pun intended) ;)

    • DerekPadula says:

      True, but to play Devil’s Advocate, don’t forget that Superman can plunge himself into the Sun and become insanely powerful and enduring. In that state he might be unaffected by Goku’s strength.

  3. John says:

    Grapple superman, instant transmission to kryptonite location, goku wins

  4. Safeallow says:

    Goku could just use instant transmission to get hold of some kryptonite, then bam. Superman gets a simple Kamehameha to the face.

    • DerekPadula says:

      The only problem with that strategy is that Goku would have to know what Kryptonite is and also know that Superman is weak to it. I don’t think that he would if they were both suddenly dropped into an arena. Likewise, Superman would not know about the dragon balls or Super Saiyan. So they’re both starting fresh and figuring it out as they go.

    • bill says:

      Even if Goku knew or finds out about the effect Kryptonite has on Superman, his
      fighting spirit would most likely prevent him from using such a last resort
      strategy. Goku would rather want to participate in a just fight!

      • DerekPadula says:

        Yeah, that’s what I told ScrewAttack. Goku wouldn’t consider it a real victory. Remember when he gave Piccolo a Senzu Bean? Cell as well. He wants to fight opponents at their best.

  5. CanYouSeeMe? says:

    This is pretty nice, but I’m not sure if Super Saiyan 4 had to be taken into account. There has been a lot of material released since then, and although I don’t even consider “real” the 4th level, there are like 1000 more levels of Super Saiyan now, with all kinds of hair colors and stuff… I think the line would had to be drawn between what Toriyama did or didn’t create (he only created the looks for 4, not the story)

    I say Goku wins (because he kicks ass), but I don’t know shit about Superman, so I actually have no idea.

    Anyway, question to Derek: Is there everything you have discovered/investigated/etc. about Dragon Ball in your book? Or is there even more stuff that you didn’t see yourself able to fit in this one? Thanks

    Go Son!

    • me again says:

      I meant The Dao of Dragon Ball, not the Over 9,000 one.

      • DerekPadula says:

        I have enough content for 5 different Dragon Ball books. All equally revealing and mind blowing (in my opinion). One of the hardest parts of what I’m doing with The Dao of Dragon Ball is figuring out the focus and limiting the scope to the essentials. It’s a process of reduction, which is hard because I naturally want to add more.

  6. McBurger says:

    Let’s not forget, superman flies so fast he turned the earth’s rotation backwards to turn back time.

    I still believe it won’t even be a close match. Piccolo could destroy Superman. Let’s not even worry about Super Saiyan 2 or beyond.

  7. thageta says:

    goku has an attack that can destroy the earth (kame hame)…superman dosen’t!!! i think the outcome is pretty clear…

  8. thageta says:

    goku has an attack that can destroy the earth (kame hame)…superman dosen’t!!! i think the outcome is pretty clear…

  9. is this a movie,game, or serries????????

  10. This would definitely be an Earth shattering brawl, I’m a fan of Goku and Superman so I feel I have a pretty good grasp of both of their abilities. Goku is all about straight up fights so he wouldn’t resort to something as cheap as using kryptonite, and anyone that says he would obviously doesn’t know Goku as well as they think. There is no doubt that Goku has the advantage when it comes to fighting skills/technique, but Superman has seen his fair share of fights so I’m sure he has picked up a few things along the way. Goku is strong but I haven’t seen him display any of the feats of strength that Superman has, and while they both seem to have a degree of invulnerability Goku seems to take far more beatings than Superman does. This fight would also last longer than an average fight so one begs to question how long would Goku’s energy last without a senzu bean or a lunch break going up against someone who gets all their energy from the sun. Honestly this fight could go either way but as of right now I would have to give the advantage to Superman.

  11. bill says:

    Not to diminsh anyone’s anticipation, and knowing this scenario is just for fun, I think this fight hasn’t any practicality for the true fans of dbz’s meaningful aspects intended by the creator and promoted by this website, theDAOofdragonball. Based on how I watched the series, here’s the more practical way I see the outcome of the given scenario if it were to be part of the actual story; if two great heroes who’ve protected the well-being of mankind multiple times were to be trapped in an arena to duke it out to the death just for the entertainment purposes of some fools, there wouldn’t be any apopcalyptic fighting. This is what I think would be more interesting than a death match between “good and good”:

    First, the two warriors would exchange some comedic words about the silly situation there in.

    Second, they’ll agree to engage in some sparing just to appease the audience, and while doing so both are so impressed in their abilities that they wish to learn each others techniques and secrets, especially Goku, knowing how he always finds a way to become stronger such as when he first fought with Uub.

    Third, they’ll make a plan to escape from the arena, not like that would be difficult, in order to iniate their new training with each other. Imagine that!

    A more acceptable scenario of the two dueling, for a fan like me, would to have the fighting format similar to the World Tournament in the series where there’s no killing allowed. So, in that way, either fan base wouldn’t have to sulk over the demise of their hero. Plus, Goku and Superman would like it that way as well so they can fight to the fullest without lost of life. Both apreciate and enjoy the gift of life greatly.

    And if it were to occur this way, Goku would be the victor by far. His major advantage would be Zenaki, the Saiyan ability to strenghten when approaching death-if it were to even get that far into the contest. I think the winner’s clear then, unless he goofs off similar to how he lost in the junior division against Mugley.

    • DerekPadula says:

      I don’t disagree. :)

      On the last point though, Zenkai only occurs after the recovery of a near death experience… not during. So unless he were able to recover from his wounds, it wouldn’t help. If he did, then he’d receive an enormous power up and would have a huge advantage.

  12. Cheese Map says:

    Guess this means, nothing bad will happen on the 21th. Oh well, back to our normal lives.

  13. Matthew Sims says:

    I think Goku will win. I know Superman can lift quintillion tons, but even all that focused into a punch is a planet buster at best.

    Super Saiyan Goku with 1 finger blocked SS Trunks sword slash. The same sword that cut through Frieza, an entity capable of tanking an exploding planet while already cut in half. So it stands to reason that Superman’s punches won’t affect SSJ or higher Goku.

  14. rvelez93 says:

    Superman honestly has the speed and strength advantage. He is confirmed at flying at the speed of light. He has moved planets and blown away galaxies (by sneezing). His laser eyes can cut right through planets etc. However, the fight also depends on which superman we are using.. pre-crisis or post-crisis. The strength difference is significant. Post-crisis reveals a more realistic vulnerable superman, not so over-powered.

    Goku is a wild card though. He has seen much tougher fights, and has died multiple times giving him an experienced edge. While Goku cannot match supes raw strength or speed, he has a much more sound fighting technique which gives him a bit of an edge. Not to mention that Goku has proven himself again and again to pull his most amazing feats during his most intense battles. ie. surpassing scouter vegeta with a kaioken x10 ultimately obliterating his body, but sustaining the damage long enough to hold off vegeta, turning super saiyan against frieza when all was lost, enabling himself to control the ravage gorilla he turned into in GT so that he could reach SS4. The battle with superman will be his most intense brawl yet. Whose to say that Goku will not be able to pull off another amazing feat during the heat of battle.

    Another concern: is goku able to use fusion with vegeta during or before the fight to create a Gogeta or Vegito which are significantly stronger than Goku by himself.

    • DerekPadula says:

      No Fusion. Just Goku and Superman. Although I did mention to ScrewAttack that Goku’s friends are one of his greatest assets, so we’ll see if that plays a role.

      I believe that Superman was also a trained martial artist in mid-life, after being trained by Martian Manhunter and others. But Goku has been a martial artist since birth, was raised by multiple martial arts masters, and dedicates 100% of his life to the practice, so he still has the advantage.

  15. Lukas Sprehn says:

    It always comes to me how much the fans of Superman don’t know anything about Goku. In the fourth stage of the Super Saiytan, Goku will be able to destroy over a million moons with one strike according to some research done by fans. I’ve heard that Superman can lift 200,000,000,000,0000,000 tons or so though. Is this true??? I don’t know who I want to pick now… O.o

  16. LRA says:

    So, Derek, are you still going to write a book called “Dao of Dragonball”, or was the over 9000 book instead of that?

    • DerekPadula says:

      I’m definitely writing The Dao of Dragon Ball, along with the How to Train like Goku book. Sorry for the delay. Life has sort of been dragging me through the mud the last few months. But I’m coming out of it now and things are looking up. Thank you for your patience.

      • Hierax says:

        Don’t be sorry, I wasn’t complaining, I just wanted a bit of clarification, that’s all. “How to Train like Goku” sounds interesting, but actually training like Goku wouldn’t be a good idea, I think. For example, Goku wears weights all the time. Weights are useful in real life (like wearing a weighted vest whilst doing pushups), but wearing them all day like Goku does could put strain on joints and slow you recovery time, so it’s probably actually slows down athletic progress (at least that’s my understanding). It works for Goku because of his super-fast-healing saiyan genes (OK the real reason it works for him is ’cause he’s a cartoon character.)

        I’m guessing, though, your book will be based less on copying what Goku actually does and more about taking on board his attitude and spirit towards training?
        P.S. picking a better screenname.

        • DerekPadula says:

          You are correct, good sir. The book will cover the mind, body, and spirit of how to train like Goku. Unfortunately most people don’t have Saiyan genetics, so the really applicable parts are the mind and spirit. The body section has to be accurate as well, and essentially comes to down high intensity training for short bursts. The wonder of Goku (and Vegeta) is that he’s able to do high intensity for extended periods of time… something that is normally near impossible.

          • Hierax. says:

            Impossible unless you have a Muay Thai teacher forcing you to do it :)
            I’m not a sir, BTW, though you can call me that if you like, XD.

          • Valloy says:

            Guess you have a Muay Thai teacher forcing you sister Heirax. Then how can we train as Goku if we don’t have his genes?

  17. GokuFan says:

    Meh, how can Goku counteract Superman’s FTL speed? I don’t think his ki sense is that fast.

    • GokuFan says:

      I still want Goku to win, but considering what they’ve said about him so far, I have a feeling that Superman will come out on top due to his massive strength and speed… If you’re going around the world at FTL speed and hitting someone (Goku in this case), then 1) it’s pretty hard to dodge, even if you can sense ki, and 2) it’ll have quite an impact.

  18. Maxoffewtrades says:

    A simple question, all joking and fan preference aside. Do you genuinely think Goku has a chance in this fight? As of right now he really seems like the underdog and as much I would like to see him win, Superman is a unbelievably tough person to beat, and even harder to actually kill.

    • DerekPadula says:

      I still think Goku will win. Screw Attack’s latest video about Superman’s bio quantifies how incredibly strong and powerful he is, but Goku’s Super Saiyan 3 and 4 also have boundless power. Only time will tell.

  19. Valloy says:

    So the world will trully end this Friday, we evolve, zombies rise, machines will rule us, snake people will invade us, the sun will vanish, the last digit of pi will be discovered, will CERN explode or nothing will happen?

  20. Curious says:

    So is the video out yet? Can anyone post it?

    • DerekPadula says:

      It was delayed because the animation for the fight wasn’t finished in time. They said they’re doing their best to get it out as quickly as possible.

      • Curious says:

        Ah. Well, please let us know when it does come out, I’m pretty curious and I’m worried about walking into a topic on an anime board and coming up to a post that says something like, “man, who would have thought Superman would have ripped out Goku’s spine like that” or something that spoils the whole thing. (assuming that is what happens)

  21. Haad says:

    Now I see why you were so confident about goku even though you are the reason i saw why it was such a question, they discluded pre-crisis! Also it seems the principle of the 28 hours it took to cross snake way ignores the idea of long distance vs short distance but i guess this is the best that can be don e when you consider unfathomable levels of power these two exhibit. Look forward to watching it in your other article, since you were involved for a part of the project I hereby give it some legitimacy! They at least tried to think this through regardless of theresult. Cool project!

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