Goku Vs. Superman Death Battle Announced!

The Mayan’s were right. On December 21, 2012, Goku will fight Superman and the world will come to an end in an ultimate death battle!

On this day ScrewAttack.com will reveal the answer to the ultimate question: Who will win in a gigantic Death Battle between the world’s strongest warriors, Goku or Superman?

Superman is the iconic western superhero and Goku is the iconic eastern shonen hero. Both have been praised as nearly invincible warriors with good hearts and the strong will to help others. Neither of them likes to kill, but what happens when you put them in an arena and only one can survive?!

ScrewAttack is looking at both character’s lives, from birth to death (and rebirth), and all of the techniques and personality traits. Then they will animate the fight and add voice to the characters. Goku is voiced by MasakoX from Team Four Star and Superman is voiced by It’sJustSomeRandomGuy, adding a hilarious professionalism to the battle.

This isn’t your standard internet debate between comic book nerds that has raged on the internet for almost 2 decades. The goal of the Death Battle is to definitively settle the issue once and for all. Saying, “He could have won if only X were allowed!” will be a thing of the past. Everything is being considered including all instances and forms of the characters, such as Super Saiyan 4 and Goku’s Dragon Fist technique from GT and the movies.

But there’s so much to learn and understand in order to have the final say, so they contacted two experts in the Dragon Ball community and two experts in the Superman community to consult on important questions about the heroes’ personality, martial arts training, fighting strategies, and physical limits.

superman vs goku death battle dao of dragon ball derek padula

My expertise is the philosophy, physiology and deeper aspects of the Dragon Ball series, so I was honored when they asked for my help.

They also asked Mike “VegettoEX” Labrie from Kanzenshuu.com, the foremost expert on the history and trivia of the Dragon Ball series.

Our combined efforts should have proven without a doubt that Goku is the victor, but we won’t know for sure until December 21.

If the world is destroyed, let’s hope that Goku wins the fight and wishes us all back with the dragon balls!

Who do you think will win the fight?!

Follow Up Video on Dec. 11, 2012

Who is Goku and what are his abilities? Check out this new video by the guys at Screw Attack to find out!

Here’s another one!

How fast is Goku? Watch the guys at Screw Attack get super nerdy and try to calculate Goku’s top speed.

Do you think Goku is faster than Superman?

Follow Up Video on Dec. 15, 2012

Superman’s Bio!

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