The Japanese Government Funds DBZ

The Japanese government is funding the new Dragon Ball Z film’s release with a huge donation to Toei, the animators of DBZ. What does this mean for DBZ fans?

CrunchyRoll reports that UNIJAPAN, a non-profit organization established by the Japanese film industry under the supervision of the Government of Japan, is giving Toei Animation 50 million yen ($636,000 USD) to help support the new DBZ film project.

As part of the “Co-production Certification Program” UNIJAPAN promotes and supports the international endeavors of Japanese filmmakers. They work in association with other Japanese governmental sectors, including the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Agency for Cultural Affairs (Bunka-cho).

These are the same organizations promoting the exportation of Japanese pop culture, including anime and video games, which you can see in full force at events like Anime Expo.

There were four qualifying projects to receive financial support, and Toei’s new DBZ film was the only animated feature.

CrunchyRoll states that “Their collaboration country is the United States. It’s enduring international popularity was probably strong enough to convince the judges and the commissioner of the Agency.”

What does that mean for an American release of the film by FUNimation? Will there be a dub? Will the movie premiere in American theaters?

As a fan, do you think this is a smart move by the Japanese government?

My guess is that they’ll make their money back ten fold in J-pop exports.

And I’m glad that DBZ is back in the spotlight! How about you?

9 responses to “The Japanese Government Funds DBZ”

  1. Dave says:

    This reads like a "Win / Win" for all involved. major support and promotion for a massive targeted audience.

    • Derek Padula says:

      Yeah, I think that’s why they made the investment. Dragon Ball is a huge export and people from around the world continue to buy the video games, toys, manga and anime. Support for this film will probably include a huge surge of new products, all of which will generate taxable revenue for the government.

      And for the fans, we get more DBZ!

  2. Danny says:

    There will be over 9,000 people looking forward to this

  3. dbzguru32 says:

    There should be no reason that they wouldn’t have it in American theaters. That would be so awesome, and it would basically be a guaranteed profit. But that would just make way too much sense, and probably won’t happen.

  4. ssbardock says:

    i hope its good and i hope the villian isnt sucky

  5. ssbardock says:

    yea im probably gonna have to buy it if it comes out in wallmart or something cuz i dont think its gonna come out in theatres in us

  6. ss bardock says:

    i agree

  7. Zachary Brooks says:

    They Probably read some of your blogs and read all the inspiring comments by TRUE fans of the series. I do have to ask because I can’t find the info, will this movie be 2 hour movie theater style or 56 min movie like most of Toriyama’s films on the series?

    • DerekPadula says:

      haha, I’d be honored if that was the case, but I’m really not sure how many executives at Toei read the blog. :) So far nobody knows the full length of the movie, as that information has not been released.

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