New Dragon Ball Z Film in 2013

new dragon ball z movie poster dbz film japan

There’s a new Dragon Ball Z film coming out in 2013 co-written by Akira Toriyama!

As announced in my previous breaking news article, a new DBZ film is in development.

French website is reporting first details about the new Dragon Ball movie.

The film will be animated, not live action.

The movie will take place at some point during during the 10 year break after the Majin Buu Saga of Dragon Ball Z. It will be written as part of the official timeline between chapter 517 and 518 of the manga.

The script will be co-written by Akira Toriyama, who has never been so deeply involved with the animated portion of his series before.

Some of the other main talents involved have previous Dragon Ball experience, including director Masahiro Hosoda, who directed some episodes of the Cell Saga in DBZ.

The main screenwriter is Yusuke Watanabe (Live Gantz, 20th Century Boys 2) and the main animation director is Tadayoshi Yamamuro, who has worked on Dragon Ball before. It looks like it will be animated by Toei, as expected.

On the poster is a note from Akira Toriyama Sensei himself, next to his iconic Tori-bot likeness.

new dragon ball z movie poster akira toriyama note toribot

Toriyama says:

It’s rare, or I should say, it’s the first time, that I’ve been deeply involved with the animation from the scriptwriting stage.

It had been a while, so there was a lot I’d forgotten, but as expected of the creator of the original work, I was soon able to get back into the tempo of things, at least.

For this film, while leaving the atmosphere of the original intact, we’ve added just a little bit of modern flavor, so I think it will be an enjoyable work of entertainment, just like old times.

The poster also points to a new movie specific website, at that redirects to a Toei sub-page with some placeholder content there at the moment.

UPDATE ON JULY 14: The site has launched, and currently features a News section stating that the movie has been announced in Weekly Shonen Jump number 33, with a note by Akira Toriyama sensei.

new dragon ball z movie 2013 official website dbz

When will the New Dragon Ball Z film come out?

It will premiere March 30, 2013 in theaters across Japan with a “super” wide release!

So now that we know, it’s time to get excited. Leave your comments below!

Welcome back Goku! Let’s do this!!

Update on July 27

A new Teaser Trailer has just been released at the Saikyo Jump Festival.

Check out the awesome! What do you think?!

77 responses to “New Dragon Ball Z Film in 2013”

  1. PB4 says:


    Who the heck are they going to fight though?

  2. Haad says:

    Awesome! First I’m hearing of this, can’t wait!

  3. Salvador says:

    I’m really excited for this movie. I hope Goku goes Super Saiyan 4 (not the GT version, something more Super Saiyan-like). This should be good.

  4. DBZ HERO says:

    Im not sure if it will be in USA i mean look at the poster is it english no its japenese and the article said its rare so dont get too excited but i cant wait for the new Dragon Ball Z™ movie to come out

    • Derek Padula says:

      I think we’d all be surprised if FUNimation didn’t dub this since it’s a new film with Akira Toriyama attached. They’d be leaving a lot of money on the table.

      It will probably just take a while to arrive. Episode of Bardock is coming as part of Dragon Ball Z Kinect, isn’t it? I’m sure they’re already discussing the new film with Toei.

      • Question, since you were able to translate the note from Toriyama, would you happen to be able to tell us what the title of the movie is on the poster or at least some of the words, just so we’re able to guess what it’s named?

        • Derek Padula says:

          It says, "The mightiest make their move." And then "All humanity has been waiting. Toward an unprecedented excitement."

          I’m not sure if that’s the name of the movie or if it’s just there to build up hype.

  5. dallas says:

    they should remake dragon ball

  6. SonGohan346X says:

    Maybe Goku will train with Goten in the movie?

  7. t - roy says:

    @derekpadula what is the story behind this movie is it gonna kick ass or what?

    • Derek Padula says:

      Nobody knows what the story is yet, t-roy. Everyone hopes it will be good since Akira Toriyama is co-writing the film script, but we won’t know for sure until they release some more information or teaser images.

  8. jamIn says:

    Whos the villian? Nobody better come from the dead im tired of those things happening in dbz movies.! jamIn armour

    • Derek Padula says:

      That’s a good question. Unfortunately nobody knows who the villain is yet.

      My prediction is that the movie is going to have something to do with Bardock since Toei has been all about Bardock for the last year. I imagine Bardock and Goku (maybe Raditz too) will somehow get back together and beat the ultimate bad guy. Maybe someone from Freeza’s family line. It will be a father and son bonding type of story.

  9. Clint says:

    Son Goku was based on the story of Son Wukong in the Chinese story ‘Journey to the west’. Son Wukong actually goes back further to the hero Hanuman in India. He was a leader of the Vanaras who had monkey tails and somewhat of a monkey appearance. Also you can see Superman mixed into it. Goku and Superman both came from dying planets and both fought three enemies from there home planets. What is funny is that Akriya Toryiama made fun of Superman in the show Penguin Village. Maybe because America made fun of Imperial Japan in a episode called ‘Superman and the Japoteurs’.

  10. Clint says:

    Enter text right herToriyama also said he got the idea of the Dragonballs from a book but it was eight. He decided to make them into seven to make it different from the book. He also added the GI that Son Goku wears is from the Shaolin Monks. When Dragonball was first introduced in USA it was by a company called ‘Harmony Gold’. They changed a lot of the names and Gokus name was Zero. The ratings wasn’t very high on them. Ocean dub which was a Canadian company was watched by USA until Funimation came a long. Ocean dub continued to do dubbing in Canada. is a good website to see. e!

  11. Clint says:

    There is a rumor that the aggressive Saiyans in someway’s represents Americans. There was somethings in the series that was blocked out because of the sexual humor and graphic violence. Taiwan, South Korea, and USA all made there own movie versions of it. Taiwan made ‘Dragonball The Magic Begins. South Korea ‘Dragon Ball: Fight Son Goku, Win Son Goku’ and USA ‘Dragonball Evolution’. What I don’t know is why Super saiyans get blonde hair and blue eyes and much lighter skin tone. The female character ‘Lunch’ when she sneezes she gets blonde hair and becomes violent There was a funny parody of Dragonball Z in the anime Gintama.

  12. VEGETAonSTEROIDS says:


    • Derek Padula says:

      Umm, I don’t know why, because it’s completely real and Hoshi is not.

      Did you just mean the animation style? If so, it’s probably because they’re both animated by the same company.

  13. super saiyan dbz fan says:

    is this movie only gonna be in japan cuz i really wanna watch this movie but im just worried its not gonna come out in america

  14. SnipeR says:

    just want to ask are they planning to release other movies or at least an OVA or special episodes, because that would be totally awesome!

  15. daniel says:

    gokuz Gangster doee

  16. Kenny says:

    I hope this leads to more DBz a series or even just like spracils or movies what you think you think this movie is just away to see if a new seires would work if the movie is a big hit that would green light a new series?

    • Derek Padula says:

      It does seem that way. I think that’s everybody’s wish. We all want a new Dragon Ball series but if the movie doesn’t make money, why would they make a new series? So be sure to go see if it ever comes to a theater near you.

  17. Kenny says:

    I think the only way it would work is if there’s a fresh new take on them cuz ppl forget that when it first aired in Japan ppl lost interest in it during the buy saga attar fans had An out cry to bring the show back after the cell saga the cell saga was saposed have been the end so the only way I see a new show working is if they have a great story line it has to be different and unique what you think?

  18. Quinten says:

    @Derekpadula If you don’t mind giving a lengthy answer, what different things would you want from a new series? As well from this new movie?

  19. Kenny says:

    I wanna see all the characters evole more not like gt were only glum and vegeta were able to fight enemies it made none the other characters mean anything anymore. They need a new take on the show how many times can they say they beat the strongest person in the universe then a week later someOne stronger appears outta no were. I’d like to see a story line were goku and vegeta get sent back into time and have to team up with there fathers it would be cool for goku to learn more about his past like who’s his mother and maybe get to learn more about his heritage. Or anthor thing diff cold be have someone controls goku becomes the villian and see who would step up to fight him and defeat him idk these just ideas what would u like to see?

  20. matt says:

    i wish goku super saiyan 4 was just, goku when he’s normal with black hair, but his hair stands up like he’s super saiyan 1 or 2. and vegetas’ hair in gt sucks, at some point when he gets that mustache, he looks like that dude from the village people..

  21. Superdoc says:

    This is a breakthrough!! i just can’t wait to watch the upcoming dragonball anime movie!!

  22. the super saiyan says:

    i really hope they put it out on USA cuz they still have a HUGE fan base im dying to see this movie

  23. Marie says:

    I read on Websites that Trunks and Goten are in the Focus of the Movie, which makes me even more excited for this. It would be nice to get more of the Goten and Goku Father-Son-Bond and more of the Power of Trunks and Goten aside from the Bolly Movies.

  24. lachlon rippon says:

    this should be good, but iv heard its called sayain island so does this mean that there are more sayains out there?

    • DerekPadula says:

      Belated comment just to clarify for anyone else out there… Saiyan Island is a website, and it’s where the news was first reported. It’s not the name of the movie.

  25. mike says:

    i cnt wait for it to come out its between the buu saga and gt so it should be really good and clear some things up on the events between the buu saga and the gt saga but the hoshi rumor was bull shit im still pissed about that since me and my brother grew up watching all of the episodes in dragon ball,dragon ball z and dragon ball gt. i just hope this movie leads up to a new series

  26. dbz juggernaut says:

    I firmly believe that GT was an astounding mistake. And that the series should’ve just continued as DBZ after the buu saga. I would love to see that happen, to be able to actually have some kind of trials and tribulations over those ten missing years. Instead of just ten years of solid peace and Goku and Vegeta being the only people that actually continue to train, to be able to see how Goten and Trunks would evolve into more solid warriors. A newly designed Super Saiyan 4 is definitely in order, and i would absolutely hate for this new movie to just be the same old "Goku uses a spirit bomb," or "we need to fuse," type of film. More than just some random ass guy wanting to kill Kakarot, somebody like Lord Slug who wanted the planet for its resources as well as the dragon balls. And with fellow warriors that actually push and challenge the Z Warriors, like in the Super Android 13 film. That is all, just please make it at least an hour long, and stay true to DBZ roots.
    Sincerely, one concerned fan.

  27. DBZfan** says:

    im guessing there going to use this movie kind of like a test, if they see they get alot of viewers theyl make the next series

    • Derek Padula says:

      Yeah, that seems logical. Why would they continue to invest in DBZ if it doesn’t make money? But that said, I think the reason this film is coming out at all is because DBZ DOES make money. They’re investing a lot into this one and I really hope that Dragon Ball fans support the official release, see it in theaters (if it comes out in their country) and really put their money where their mouth is.

  28. Awesome hope these episodes blow the lod ones out of the water

  29. I’ve watched dbz since i was 9 and now I’m 22 omg how the quality in picture and the technology in graphics have changed I just hope goku is as raw as he allways has been no changes in his appearence or powers

  30. Vageta fan 4 says:

    are thay going to have super ssj5 on this move

  31. Steve Martin says:

    i hope the storyline is great GT was kinda a drag everyone chilled and stop training besides Vegeta and the only one who was fighting was Goku and Gohan was the strongest throughtout DBZ thats wat pisses me off

  32. Steve Martin says:

    I heard the movies called Dragonball Z – Battle of Gods

  33. Tarbel says:

    Soon, another game will come out featuring the characters, and hopefully be a cool 3d version where the entire DB world is the battlefield! :D
    I hope

  34. Goku 101 says:

    What I want to know is are there new characters because every time a new dbz movie or game comes out the same thing any new transformations like ssj5 and are you making a new game

  35. yes man says:

    i wish they bring back dbz series cant w8 till the movie comes out, if the movie comes out can i watch it in canada?

  36. Maximus says:

    id like to see goku meet his father and other seiyens in otherworld

  37. Elmer says:

    u know i havent read all the comments but it seems as though no one would like to see more of gohan? o.O i mean ive always wanted to see how gohan really compares to goku! it was hinted SO many times in the show/manga that he was indeed more powerful than goku and had more potential (which is probably because toriyama planned for him to carry on for his father) and chi chi fucked all that potential up as soon as goku died in the cell saga! i wanna see gohan really show off, u know? be a true badass /no sayaman)and really carry on as one of the top z fighters, im sick of goku an vegeta being the only legit threats to enemy forces. its been fun but yeah…

    • DerekPadula says:

      Yeah, I agree that it would be nice to see more of Gohan’s true potential tapped into. Toriyama said that he originally wanted Gohan to be the hero of Z, but he changed his mind when he realized that Gohan just didn’t have the same fighting-centric personality as Goku. Gohan only fights when he absolutely has to, or when he has a master pushing him to be his best. Goku pushes himself all the time.

  38. Lui56x says:

    I hope America can see this.

  39. Sirjohn says:

    I want you guys to make new series I love bleach buy dbz was the best please make new ep for the fans we will buy them and watch them

  40. killeye5 says:

    i really do want to see this movie along with a new dragon ball series

  41. movie 2013 says:

    i thought the movie is not anime…..tsk

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  42. Naigere Bunn says:

    This is amazing, my only concern is when will it come to America ?

  43. david james says:

    I am waiting for the evil red head Goku super sayian fight between the two to take place. Someone with Goku strength and fighting skills like his own will make for a good and exciting fight

  44. fox model says:

    When is the.premier on the United States??

  45. DBZ addict. says:

    super super excited for this… :))

  46. RedxHead says:

    I hope that FUNimation dub the film :D hehe! x

  47. Albert says:

    Just wana say when I first heard this movie was coming I was bouncing off the wall like a pin ball jumping up and down like a kid and I’m 24! Big Dragonball Fan been watching since I was 7 I remember when I was kid in the back yard pretending to be Goku Super Saiyan hhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Ahh the memories cant wait for this movie to come out.

    • DerekPadula says:

      I’m glad you’re excited for it. I know how you feel about the memories, and I’m sure a lot of other people feel the same way. It’s part of who we are, part of our minds and psyche, and our whole worldview. It will be a thrill to see a new story with top quality, modern animation. Personally I’m hoping that it’s like a mix of Deadzone and Hildegarn. Funny and adventure-esque, while still being a thoughtful and meaningful story with a real sense of action and progression.

  48. Jeff says:

    Maybe after Akira dies theyll do more. Some series are too good to die. Like Star Wars.

  49. Test office says:

    Please make bardock in the movie make 6 year happy me!!!!!!

  50. bokii92 says:

    This will never gets dubbed right? ( not that i care subs are good enough)

  51. Chi Guy says:

    amazing im so excited cant wait. i almost thouth u guys where done to never return like the great cell himself lol but im sure i speak for most of the dbz clan when i say thank u so much for thinking of us your fans forver.

  52. Marianne says:

    During this festive season, I finally saw this amazing and thrilling movie. Simply superb! The movie reinvigorates the classic fighting scenes of the series, as well as Toriyama-sensei’s funny, hilarious, and comedic insertions. With some added computer graphics, the movie appeals to a wide-range of contemporary audience: it is fresh and its artistic styles have a modern-flavour to it.

    After watching the DBZ series and reading the DBZ manga, I found myself wishing Toriyama-sensei did not end the series at that point. (He could have done so much more with Goku’s second son, Goten. Also, DBGT series could have been so much better if only the Japanese animators let him be a part of their team.) For sure, current and new fans will want more of the action-packed scenes and laughter.

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