New Dragon Ball Film Announced

new dragon ball film announced akira toriyama dbz

Breaking news! A new Dragon Ball film based on the manga by Akira Toriyama has been green-lit in Japan. Can you believe it?!

Anime News Network published this Dragon Ball movie news article stating that Weekly Shonen Jump has announced the film in their latest issue.

new dragon ball film announced based on manga dbz akira toriyama movie

And Shonen Jump also created a countdown website that is set to change on Saturday, July 14.

The Kanji reads, “最強 (the strongest)、始動 (start/begin)”. Not sure what that means, but the lightning is exciting.

At this point there’s no telling whether it will be live action or animated, based on the existing manga or a new creation by Akira Toriyama.

If it’s live action I hope they knock on my door and ask me to star as Goku.

I can dream, right?

Wow. Has every fanboy’s wild fantasy just come true? I think so!

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Updated News!

Please see my latest post about the new Dragon Ball Z movie in 2013 for the first details!