The Science of Dragon Ball

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The science of Dragon Ball is an extremely vast and engaging yet untouched subject. I now present the idea of analyzing Dragon Ball from a scientific perspective.

The original Dragon Ball series was inspired by ancient cultural concepts and paradigms written about in ancient China, inspired itself by Indian religions and native Daoism.

It has been logical that on The Dao of Dragon Ball blog I have focused my efforts on culture, history, spirituality and philosophy.

But with the beginning of Dragon Ball Z we are quickly introduced to aliens, other planets, space travel, evil scientists and artificial humans. The series becomes more outlandish and influenced by science fiction with every passing saga.

If I were to avoid this aspect of the series, then a complete understanding of the Dragon Ball mythos would be impossible.

There have been several scientific books written about other pop cultural series, such as The Physics of Star Trek [aff], which I greatly enjoyed, and The Science of Star Wars [aff].

Why hasn’t there been anything written about the science of Dragon Ball?

It seems I’ll be the first to do so, however, I’m not a trained scientist, so what can be done?

Instead of writing articles filled with heavy mathematical equations or argumentative posits, I will introduce the scientific elements while integrating modern technological equivalents from our real world. These will serve as stepping stones that show how the science of Dragon Ball can be found in our modern world, or is on the way to becoming more like the Dragon World every day.

Then I’ll present them in a sociological, psychological, cultural and analytical framework that makes it easy to understand and relate to.

Now what content can we discuss?

Dragon Ball and Scientific Discussions

dragon ball scouter saiyan model

From what I can tell, nobody else in the world has discussed these issues, and I’m happy to be the first, because there are so many wonderful subjects to delve into.

For example:

What is Ki?

What is a Scouter? Do they exist in real life and can Ki be quantified?

How does Hoi-Poi Capsule technology function?

What material is Saiyan armor made of? Is there a modern equivalent?

What is the relationship between mind and matter?

Are Artificial Humans (Androids, Robots, Cell, and Cyborgs (such as Mecha Freeza and Tao Pai-Pai)) a scientific possibility?

Do gravity chambers exist, and can human beings survive training in them?

Which is superior, Science or Spirit?

Are scientists ethically responsible for the ramifications of their scientific work? Must they create good (Bulma), or is evil (Dr. Gero, Dr. Wheelo) simply a matter of perception?

Is it likely that aliens exist, and if so, will they appear humanoid?

Will personal space travel ever be possible, ala the Saiyan Space Pod?

Is time travel possible, and what are the ramifications of doing so?

Can the body survive physical transformations?

What is the Big Ghetti Star? A robot or an organic life form?

What is Cell, and could such a creature really be given birth in a laboratory through gene splicing?

If Ki were proven to exist, how would this change our view of the world around us, and the laws of physics?

And many more, such as discovering the limits of human potential and then breaking those limits through technology.

Ground Breaking Science

the big gete star dragon ball z coolers revenge ghetti

When it comes to the science of Dragon Ball, what would you like to learn?

There are so many possibilities, and I want to hear from you.

93 responses to “The Science of Dragon Ball”

  1. Anthony says:

    Sounds awesome, I definitely want to read about this man! Especially the scouter because my friend and I are always talking about how awese that would be.
    Not to mention the Saiyan armor and the gravity chamber sound awesome. Well actually everything sounds awesome!

  2. Casey says:

    There are a few different ideas you bring up that I have done research for or even came up with my own concepts of how they could be physically possible.
    Ki: This is a tough one to discuss. It all depends on personal belief of what you think the "energy" really is. Of course our body moves. When the joints, ligaments, muscles, bones, tendons, etc… all move around they create friction and kinetic energy, but where does all of this kinetic energy go? And can we mentally make our bodies believe we are moving a muscle and create that energy without the use of energy in the movement? On the other hand some believe Ki to be a spiritual/life energy that can be developed in a different way. As we see in the show, after a certain point, physical training does raise your ki or your control of ki as much as meditation or the use of ki itself. When Goku wants Gohans Ki to be controlled he has him stay in a powered up state. This would also burn Gohans energy quicker leaving his body to create more so that the energy stores wouldn’t be depleted as quick later on. This is also seen in Piccolos meditation before the tournament.
    – Ill go into a different response for more ideas –

    • Casey says:

      Scouter: I guess one is technically possible if the Ki were the kinetic energy as I said above, but I doubt it would work by observation from afar. It would have to have physical contact with the person. I do not believe an energy detection scouter could exist, but the communication and physical view end has already been created ( (google glasses).

      Gravity Chamber: Though this would be AWESOME!!!! it is implausible in the fashion you see in DBZ. The problem with a gravity intensifying chamber is the effects it has on the blood. If you increase the gravity you increase the weight of the blood and other vital fluids. This is turn makes EVERYTHING become heavier and worker a lot harder. Someone would have to be weened into gravity training by a 1/10th increase at a time over a long time in order for the body to be used to the increase. But as soon as you leave the gravity your body is then working TOO hard and could kill you. In other ideas you can increase the force exerted on your body (the Gravitron carnival ride and the G simulator used by NASA) in order to supplemental your own training program. I also had an idea of many high- powered fans blowing at you from various angles, but it would be too hard to breathe and the winds would interact and cancel out too much for the effect.

      • Derek Padula says:

        These ideas are really cool, Casey. Thanks for sharing them.

        I don’t think the kinetic energy produced by the body is enough to generate any type of serious power. Not in the real world at least. The force we call gravity can change depending on location, centrifugal pressure and so on, but generally speaking, if kinetic energy were enough all by itself, then we’d all be super men. There has to be something more to it than that. Of course I could be wrong, and I admit my ignorance on the subject.

        In terms of the Scouter, I had seen the glasses before when everybody was talking about them a few weeks ago. That’s a huge step in the right direction. Now it’s only a matter of enabling the glasses to read different types of information, including geographic data of the world.

        For the Ki detection, I’ve been researching universities in California that are doing systematic studies in this area. Such as at Stanford and USC. I need to follow up with them again.

        In any case, I think we’re getting closer every day, and that’s a big part of what my article on the subject will be about.

      • Derek Padula says:

        In regard to the Gravity Chamber fan idea you had (which is really cool, by the way), what if you wore an oxygen mask and tank or some type of re-breather that made it easier to pull in the required oxygen? That way you wouldn’t be reliant on the oxygen in the air around you.

        I never thought about the effect it had on your blood. I spoke with a professor many years ago, and he said that yes, theoretically we could survive in a 10 times gravity chamber, but if you made even the slightest error in movement that went against the natural anatomy of the body, your ligaments and tendons would snap off instantly. So that doesn’t sound very pleasant.

        I imagine if these were to exist, you would absolutely have to go through a process of incremental increases.

    • Majin Majuub says:

      "When Goku wants Gohans Ki to be controlled he has him stay in a powered up state"

      This to me is something of a miscommunication in the channeling of Info from Hanuman/Son goku to Toriyama and the Writers :)

      It makes much more sense to me that this would be more of a challenge for Gohan to Understand this newly introduced chi. a change of one word is powerful

  3. Casey says:

    The problem I see with the "human potential" concept is that no one has every reached a maximum limit in all the right concepts. People are too specified in their specific training that an idea of the "perfect martial artist" displayed in DragonBall isn’t really ever seen. The closest we have are gymnasts and martial arts trickers, but even they are lacking in the "super" department. Either someone is super strong, super fast, or has super control, but no one is all 3 as needed in order to hit that potential wall.

    Something that interested me was the science behind the "bullet proof skin/muscle". Technically the idea could be true if it was trained for correctly. Toughen the skin up to be like leather and train the muscle to be not only large, but the fibers are soo many and so tightly knit that they absorb the shock well enough (and catch the bullet well enough) to not let the bullet pass too far.

    • Derek Padula says:

      Exactly! Human beings are very good at adapting to environments or external conditions, meaning that they change according to the stress they experience. Without the "super" conditions, it’s very difficult for people to become super. And who can devote themselves to nothing but super advanced martial arts training? The closest we have are the Shaolin monks, and even they are only able to specialize in a few styles of supernormal techniques, such as Iron Head.

      Has there been anything written about the "bullet proof skin/muscle" idea that you mentioned? I’d like to read it. In traditional Chinese martial arts, this was essentially what Iron Body conditioning was aiming for, and one of the reasons why rebels in the 17th to 19th century believed they were invincible to blades and impervious to bullets. That, and supernormal powers.

  4. Dad says:

    I’m looking forward to reading these articles. I hope that you utilize your available scientific resources to ascertain current scientific practices and for determining the wheat from the chaff.

  5. That Guy says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing this when its complete but just wondering how I would know its done once it has been completed

    • Derek Padula says:

      Subscribe to the RSS feed! There’s a button at the top of the sidebar, a button in the footer, and a sign up form in the footer as well.

      You’ll receive emails of each blog post I make, and it’s completely free.

  6. PostedB4 says:

    There’s an old Chinese guy that can put an object as hot as 1000 degrees on his tongue, and a tough, rotund Spaniard that can balance a motorcycle on his jaw. (that show about world records)

    There are even guys who can use their testicles/genitals to lift over 100 pounds!

    Nearly any part of the body can be strengthened to a ridiculous extent through extensive years of practice/study- to strengthen every last inch of the body would be nearly impossible but, if done, it could create someone incredibly strong. Perhaps not bulletproof, but they could hold their breath incredibly long, endure significant injuries, self-heal, and be resistant to heat/toxins/force and be possessed of incredible strength and endurance. (don’t forget those bodybuilders that are able to MOVE ENTIRE PLANES. Still impressive, even with the wheels.)

    • Derek Padula says:

      Yeah, I have some research documents that show many supernormal people in today’s world, but each one of them is supernormal in a single, specific way. There is nobody who has them all.

      I always had the dream of being the guy you described, but alas, modern life had its way with me instead. Nevertheless, the idea of devoting my life to training is exciting on several levels.

  7. ADEN says:

    If u guys want some serious information u should read the vedas, the sayians is something, a little similar to hanuman. In the vedas their are mantras that u can use to have your body heal on an imaginary level, one must be trained to perform such mantras……..ASTRAL PROJECTION is great, btw through meditation one can be able to do telepathic communication….you all should read up on astral projection…there are several realms that one can go to once they start…….im not talking any fairy tale here…i know ppl that do this

    • Majin Majuub says:

      I agree about the use of Mantras and Reading the Vedas. Yantras are also a very good use to active the siddahs ( Or super natural powers). I will tell, The Astral Plane is not the Plane to play around in, there is very much some "ankle Bitters" that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The Astral Plane is something that should be visited when blanketed with the use of the Violet flame. It is a very power metaphysical/spiritual/alchemical gift from St.Germain ( Google and search with your heart and discerning judgement as to keep them black ops web sites out of your view of eye site.

  8. ActiveAnime says:

    Ki is real. But the supernatural look & level Dragon ball takes it to. Is it possible? And if it could exist, is it stronger than man-made weapons? Should we advance our bodies & weapons?

  9. cob1 says:

    Like many, I would like to learn about the science of the supernatural powers of DBZ, perhaps including transformations into SSJ and the physiology that would line up(IE adrenaline rushes where a woman can lift up a bus to save her child). I’m also curious about capsule and scouter technology

  10. son ω says:

    I am a blogger and I write about Dragon Ball stuff and I always wanted to write about technology and these science fictional universe created by Toriyama. I still haven’t put the ideas in a paper, but answering some of your questions:

    About Hoi-Poi: it’s the biggest and the one that challenges me the most. The Hoi-Poi technology envolves Quanticum Physics, Statistic Mechanics and a lot of Termodinamic. Bla bla bla… Just a lot of stuff people won’t get it. The thing about Hoi-Poi is that Toriyama seems to have this idea that its possible for us to develop it. We can see in his previously one-shot story ‘The Adventures of Tongpoo’, a similar technology to Hoi-Poi. To work, you have to heat the capsule. My idea about Hoi-Poi (which i’m still working and i’ll write about it in the future) uses the Teory of Kelvin, that an object, if broght to the absolute temperature, the Zero Kelvin, tends to have no volume. So you could keep a magazine, a car or anything in a capsule smaller than your hand.

    About time travel, envolving teletransportation: I read in a newspaper a few years ago that scientist were developing a machine that could teleport objects. They were starting with eletrons. They did managed to teleport it, but the teleported eletron only carried the original caracteristics of the eletron, it didn’t teleport itself, only its quanticum caracteristics. To teleport from a place to another, you travel to space and time (because there is a lag to the teleport to happen), so a "little" change could make it possible for us to travel just through time.

    Those are just a few ideas I have about DB technology.. When I write about them in my blog, I post here so you can see!

    • Derek Padula says:

      I think you’re on the right track.

      I actually met one of the inventors of a quantum computer about 5 years ago in a coffee shop in Hermosa Beach, CA. He talked about how his company was working on a machine that could teleport electrons from one side of the room to another. Seems like they did it. And I read a few weeks ago that the Chinese did something similar over an even greater distance. 60 miles if I remember correctly.

      Please share your blog posts here. I’d like to read them and I’m sure others would as well.

      • son ω says:

        Since I commented here, I was writing about this! Here it is:

        It’s in Portuguese, but I guess Google Translate might translate it well! haha

        I selected some of your questions and aswered them! Check it out!

        • Derek Padula says:

          Hi Son. This is awesome!

          I’m sorry I didn’t respond earlier, but I still haven’t had the time to read the full article. It looks really great though and I want to say congrats on answering so many of those questions.

          I’ve been working full steam on my Spirituality of Dragon Ball presentation for this weekend. After this weekend I’ll devote some time to read your article.

          Thank you.

        • Jack says:

          But can a danger come from actual time travel? I’ve always seen it as something impossible.

          • Derek Padula says:

            Theoretically it is possible. The primary issue is one of energy conservation and thermodynamics. It would require an incredibly huge amount of energy in a very short moment of time, and used in a way that bends space and time without destroying the object in question and simultaneously allowing it to enter the door of one dimension and come out the other.

            Kind of complicated. :)

  11. Sketch says:

    I’ve always thought the "Sayain appetite" was a very plausible scientific theme. A farm hand burns about 3000 calories a day so they need to eat at least 3000 calories a day. The amount of energy needed to generate a Kamehamaha would be massive and that energy would have to come from somewhere; food. They would however, have to have a very efficient digestive system.

    • Derek Padula says:

      Good point, Sketch. I wish Toriyama went into a little detail about Saiyan physiology, as that would have helped answer a lot of these questions!

      Seeing how Goku and Vegeta eat, I wouldn’t be surprised if they pull in 40,000 to 50,000 calories a day.

      EDIT: The interesting corollary is the Namekians, who eat absolutely nothing. They only drink water. So that tells us there’s more going on then simple caloric intake, otherwise they’d always be anemic and unable to fight.

      But that said, it is interesting how Goku always gets super hungry after a big fight and expending all his energy. He uses up the calories and needs more.

      So it seems like it’s on both sides of the spectrum simultaneously.

      • Morphrelink says:

        I always assumed Namekians conducted photosynthesis much like plants do, but I have also seen Piccolo himself eating meat when he first appeared in dragon as Jr, so It’s tough to say where they truly get their energy.

        • Claire Rosen says:

          oh my god. I am officially tuned in on this topic. I would need a whole entire two pages, so I’m just going to mark this spot for my eventual submission. Believe me, I am going to break this sucker down better than Goku’s stomach could!

  12. There’s something I’ve always wondered about scouters. Frieza’s army has faster-than-light space ships, cybernetic enhancements, healing chamber that can heal people from near death in a few hours but why can’t they build a circuit breaker or something for the scouter?! It would suck to get glass in your eyes when a scouter explodes in your face =P.

    • Derek Padula says:

      On Dragon Ball Wikia’s Scouter page they talk about how their are different models of Scouter that have different capacities for power detection. Red, blue, green and so on all have different maximum capacities that explode after reaching the limit. Apparently there is one final Scouter that can take very high power levels or something.

      I’m not sure I agree with their deductions, since it’s based on reading the manga and simply presuming this is correct because of the order in which the Scouter’s exploded, but it’s an interesting theory.

  13. ColeIzDardi says:

    Ki is real

    • GokuSSJ says:

      Yes, every one has a Ki storage within your body, training and excercise strengthens your Ki and can be summoned up with regular practice. If you’d like to know more search it up on the Interweb but be warned some techniques and skills on the Internet may be fake. Search up “Proof that Ki is real” on youtube and if it comes up with a Karate Class you looking at in the right place. Try to find the when where a Karate graduate blows out a candle using his ki.

    • Robert Arends says:

      Ki is just bio electric potential.

  14. Ghost Nappa says:

    About the scouter, your scouter could judge the distance between you and your target, judge the size of your target and compare the size of their muscles and give an estimated amount on what the muscle(s) full power is based on their size> If you’re in America, it will be measured by pounds, if you’re anywhere else in the world, it will be by grams

    • DerekPadula says:

      That’s a great idea. The distance issue should be easy, and I imagine that the US Military already has these in their HUD goggles. However, I’m not sure how it would distinguish between heavy clothing or body armor and actual muscles and bone mass. But it’s a thought provoking concept.

      • Claire Rosen says:

        There is a gauging apparatus that advanced hospitals use to measure your body’s natural metabolic rate and how many calories you burn in one day just laying in a bed. You have to exhale slowly for ten minutes into it, I don’t know the specifics of the science behind it, but perhaps that’s how the scouters could assess one’s power level by both internal metabolism and the amount of energy being utilized to maintain homeostasis in addition to residual emitted energy, or KI. I’m hard pressed to explain how it could measure it from even a foot of distance, let alone several hundred miles 0.o I mean, I guess if you were that freaking awesome, your ki might register environmentally. I’d have to go into molecular physics on that one I guess.

    • Claire Rosen says:

      OK! Here is something I want to know. In the whole time since the Frieza saga where Goku is actually healed in one of the healing tanks on Frieza’s ship, why in all the freaking Kais’ names did no one ever think to wish Shenron for one or seven of those?!! Hellooo?! I mean, nothing gets it done like a senzu bean or most of all Dende’s healing powers, but it would still make things a heck of a lot more convenient! Between Bulma and her father and maybe even Vegeta (it was implied he understood the dynamics of the healing technology) they probly could have even built their own before Cell showed up! Has anyone else ever wondered this?

      • Morphrelink says:

        There is nothing indicating that Vegeta didn’t have one built while training in the 7 year gap after the cell saga. It could be possible that he had one placed next to his training room to cut down on hospital expenses for Bulma’s dad who I’m sure pays for everything. But during times of peace it would seem unnecessary since Vegeta was the only one training and Goku was in another world. But i think the biggest issue would be the fact that it was a stationary machine. It wouldn’t be very mobile and thus not very useful in a pinch like a senzu bean would be. That being said, I wonder if it would have helped to have when Goku was attacked by the virus.

  15. adam says:

    If time travel were possible we would be overrun with tourist from the future coming back to visit the past. even if we figured it out 500-10000 years from now people would come back to when famous events took place. you know. which Is disappointing, because I used to think well in the future maybe, but now tourist from the future would def come back to times we live in now. who nows maybe there stuck in mental hospitals. lol.
    Is there any info on using your bodies energy to fly? somehow that seems possible to me.

    • Cody Rice says:

      Not necesarily, it is a possibility that in the near future, we could have a united world, and there could be a king or ruler/ government that calls for destruction of our past records and monuments, remaking civilization from the ground up. The people would have no idea that there was interesting events in the past, let alone a past to begin with

    • Morphrelink says:

      If we apply the split timeline theory than it wouldn’t be too far fetch’d to see time travel possible without a surplus of time travelers in a specific point in time. Every time a person would travel to the past, they only travel to a single timeline of that past. Their interactions would then Split the timeline in two at the point they traveled, in one timeline we have the traveler recorded, but in the other no traveler ever appeared and unless you came into direct contact with that time traveler and confirmed he/she was in fact from the future or past, you would never know and it wouldn’t interfere with your every day life.

      In theory if we have one time traveler travel to the day JFK was shot in the head he could witness the shooting. What he does from there will split the timeline into two new possibilities. One where no time traveler appeared and one where he did. Perhaps he stops the assassination. Back in the future timeline, there is another time traveler who exists from the same line as the timeline where JFK was shot and no time traveler appeared. If he were to go back in time, he too would arrive in a time where no time traveler appeared because he is directly related to that side of the split. (He would then in turn create his own split.)

      In the new altered timeline where JFK was not assassinated, a future version of the first time traveler could then travel to the time where JFK would have been assassinated. In doing so creating another split. One in which he arrives, and one in which he does not. In the new split we now have two different versions of the same time traveler, but from different timelines. (Not a paradox as they are not exact copies but alternate versions of each other.) This would allow all timelines to be preserved and an infinite number of timelines to exist without crossing one another or destroying the universe.

  16. Kevin Burkett says:

    Hi Derek, I think training in higher gravity would be neat, but it’s hard to say if the results would be beneficial or detrimental. Someone would at least weigh twice as much, and that’s only at 2 times the gravity of earth. Assuming one could adjust in these conditions, his/her bones may lose density when returning to normal gravity. Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t astronauts have issues with low bone density when returning to earth? If the opposite occured when returning from higher gravity, the body might just adjust to the lower gravity and the conditioning might be in vain. Good luck with your research, cultivation, and the Way of Goku! P.S. I’m no science expert, what do you think about this subject?

    • DerekPadula says:

      Thanks, Kevin. That’s a thought provoking concept. Like you said, I imagine that your bones would gain density and overall thickness in order to keep the body upright, and then upon returning might go back to normal. If so, then I suppose the main advantage would be to train your mind to control the body under such conditions, strengthening the mind-body connection. In other words, it wouldn’t be about training the body so much as it would be about training the mind to control the body.

      Never thought about it that way until now. Thanks for the insight!

    • DerekPadula says:

      Thanks, Kevin. That’s a thought provoking concept. Like you said, I imagine that your bones would gain density and overall thickness in order to keep the body upright, and then upon returning might go back to normal. If so, then I suppose the main advantage would be to train your mind to control the body under such conditions, strengthening the mind-body connection. In other words, it wouldn’t be about training the body so much as it would be about training the mind to control the body.

      Never thought about it that way until now. Thanks for the insight!

    • Claire Rosen says:

      Okay, I learned this a few years ago when I sprained my ankle stupidly by hopping a fence. Weight training not only builds up and adds muscle to support your bones so they can heal if broken, but it actually fortifies your bones more than the surrounding ligaments! That’s why after Vegeta wanted to train at 500+ gravity becuz he knew it would doubly increase both muscle and bone density. So cool right?! Ok I realize I’m applying human physiology to that of a saiyan, but still! Makes kind of sense right?
      Also how Goku got so much stronger on the way to Namek during Frieza saga.
      Also again, remember how Trunks learned from cell that having too much muscle is a major deficit and that’s why he lost. Trunks realized Vegeta already knew that and that’s why he didn’t transform to full power when he fought imperfect/perfect cell. We all remember how Vegeta lost that one, but anyway. They explain that explicitly in the anime series.

    • Morphrelink says:

      Maybe this is why they are always wearing weighted training GI, to prevent from coming back to a lower density of bone and muscle? This reversion may be just a slow enough process that the fighters could get away with temporarily removing their weights to gain an edge in a fight without having any immediate repercussions, but after the fight the fighter may be required to put them back on to keep from losing the gained density.

      But I have to play the Devils Advocate here, at least when it comes to the fighters we see, it’s obvious the Saiyans have a more durable body naturally, as displayed with Goku’s ability to withstand bullets as a child. Planet Vegeta is possibly a much larger planet with a higher gravitational pull than Earth, Forcing the Saiyan race over time to naturally toughen up to withstand the hostile environment. The feat of withstanding gravity at higher forces may have been an evolved trait because of genetics rather than something he could train himself to do.

      As for the Humans, We saw Yamcha could not withstand the extreme forces of gravity when he failed to do so inside the gravity chamber made for Vegeta at Bulma’s home. His ability to use his Ki was probably the one thing that kept him from being crushed under his own weight.

  17. Akamaru Fukukaze says:

    How many times does supersayiangod multiple you strength?

    • DerekPadula says:

      Nobody knows, including me.

      • Morphrelink says:

        I personally feel it does nothing to multiply the strength like the other super saiyan transformations. I think it restructures the body to use a more efficient form of energy, the God Ki they speak of. If Goku were a car then going supersaiyan would be like using NOS or a turbo charger attachment for a temporary power boost, Whereas going Supersaiyan God would be like upgrading a 4 cyclnder engine into an 8 cyclinder engine.. something to that effect. if you don’t understand cars I could try a different comparison.

        • DerekPadula says:

          That’s a good analogy. However, there’s no official comment on how it increases your power, so for now it’s all relative to Goku’s opponents and their comparative power.

          • Morphrelink says:

            That’s fair.

          • Claire Rosen says:

            I’m not sure the change has as much to do with the mechanics *pun not intended?* as it does with the actual fuel composition. I agree that God transformation circulates ki more efficiently, but only in the scope of certain limits, like time, physical conditioning and acclimation, etc. I am also no scientific expert, but I think comparing super saiyan and god saiyan transformations is more like comparing a standard diesel engine to an alternate energy one. The mechanics are different, but not as much as the chemical nature of the energy used and the overall output.
            By the way, I just found this page and discovered there are actually people as wholeheartedly dedicated, inspired and in love with DBZ as me! Except for one person my whole life who probly thinks I’m dead or something, I’ve been pretty alone in this little inner childhood fantasy of mine. I’m twenty four and only just now starting to write my own DBZ fanfic with my own original character. lol sorry for that last part. Didn’t mean to get all sentimental. Ironically, the one character who’s hallmark statement is ‘sentiment will get you killed’ is my life-long hero. Vegeta forevs! ;3

          • Claire Rosen says:

            Another thing between saiyan god form and eco energy engine is it’ll definitely get you more bang for your buck, but for not so many miles depending on a list of varying factors. Based on BOG, the god form hangover kills, so like alt. energy vehicles, it may cost you more long-term. But, hey both alt. energy vehicles and God form help save the planet from looming destruction! XD

          • Morphrelink says:

            Sounds like a pretty good theory, though I’m not sure of the detrimental effect on the user of the power, As gods are considered immortal I don’t see much of a damaging effect on the body, if that’s what you were implying, for using such power. But I agree with the less mileage usage. It’s obvious that the power is time sensitive. I guess we will just have to wait to see what else the ability is capable of as the new cartoon series gets produced.

          • Claire Rosen says:

            yeah, I got ya. Though in Res of F, neither Frieza or Goku lasted that long, and Goku even got weak enough to get shot through the chest by a stupid laser. By the way, I believe Gods and immortals are two entirely different entities. That is one of the ideas in my fanfic. Whis offered for Goku to become the NEXT god of destruction in BOG, so that implies either Gods lose their status at some point, are destroyed by something, or by some way cease to exist. That is where I believe reincarnation may apply. The role of destroyer is a perpetual role throughout time carried by different beings, or they bear offspring. Since Beerus resembles an Egyptian cat god, much like Set (name of god), I would apply the elements of that historic mythology. Though knowing Toriyama, he probly named that character after a cat he once had.

          • Joseph Polite says:

            i could agree except on the weaker part being he did seem younger mean it revitalizes you in some way

          • Morphrelink says:

            I would love to read your fanfic if you wish to share it with me.

          • Claire Rosen says:

            really?! wow thank you. I’m actually trying to make a manga out of it too now. I desperately need some outsider critique tho. Thank you so much for the offer! :)

          • Morphrelink says:

            [email protected]

            We can talk about it here so as not to clutter this topic with non related stuff.

          • Joseph Polite says:

            I would be up to read it as well as

  18. Saimaroimaru says:

    Does your book cover the science of fusion and absorption?

    • DerekPadula says:

      My upcoming book titled Dragon Ball Culture does not cover the science of fusion and absorption because it doesn’t cover the DBZ era. Just original DB. I do have plans for a “Science of Dragon Ball” book though.

      I may also do a sequel called Dragon Ball Z Culture, where I explore the Daoist concepts behind fusion.

      • Saimaroimaru says:

        Well I have couple of ideas behind the mechanics of fusion, absorption, and how Cell transformations work.

        • DerekPadula says:

          Please share them. I’m interested to hear your ideas, and I’m sure others are too.

          • Saimaroimaru says:

            As we see with Cell he looks insectoid so I do believe that Dr. GEro added insect DNA to his make up particularly Cicada dna based on how he molts into his imperfect form.

            As for his transformations I believe it is based on the X&Y chromosomes we see in living beings. I think that the mechanical enhancements Gero gave 17 & 18 work by first taking their DNA and enhancing it on a chromosomal level. Cell due to how he was created might have weak or incomplete chromosomes due to him being made up of some many species, basically a genetic imbalance. When he absorbed 17, 17’s Y chromosomial dna was copied in Cell thus why he transformed into a body builder complete with a rough voice. When people think of a male they think big muscle and strength. The female form is one that is small even when fit. They have a “tightness” look about them when fit. When Cell absorbed 18 he absorbed her X chromosome the result was that his enhanced X chromosomes restricted his muscle growth or cause his body make up to focus more on muscle density then muscle size, thus why he looks like regular human minus the insectoid appearance.

            Cells could of been built with a biological override as well. When he absorbs a 17 or 18 his biology causes the machines inside the androids to switch from enhancing and maintain them to Cell. Since the machines have gathered some much “field data” by being in 17 & 18, they have the necessary programs and sequences to complete cell’s dna beyond what a computer can think of theoretically stuck in a lab. This dna fixing could also be why he shows different attacks during different stages of his evolution as his dna stabilizes he could access more of his dna “donors” abilities.

            Would Cell look different if he went after 18 first then 17? Maybe not for his final form as the only change would been his semi-perfect form.

            So basically:
            Absorb 17: Power/Function
            Absorb 18: Form/Structure

      • Dylan Tidus Dean says:

        That would be pretty cool. Currently reading through The second volume and greatly enjoying it. I find it hard to stick to books, but with Dragonball, it’s always interested me. With you explaining the layers of it, has actually made me learn so much not just with the culture of Dragonball but also a lot about the east. So having a Dragonball book with a science perspective, would be simply put, awesome.

        • DerekPadula says:

          I’m glad you’re enjoying Dragon Ball Culture so much, and that you’re learning from it at the same time. That’s why I wrote the book. Please rate the book wherever you bought it, and share it with your friends. That’s the best way to help me stay alive so I can continue writing these other books, like the Science one. It’s the fifth on my writing docket, after some others I haven’t announced yet. But I’ve got a lot of notes built up and some great topics to discuss. Should be a lot of fun.

  19. TRAV says:

    The big one I’m not seeing is the healing chamber! Imagine having a real healing chamber!

    Finish exercising, healing chamber! Recover fast and gain benefits instantly.
    Broken leg? Line it up and then go in the healing chamber!
    Radiation damage? Healing chamber!
    Who know the possibilities?
    I’ve been thinking about this for a while and there are some things that can be used to create such a chamber, but of course I would need a lot of money to test this.

    • DerekPadula says:

      If you had the money, how would you approach building one?

      • Robert Arends says:

        I would try to figure out how the bio electric fields can be manipulated using electro magnetic fields to cause the cells to behave like pluripotent stem cells. From there I would create a liquid mixture of all the materials needed to build the body and immerse the subject in the liquid while being exposed to the electro magnetic fields. I’m sure there is more to it but it’s a start.

  20. narcosys says:

    You’re not the first. I remember years ago coming across a forum that people talked about the physics. How the fighters create their own gravity fields as they power up because they are also increasing their mass density. The whole e=mc^2 thing and all. It also explains how they can be hit with such force and survive. Essentially being tougher because they increase their mass

  21. Morphrelink says:

    From what I can gather KI is sort of essential for most of the physics of the show to work. As it was pointed out in several different articles, Channeling your KI clearly offers many benefits, so if we were to look at the science, that’s probably were we should start.

    If KI is a type of energy that leaves the body, Then we can equate it to trying to measure the heat source of the sun.

    So what do we know about the sun?

    We know it has it’s own gravitational field, but also exerts a robust amount of energy. At its center it is extremely dense and at times it can create solar flares, winds, etc. We also know that the sun has magnetic poles, just like Earth. This alone answers a lot of questions in the physique of the body.

    How is this related to the human body and real or theoretical science?

    In science, we learned that the human heart produces a magnetic field (ElectroMagnetism is a form of gravity). Our bodies also produce heat naturally,(A form of energy.) When we exercise, our heart rate rises and so does our body temperature.

    One can assume our gravitational field can be extended by increasing our heart rate. glowing like the sun if seen through infrared lenses if heat energy is increased with it.

    So now we know what the scouter should be looking for.

    A combination of Electromagnetic energy and heat energy exerting through the body. We currently have technology that can sort of read this information, all we would have to do is teach the scouters computer the formula and have it display the results into an understandable numeric value.

    We have to remember that a scouter would require pulling in a sample of energy in order to read it. Much like the human eye, It would get damaged if too much light hits it all at once and can only base it’s findings off the sample it pulls, this would also explain why they can misread power levels of those who are hiding it. When Goku is at rest, he is simply not expelling as much energy.

    Bringing us to the next question, Mind and Matter.

    people claim that through deep meditation one can channel their chi, or KI, or chakra, I believe this is all the same. A type of spirit energy. Through learning about Chakra, it’s taught that their are several spots within the human body that produce this spirit energy. Science reads this energy and it seems suspiciously a lot like the magnetic and electrical energy being read from the heart. So maybe the heart is not the only part of the body that produces the field, The brain works on electrical impulses,

    Much like a circuit board, we can infer that in some way these fields are connected and communicating with each other, and through deep meditation, one can learn how to control those fields. Making them bigger or smaller at will through deep concentration. A special ability Goku learned through training with Master Roshi, Kami, and King Kai

    These fields, if produced large enough will extend outwards of the human body and display light energy, much like our own sun.


    In this regard, we can call that expelling of energy Aura. Initially, that aura may only look white or transparent as we would only be able to see the winds the energy pushes as it passes through.

    The upward flow of the hair as if floating in water is due to the fact that heat molecules rise. (They usually have less mass then cooler air and basically float.) Spiraling aura can be caused in a similar fashion of a tornado, cool and warm air clashing.

    In regard to different colored aura.

    Color is simply light flowing at separate frequencies or wave lengths. Each wave length is interpreted into different colors by our eyes based on being shorter or longer waves red being the longest visible and violet being the shortest.

    (Chakra’s are said to be represented by different specific colors. But I’m not sure if this can hold any merit since the assignment is more for a type of emotion rather than light waves. I/e Red for “Passion”..)

    The sun exerts all forms of light, But when light is bent through the atmosphere, all the colors that were once combined separate. (Rainbow) The atmosphere on earth bends light to a degree that we see only blue wave lengths. (Or red/orange during a sunset.) This is why the sky is blue and can explain why Vegeta’s hair looked red when on that bug planet but black on Earth. (Different atmospheric pressure.)

    Determining the color of ones aura, or even the color of the Ki blast may be useful in understanding the characteristics of that energy being exerted. I/e, it’s speed and over all strength/effectiveness.

    Moving on. Back to Magnetic fields.

    It has been said in many articles that gravity is in someway related to the density of an object. I won’t go into too much detail. But the math shows how a more dense object creates a larger gravity field.

    Science today has been experimenting with the use of magnets on train systems in order to reduce friction by allow the train to float or levitate above the tracks.

    We have already stated that Electromagnetism is produced naturally in the human body and established a possible connection to their aura’s.

    Levitation leads to flying.

    We know Goku learned the KameHameha first and foremost. This became essential as I believe that one must learn to control this KI before they can learn to fly.

    Like the sun has a north and south pole, So does Earth. If we share this quality with a human body. Then they too will have north and south magnetism. By being able to control their KI they are able to turn their polar energy much like we do with a magnet.

    If we place two magnets together. One can represent the earth, and the other Goku. We know that when opposite poles of the magnet meet, the suck together. Much like gravity, If we flip one of the magnets over and have both poles the same, they repel one another.

    So Goku would have had to learn how to switch his pole to repel the Earths gravity. This will allow him to levitate. After some practice he will be able to move his pole 360 degrees and fly forwards and backwards. Strengthening this repelling effect by simply making his magnetic field larger or pushing it in the required direction like he would with a KI blast.

    The same step method was taught to Videl by Gohan.

    Super strength.

    Increasing ones magnetic energy may also increase their gravitational field. As expressed by other articles. The more dense an object the more impervious to damage they would be.

    In the case of Density, We see throughout the series that aura grows to be in many different sizes. I believe that this is because of the density the auras have when being exerted. Or more reasonably, how compact the energy is.

    A prime example can be Goku’s 10x Kamehameha, He produces 10 balls of energy and mashes them together into a single ball. Just like mashing play Doh together. Only, instead of increasing the mass of the ball. He was able to increase its density. More stuff in the same space.

    This can be seen by smashing a bowling ball and a soccer ball together. Even though they are the same size, the Bowling ball has a larger density, or more stuff within its space. Therefore, the bowling ball is not only heavier, it is also less likely to be damaged and more likely to cause damage to the soccer ball.

    This post has gotten long, think I split up my thoughts on time travel to a different post.

    Sorry for any inaccuracies I may have given. I only know what I have learned but that doesn’t mean what I have learned is true.

    • creazyg says:

      hello i would like to know why trunks could easily becomes a ssj when he trains with his father in the Gravity room under 150 G Gravity

      could it be because vegeta is havier than trunks or it doesn´t have to do with the relavity theorie?

      i mean i know two subjects fall the same speed.

      but vegeta if he make push ups and pull ups he has to push more weight instead of trunks.

      if vegeta weights 75 KG and Trunks 45 Kg mulitplies 150 gravity

      then vegeta has to push 30 kg x 150 G Gravity or not ?

      • DerekPadula says:

        Kid Trunks turning SSJ while in the gravity chamber has nothing to do with the gravity. He could already transform prior to that moment. The only reason he transformed then was because Vegeta was telling him to get out of the room, as 150 Gs was too much for him in his base form. This is the first time that both Vegeta and we the audience members get to see Trunks transform, but it’s not the first time he’s done it. This is evident by the ease at which he transforms, and the fact he then says that Goten can do the same thing. Both kids have transformed many times beforehand.

        I don’t understand the rest of your question.

        • creazyg says:

          hello thank you for your answer.

          but there was a debate in german community.

          if trunks is stronger as a super saiyajin or not because vegetas movement looks very slow and heavy.

          but trunks can jump easily there.

          so my question is why vegetas movements as a super saiyajin are slower than of trunks?

          is trunks stronger or is it becaue vegeta is heavier than trunks?

          for example vegeta weight 75 kg and trunks 45kg and vegeta has to push more weight x 150 G.

          • DerekPadula says:

            Vegeta is and always has been stronger than Kid Trunks. They show as much in the fight that takes place in that very scene. Trunks’ punch just scratches Vegeta’s face, while Vegeta’s punch gives Trunks a busted nose. If Vegeta wanted to, he could kill Kid Trunks with ease, but Kid Trunks could not kill Vegeta.

            Strength is relative to each person’s body, so their different weight in the chamber would not matter. What matters is how strong each person is given their unique body shape and mechanics. No matter if it’s 1 G, 10 Gs or 150 Gs, the strength to weight ratio remains the same.

            As a potential theory, maybe Vegeta was tired from having trained all day, or for days in a row, as he often does.

          • Morphrelink says:

            Derek is right, the weight of the individual has little effect in relation to another and it’s very possible, Vegeta was fatigued from training for a longer period of time.
            It’s also important to note that moments after Trunks transforms, Vegeta stands straight up and questions him. Here, he is not seen to be showing any signs of struggle like he was a mere seconds earlier. This implies that while Vegeta was training, he was intentionally contorting his body in a way that would force more of a struggle. His bulky size suggests he was training while in one of the higher, bulkier grades of Super Saiyan. Which is said to be naturally slowler than a regular Super Saiyan. If we look even further we see a moment in which Vegeta challenges Trunks to strike him. So although Trunks does manage to land a single blow. The good majority of the strikes are easily blocked or dodged by Vegeta.


  22. Claire Rosen says:

    oh my gami-kai. I am officially tuned in on this topic. I would need a whole entire two pages, so I’m just going to mark this spot for my eventual submission. Believe me, I am going to break this sucker down better than Goku’s stomach could!

  23. Claire Rosen says:

    holy balls… seriously?!! those guys could lift me with their junk?!!! XO I weigh about 106
    ….. thanks.. so much for that. O.0

  24. Claire Rosen says:

    as long as you don’t mean the testicles thing… best of luck and go for it!

  25. Claire Rosen says:

    I will die happy if I can get a copy of all three of these books someday! just saiyan

  26. Robert Arends says:

    When will this master piece be published? I’m highly interested in seeing what you come up with.

    • DerekPadula says:

      I don’t have a publication date for the Science of Dragon Ball because it’s been on the back burner while I publish my other books in the series. Once I finish the remaining Dragon Ball Culture volumes of 5, 6, and 7, then it’ll be onto the next project. I haven’t decided if it’ll be this one.

      • Robert Arends says:

        Trust me I’m still very excited to see this friend I patiently await.

        • DerekPadula says:

          Sorry for the delay. I’m publishing Dragon Ball Culture Volume 6 as an ebook this week. Then Volume 3 in print. After that I’ll be publishing Dragon Soul in print. But ‘The Science of Dragon Ball’ book will be amazing, and I’m glad you’re excited to read it.

  27. Morphrelink says:

    This is an abridged version of a rather lengthy time travel theory, so bare with me..

    Understanding Dimensions and its relationship to tima and space.


    A dimension is a direction in which a single point can travel within a space or area. In order to do this, One must apply the concept of time to record the distance traveled. Without time we cannot reference the direction in which the point has traveled therefore losing any memory that the point has traveled at all. Should time not exist, That point would never move, Giving no beginning or end. As a result of time’s existence, we are allowed new directions, these directions are called Dimensions.

    It is believed there are as many as ten or eleven dimensions, However when really broken down, the number of dimensions becomes infinite.


    Most people are aware of the first 3 dimensions, later when hearing of a fourth dimension, sometimes they are told that the fourth dimension is “Time”. I don’t believe this is true. I believe time is a construct that must be present in all dimensions in order for that dimension to exist and connect to the other dimensions. Space should be considered the bridge connecting one point to another. Time should be considered the measurement of that bridge.

    Zero Dimension and the infinite plane.

    A single point, unable to move. This point is of infinite size, both the largest and smallest point in all existence. This is the universe on a multiverse plane.

    1st Dimension and introduction to time.

    Two points, two universes, resting upon the multiverse plane. Now with a frame of reference, a single point can travel to the second single point. The Distance between these two points of reference is called space. When one point moves, or travels, to the second point that action can be called time.

    One point is needed as a frame of reference to the zero point in a one dimensional space.

    2nd Dimension and the flat surface.

    Three points resting upon the multiverse plane. Two points are required as a frame of reference to the zero point in a two dimensional space. These points when traveling north, south, east, or west on a flat surface can create a flat image or shape, such as a triangle and additional points on this flat surface can create different polygons by connecting these points with lines or space and time.

    3rd Dimension and the universe we perceive.

    Adding an additional point in the direction of top to bottom we get height, Four points resting upon the multiverse plane to reference the zero point. The single point can now move either left, right, backward, forward, up, or down.

    This is the way we see the universe. Squares become Cubes, Circles become Spheres, The space is no longer flat, but has depth.

    4th Dimension and the Tesseract

    If we apply the same system as we did to the previous dimension then it stands that the 4th Dimension will consist of 5 points referencing the zero point in the multiverse plane.

    Everything we understand about the universe can exist in a 3 dimensional space. So it is hard to conceive the idea of a new direction as all directions we can imagine have been covered.

    So where do we go from here?

    We go outward or inward.

    A tesseract is seen as a cube within a cube. In reality the tesseract is made up of 8 cubes, not just two. In order for us to view a 4D object in the 3D space, We must compress the space not seen and rely on an illusion to compensate the missing features of the 4th Dimension. Therefore, When the tesseract is displayed, We see only two cubes, but hidden inside we can count as many as 8.

    Another example.

    Because we exist in the 3rd dimension we are capable of translating 3d objects into 2d or even 1d objects with an understanding as to what we are looking at. But if we only lived in the 2nd dimension, we would have difficulty perceiving a 3rd dimensional object. When attempting to view a cube while existing in a 2D world, the cube would become compressed and be represented by a square, However We would only see a single line crossing our paths with no knowledge that the other three, let alone the other 6 edges exist. We could theoretically see the additional edges if we were placed inside the square. We would then be allowed to pivot and see all four edges and can conclude that the lines are enclosed into a square.

    If the above logic is true, then we can assume that there are still aspects of our 3rd dimensional world that we can not fully perceive unless we were in a 4th dimensional world viewing it. I suppose we can call these things anomalies of some type. Mysteries unexplained, such as metaphysics, or quantum mechanics, although this is only in speculation.

    Beyond the 4th Dimension

    I couldn’t even begin to tell you what any dimension above the fourth would look like. But if we continue the same pattern used from dimension zero and onward, We must assume that the 5th dimension will require 6 points reference a zero point and all dimensions beyond will add another point in the multiverse. On formula. (Z=-1 = Zero point, this is constant) + (R=Reference points to Zero point, This is a variable) = (D= Number of Dimensions) Or Z+R=D

    R= 7
    D=? -1+7=6th Dimension

    About Zero Points

    It’s important to know that a zero point can be any point that exists on the multiverse plane. All other points not chosen for the zero point become reference points.

    How trunks was able to travel through time.

    I believe in order to travel through time, You must be in the 4th dimension.

    Imagine you are holding a flip book in your hand. In this scenario you represent a being living in the 4th dimension and you are holding a 3rd dimensional timeline in your hand. All things within that flip book are limited to the pages they are on. Each page represents a specific time on that 3rd dimensional timeline. As a 4th dimensional being you are able to flip through each page individually, view that page as long as you want to and even make changes to a specific page by drawing or writing on it.

    Keep in mind, 4th dimensional beings cannot manipulate time that governs their own dimension, only time that resided in the dimensions below. However a 5th dimensional being is capable of manipulating the 4th dimension timeline. In this regard a 5th dimensional being will be holding a 4th dimensional flip book just as a 4th dimensional being can hold a 3rd dimensional flip book.

    We must traverse to the 4th dimensional world in order to manipulate time below us.

    Bulma was able to construction a machine that would calculate the direction necessary to travel to the fourth dimension. Whereas time travel of the third dimension is possible.

    If this is in fact how Trunks traveled through time then we can look at the split timeline theory with ease.

    Some other things to consider.

    There are an infinite number of possibilities for a 3rd dimensional timeline that exists in the 4th dimension. Or an infinite number of flip books.

    Timelines can be drastically different or so similar you could hardly tell them apart.

    To understand this, try to imagine two exact copies of the same movie on two different dvd’s they are then placed into separate dvd players with separate tv’s. The play button is pressed on both players at the same exact time. One movie however plays exactly one second behind the other movie. Both movies represent a separate timeline existing in a 3rd dimensional plane. Being viewed from a 4th dimensional being. That being can pause, rewind, fast forward, and with the right equipment, even edit the movie he is viewing. The people inside the movie, the 3rd dimensional beings will never know the difference and will never know their universe was altered in someway.

    Once again I apologize for any inaccuracies in my post. Hope this helps your books out in someway.

    If anybody has any other questions they would like me to try and answer I’d be happy to give my two cents but can’t promise the best theories since i am no expert in any of these fields. Hope you all enjoyed the read.

  28. Utkarsh says:

    can we create a real lightning ball in our hand through plasma (the forth state of matter).
    Just like electric ball in dragon ball Z.
    I have researched and found that after researching on it we can also create fir/lightning ball in hand.

  29. Utkarsh says:

    And in future can we fly through plasma energy.

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