DBZ Haters Gonna Hate

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You ever feel like the world hates you?

I now have a hate group on Facebook called “All against Derek Padula,” so I know at least one person does.

The page is written in Spanish and says in the description:

Page created to fight this guy, who seeks to destroy the anime with which many grew, Dragon Ball. Do not let this man destroy this great series. Think not launch a free time, do not let it goes on sale.

Then in the only post on the page it says:

Join friends, this man wants to end the series that is already part of many of us. Want to publish a book or already public and want to make another, about Dragon Ball, analyzing the series and making it look like something it is not. Join us to stop this man.

That’s strange, because I thought I loved Dragon Ball.

The funny thing is that even though the page was created on May 11, 2013, on Sept 3 there were only 3 people who Liked it.

So I Liked it myself!

I believe that you have to love (or Like) your enemies.

The page made me laugh and I’m not upset about it, but it is a bit odd.

dragon ball z haters derek padula

What do you think? Am I “destroying” the Dragon Ball series?

Does having a hater mean I’m officially Internet Famous?

Or is it simply the case that Haters Gonna Hate?

dbz haters gonna hate recoome

19 responses to “DBZ Haters Gonna Hate”

  1. Steve スティーブン says:

    Strange. I’d expect this from the FUNI dub fan base — but from Spanish speaking regions? Other than that, I wouldn’t give it a second thought.

    Come to think of it; didn’t you contribute to the ScrewAttack Son Gokuu vs Superman video? I imagine they saw your name and decided to blacklist you for “discrediting” Dragon Ball. I wonder if they made a page for Kanzenshuu…

  2. Cob Khuraibet says:

    Liked ;)

    • DerekPadula says:

      Ha! Thanks, Cob. “With friends like you, who needs enemies?” :)

      • Cob Khuraibet says:

        :P I’m just confused because I don’t understand what you would have done to merit being called a destroyer of the series…. since when is thinking about something existentially a bad thing? especially since I know you’ve put a lot of work into reaching your conclusions. Siiighh… haters gonna hate

  3. ricecake says:

    I’ve found your blog posts and book “It’s Over 9000!” to have given me a deeper understanding and appreciation for Dragon Ball Z and the cultural context that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise, growing up in the West. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  4. Totas says:

    Hey Derek!

    This is nonsense! You, hating Dragon Ball?! WTH? Hahaha

    I really loved your book “It’s Over 9,000!”… Well done, nice job! :)

    I’m also a huge fan of Dragon Ball and your perspectives about the series are really interesting!

    Let me know when you got some news! ^^

    Greetings from Portugal.

  5. Crono A7X says:

    No point in making a news posts about your haters.

  6. Jesus says:

    Derek, I have to say I really enjoy reading about all of this. Like someone stated before, it really makes you appreciate and enjoy the story even more than before.

  7. Kevin Burkett says:

    Destroying the series?…nonsense, this man is a legend!

  8. VSVoidSpartan says:

    “Destroying” the Dragon Ball Series? Nonsense! Haha.

  9. Ron says:

    It looks like the page is gone, maybe Freeza blew it up…

  10. alex says:

    first of all, your book is really good !! however I come here to explain why they are angry at you, when you were ask to participate on screwattack you were representing all of us, no just you.

    this flame war has been always a popularity contest more than a real fight, superman is trademark character more than a real one and he goes whatever situation DC comics wants, when goku arrived that changed, bcuz it was the first time superman was fighting somebody who represent an icon of good, even greater than him, who can overcoming any obstacule, that is what this flamewar is all about, who represent a major symbol of good and hope,( which is subjective to you as person ).

    saying that is clear that every fan is going to support his character, and to support one’s character, you have go re-watch all the serie, movie and manga and also you need to go and look all the history behind superman, which mean you clearly have to know both characters their story, powers and weakness.

    you probably know everything about goku but Im sure you dont anything about superman, and it’s bcuz they took mostly alternative story to describe superman.

    another thing was trying to quantify goku’s power when even toryama has problem to do so, using subject like gero’s bomb to describe durability when you and I knew this bomb was made before goku when out space and go all super-saiyan or calculating speed when you and I knew the whole snake way thing was made to further the plot and keep goku out of fight until the end.

    and even the infamous 40 ton trainning to describe strength, when you and I knew this was design to show combat speed, forgetting goku throwing a huge rock at gohan or kid goku moving a rock, both clearly heavier than 40 tons, or forgetting when cell stop that asteroid with his hand ( I know it was a filler but it was edited as part of the story for DB kai ) and this is just a small part of every fan is angry about that video.

    let me give you an example :

    vegeta can move to hypersonic speed at 300 times gravity this is before turning in supersaiyan, the supersaiyan multiply power 50 times, this means, easily super saiyan vegeta could move hypersonic speed at 15000 times gravity of earth which means his body will go up to 900 tons body-weight.

    meanwhile (all star superman ) lex luthor with superman’s power had hard time moving at 500 times gravity of earth and he was depicted to have powers close to silver ages superman who has power to move planets,

    so you see there is to many plot holes to make a fair fight between those 2

    I hope this clarify why there are people angry at you dont worry they will move on to another fictional fight hahahaha

    • DerekPadula says:

      Thanks, Alex. I’m glad you liked the book! Please be sure to rate it on Amazon or wherever you bought it.

      You’re right that some people see Goku losing as my fault, as if I let people down or something. But that’s not true. I answered all of ScrewAttack’s questions the best I could and then they compared the evidence and decided that Superman was stronger. So it’s okay. Doesn’t bother me. I thought it was an enjoyable fight and I commend them on their research and effort with producing the video. I wish Goku won, but that’s alright. We all know Goku’s the best!

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