Goku Vs. Superman DEATH BATTLE Chat

Join the team behind the Goku Vs. Superman DEATH BATTLE and experts from across the world as we discuss the ultimate battle between the ultimate heroes.

Featuring Ben Singer (the creator of DEATH BATTLE and voice of Wizard), Jordan Lange (the animator) via cell phone, Mike “JustSomeRandomGuy” Agrusso (the voice of Superman), Lawrence “MasakoX” Simpson (the voice of Goku), Kimlinh Tran (the voice of Chi-Chi), and Steve Younis (Webmaster of the Superman Home Page).

Filmed on Feb 3 at 2pm PST and live streamed on Google Hangouts.

I had a blast in this chat and I’d love to do them more often. I’m so glad we were able to get together.

What do you think of the discussion? Do you still think Goku should have won?

21 responses to “Goku Vs. Superman DEATH BATTLE Chat”

  1. DaddyFatSack says:

    I believe Goku was made fun of too often due to the DBZ Abridged references. Also,when was the last time you saw Goku use the power pole while ascended? Anyway,i believe ot was a fair fight

    • Mitchell McIvor says:

      eh I don’t think it’s really to MAKE FUN of him….I think they just included him because maybe they’re friends. And they did…kinda make him act like normal Goku.

  2. Anonymous says:

    They often said assumed that fighting speed=travel speed, and that training weights=benching weights. I could dodge incredibly fast punches (or baseballs, whatever example you want to use) in a fight, but that doesn’t mean that I can run as fast as those punches were moving. Also, Goku as a child lifted a boulder that, had it been sandstone (a remarkably light mineral), would’ve still weighed around ten tons, and pushed a boulder as large as Roshi’s house (making it at least 300-400 tons had it also been sandstone). That 40 ton theory isn’t accurate at all. I can certainly lift 80lbs, but when I have 20lbs on each of my limbs, I’m immobilized. Also, they used their gravity formula (which is an assumption btw, which is against VS. battle debate rules) to multiply stats from the Saiyan saga. Goku was MUCH more powerful by the Frieza and Cell sagas. Gravity formula is in no way “full proof” as Death Battle has claimed. It was a fun fight, cool to watch, but like so many Death Battles before it, that’s all it’s good for..

  3. anonymous says:

    funny thing if you know superman, you know magic goes threw his psychic barrier and then hits his body… now his body is actually quite weaker than his body with the psychic barrier(not normal human weak but weak). so if goku had used the powerpoll for the first time in years… he would have impaled superman with it, in fact he could then use the power poll like gutts uses his sword. i get how you would think goku would loose if you know nothing about goku, but even their weak version of goku could have won the fight.

  4. anonymous says:

    my bad i ment i can understand how a goku fan can be confused and think he wouldnt win if they know nothing about super-man

  5. Anonymous says:

    They got it wrong. This blog proves it: http://www.screwattack.com/news/death-battle-erred-goku-vs-superman.

    They should have discussed the conclusion with you and how they arrived at it before they made this erroneous vid. Talking to an expert and then not truly consulting them on the result is NOT actual research or actual consultation it is lip service to fans. Did it not seem odd that Ben did not discuss his “analysis” with you beforehand? Love this website btw.

    • DerekPadula says:

      The creator of that page has contacted me and I just need the time to really look through and analyze the content. I don’t have any thoughts on it at this point.

      A consultant is a consultant and their advice can be used however the person receiving the advice sees fit, including not using it. They weren’t going to reveal the ending to me ahead of time, so the best I could do is make the strongest case for Goku possible. Plus, my guess is that the evidence provided by the Superman consultants outweighed the evidence that I and Kanzenshuu provided. Unlike others I don’t believe Ben and Chad had any predetermined bias, as Ben has told me before that he enjoys Dragon Ball Z. It’s a simply a case of the quantifiable evidence stacking up in Superman’s favor. Key point there being the quantifiable part. Most of Goku’s feats are unmeasured and so it amounts to conjectural or circumstantial evidence, which ScrewAttack chose not to use.

      Thanks for loving the site.

      • anonymous says:

        problem with this statement is one, the distance for snake way is never mentioned besides by the one oni who tells goku its distance.
        and dr gero proclaimed as he ran from battle that all of his calculations were wrong.

        but namaste, we all know in our hearts that goku should have won, so no matter.

      • Ahsen says:

        In giving your case did you forget goku can make the universal spirit bomb? In the deathbattle screwattack said goku’s strongest attack is dragonfist and kamehameha. That is wrong, goku used 10x kamehameha dragon fist against omega shenron and it didnt kill him. Universal spirit bomb did. Its too late to add this to your analysis. However, no matter how strong superman is he is only as strong as the sun. Goku can draw energy from the whole universe into his spirit bomb which is much greater than the suns energy. Also, superman cannot stop goku from charging the spirit bomb just like omega shenron couldnt because of the sheer power of the spirit bomb. Kid buu tried to stop goku too from making it and goku used instant transmission to avoid his blast. If you guys used the universal spirit bomb, goku would have won. Also, super saiyan god was not taken into account.

        • DerekPadula says:

          They were aware of the universal spirit bomb, and I did mention it in my reply to their questions. They chose to make it a more artistic fight by absorbing the Genki from the Sun directly into Goku’s body and then firing it out as a Kamehameha. They had already decided Superman was the victor, no matter what.

          Super Saiyan God is a moot point on multiple levels, with the primary one being that it didn’t exist at the time the fight was animated.

          • anonymous says:

            That would not make sense though, since goku can absorb the universal spirit bomb giving him essentially limitless power while superman can only absorb energy from the sun. However, I would also like to point out goku’s base form gets stronger throughout the series. I dont think you guys realized this when you did the calculation.
            this is what someone calculated as goku’s speed using the numbers deathbattle gave and seeing that goku’s base form does get stronger over the series.
            Ah, ok. So it’s saying that strength and speed are in relation to each other. The formula is still wrong then, it should read (I’m using the 6800mph given):

            6,800mph x 586 x 50 x 2 x 4 = 1,593,920,000mph

            You don’t initially divide by 10 because Snakeway is normal gravity and not a part of King Kai’s 10x gravity, If you noticed, I stopped after the SSJ3 multiplier – this is now Goku’s base form as his base form in GT is roughly equal (if not even stronger) than his DBZ SSJ3 form. So we have:

            1,593,920,000 x 50 x 2 x 4 x 10 = 6,375,680,000,000mph
            6,375,680,000,000mph / 671,000,000 (speed of light in mph) = 9,501 times faster than light.

            Even if superman is stronger, ssj4 goku is much faster than him so I dont see how superman could land a punch on goku.

    • Mitchell McIvor says:

      ok I read it, it’s clear now that Goku would win in a death battle!

  6. Robert Walker says:

    If they’ve used future goku he would of been immortal or something like that but he would of been way stronger though

  7. Robert Walker says:

    Because he has his strength plus the dragonballs strength so yeah who agrees

  8. Anonymous says:

    I had a question about where they used references for measuring goku’s speed they used when he went across Snake Way just after finishing his training with King Kai his speed by then end of DBZ(or GT) in base form should have been way faster. Granted I don’t think there was a better place to measure his speed but i feel it was way off.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Also they said they were using only cannon info for the fighters why did they use SSJ4 its not cannon and granted I know SSJG(or SSG) was not around yet so they could not use that so I think they should have stuck with just using cannon Goku which only goes up to SSJ3.

  10. Jarred Staggers says:

    what I thing goku is powerful but not as powerful as superman and superman has five different powers and goku only his one so superman can beat Goku and superman is the leader of justice. league because all most no body beat superman that why he is leader of justice league and superman is the best leader

  11. Mitchell McIvor says:

    Not only that but it has been shown that when in extreme danger Goku can temporarily turn into the Super Saiyan God. For a very short time sure, but it’s definatly crucial to the death battle

  12. Mitchell McIvor says:

    Not only that but Dragon Ball Z Revival of F is coming out in the US at some time…..and I’ve seen footage of it. Goku’s on another whole level of strength and speed in that movie

  13. Mitchell McIvor says:

    I feel that they should redo it, considering the new info and stats thats coming out

  14. Mitchell McIvor says:

    I know that a lot of people say that Superman could and would beat Goku in a fight, but I’m all for Goku. Goku is my favorite character of all time and I’ll always be on his side. And as much hate as I’ll probably get for this, I think ScrewAttack’s Goku vs Superman 2 was incorrect. You can say ‘Superman’s power is limitless’ but limitless power would mean he’d have to train to keep his strength in control. He’d have trouble ouching someone WITHOUT killing that person. That would mean superman would never have trouble in a fight, but he always does. Not only that, but they released Goku vs Superman 2 AS Dragon Ball Super was coming out. They stated that ‘due to the writing style of Dragon Ball, Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan God Supersaiyans limits ARE hard to calculate.’ That was because the movie HAD no information. They stated that they did the research, all of it, when there was nothing to research. However, in the episodes of Dragon Ball Super, we saw Super Saiyan God on a whole ‘nother scale. Their punches were so great, they sent ripples through space, hell, they incinerated a planet billions of miles away just from the clash of their fists. And to top it all off, Goku learned a new technique. By punching at the same frequency and angle, he can cancel out attacks. He learned to do this WHILE fighting Beerus. This means that he can cancel out all of Superman’s punches. Sure, there’s a chance that Goku still may not win, but to make sure, we have to wait for Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan to fight Golden Frieza in Dragon Ball Super. We’ve already seen so much proof that Super Saiyan God is a lot stronger then we first thought. Punches that send ripples through space for lightyears, clashes that incinerate meteors and entire planets, who knows what else is in store? And if Goku can’t beat Superman, we all know Beerus can. He’s stronger than Super Saiyan God/Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, and he can nullify energy, including Solar Energy. He can survive in the vacuum of space so he can blow up the sun and kill Superman, and if he didn’t do that, he could still beat him. A single tap destroyed exactly half a planet, leaving the other half perfectly intact. And going back to nullifying energy, Superman’s lasers will have no effect, even his last resort (the solar bomb attack) will have no effect on Beerus, giving him a perfect opening to kill the Man of Steel. ONE LAST THING! Just because I want Goku to win, doesn’t mean I don’t like Superman, I LOVE Superman! I just think that Goku is a greater and stronger character. Just because ScrewAttack said that Superman would win, doesn’t mean it’s true. They say many people would win but their just a normal Youtube Channel. Probably gonna get a ton of hate for that one, but it’s just my opinion. I’m just one idiot, why would my opinion on screwattack matter to any of you? Alright, now I’m done

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