Win Tickets to DBZ Resurrection ‘F’ Premiere!

Want to attend the world premiere of the English dub of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ in Los Angeles?

FUNimation is partnering with The Dao of Dragon Ball and Robot Underdog, creators of Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope, to give away 3 free tickets to the premiere!

Actors Seán Schemmel (Goku), Christopher Sabat (Vegeta), and Chris Ayres (Freeza) will attend the premiere and the red carpet event prior to the screening!

How do you win?


1) Like The Dao of Dragon Ball on Facebook

2) Then leave a comment below telling me whether Golden Freeza is either the lamest or the coolest transformation ever.

On Tuesday, June 30, I will select 3 lucky winner’s at random to receive the 3 tickets!

Then on July 2, at 6:30pm you will attend the red carpet event at the Regal LA Live Stadium in Los Angeles, CA, and at 8:00pm, see the screening!

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The winners are Laura V, Daniel Smirnov, and Jordan Karotkin!

Thank you to everyone who entered. The winners were chosen by a randon number generator, so everyone had an equal chance.

Continue following The Dao of Dragon Ball for future contests and events.

Whether you see it this week or on August 4, to all the DBZ fans out there: enjoy the movie!! And special thanks to FUNimation and Robot Underdog for providing the tickets!

34 responses to “Win Tickets to DBZ Resurrection ‘F’ Premiere!”

  1. Laura V says:

    Golden Freeza looks sweet and I can’t wait to see what new tricks he’s got!

  2. Brandyn Bishop says:

    Golden Frieza is most certainly the lamest transformation I’ve seen. Gold and purple is not even threatening. I was honestly more terrified of his 100% final form because of how buff he was. It was truly intimidating. Now he looks literally like a frailer version of his final form. Also, he can’t even control it very long. It is a very anticlimactic transformation kind of like Goku’s red super saiyan God form. Except his new form is badass looking. Frieza’s golden form is the lamest by far of all the villians from the series. Hell, Garlic Jr had a more threatening final form. Cell had the coolest final form transformation. Golden Frieza may be strong, but he can’t control it very long and it just looks like crap

  3. Ethan Willis says:

    I think golden frieza is the coolest transformation, because it’s like he went super saiyan but instead of his hair turning blonde his body turned gold.

  4. Tammarra says:

    It’s cool BECAUSE it’s so lame. I mean it’s just a color change, and doesn’t look intimidating at all, so he just totally surprises everyone with his power.

  5. Andrew Affleck says:


  6. Juan C. Montes Jr. says:

    The coolest!

  7. Omega Rockman says:

    At first I thought Golden Freeza was the lamest, but now I think it’s the coolest. Why? Because Freeza has finally become a golden warrior just as his greatest adversary did. There’s a kind of poetic justice in achieving revenge by using a power similar to that which defeated you. Of course, Freeza has to lose since he’s the bad guy, but defeating the legendary golden warrior by becoming a golden warrior himself would have been a fitting way for Freeza to win.

  8. Matthew Hogan says:

    Seeing a fan favorite come back for one more bout will be most awesome. I am very excited to see how Toriyama handled this situation.

  9. Dylan Tidus Dean says:

    Golden Freeza is the coolest because it’s his strongest formation, way stronger than before and with his chilling morality, it should be fear worthy!

  10. young caramel says:

    fuck the facebook sign up not everyone has that shit. and toriyama needs to link up with some good horror writers because we dont want them golden storylines

  11. Justin Tyler Brown says:

    Yo Gold Freeza is pretty sick because it’s like a super saiyan form for Freeza, but keeping the color scheme of the LA Lakers.

  12. Colin Valdecantos says:

    Its a cool transformation because it was unexpected to all the fans. Go Lakers!

  13. Jordan Karotkin says:

    I think it looks cool, I hope he puts up an amazing fight and doesn’t just get his ass kicked super fast, I want a serious brawl, while I do know that the Z Fighters have to win I hope Golden Frieza kicks some serious ass. Plus, I have grown to love Chris Ayres as Freiza in Kai and the games.

  14. FireFist says:

    The coolest, can’t wait to watch it, hopefully before DB Super.

  15. Donna Martinez says:

    (Wasn’t sure if to post my opinion on fb or here, so wrote my opinion on both sites, just to be sure xD)

    My 1st thought when I saw the transformation was that it looked weird, in the sense that it was different. It was basically just a color change. I don’t necessarily think it is lame or cool. I am more neutral on the matter, but it’s important to remember what Piccolo once told Krillin when battling Frieza on Namek – that an opponent’s power has nothing to due with their outward appearance. And I agree. Lame looking or not, this new form of Frieza gave him even more insane strength to keep him being quite the adversary, even against the new ssjgssj form.

  16. Gordon Leyva says:

    I think golden freeza is a pretty cool transformation, seems like he might have used some saiyan blood or something from saiyans
    to get super freeza form. Should be interesting to see how he acquired the new form

  17. Bobby Melhem says:

    The coolest pretty much a pimp

  18. Maria says:

    The transformation was cool, but I’m gonna say go with lamest because we now know he is not really that strong and is not like he can train to get more powerful he was cut in half by trunks if that would have been his last transformation then yeah would be coolest said he was ready for the super sayen warriors

  19. Jimmy Rogers says:

    Golden Frezia Is the coolest

  20. Cob Khuraibet says:

    Obviously frieza getting another transformation makes it the coolest by default!

  21. Gregory M Gutierrez says:

    Golden Freiza’s transformation is awesomeee!! He is tuff, cool color, but not strong enough to beat ssgss

  22. Daniel McGoldrick says:

    Golden freiza is a bastardized version of the Golden oozaru

  23. Rafael Rocha says:

    Lamest ever.

  24. Krystal Kowalczyk says:

    It is the coolest because frieza had to one up his brother Cooler

  25. Daniel Smirnov says:

    Golden Freeza is the coolest transformation ever. It is ironic since he originally feared golden transformations and that he is self aware on how his new form looks.

  26. David Burgess says:

    Welll my first reaction was is this really happening right now so i went on my phone i went on Facebook Twitter tumbler and wrote about this i was exited about the movie I’m not going to lie to you though when i saw friezas golden form it was dope af but then i was thought because of the trailers that I watched friezas golden form couldn’t handle the power so he was gonna get a evolution gold form and 5th form and the 5th form was going to help sustain the power but in the end frieza is still and will always be the most bad ass dbz villain

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