Dragon Ball Book Review – Dragon Ball Z Extreme

Dragonball Z Extreme

Dragonball Z Extreme is a fun and brain teasing activity book fit for young children and young adults, especially DBZ fans.

This book is licensed by FUNimation, the American owners of the DBZ anime brand, so it’s filled with images of characters from the series. This really pulls you into the Dragon World and makes all of the activities feel very engaging.

Crosswords, number games, mazes, and image questions fill up the majority of the book, and can be played by anyone. But some of the challenges are actually pretty tough, and if you’re not a seasoned fan and know the series’ lore you may feel a bit left in the dark. The 32 pages of content took around an hour for me to complete, and I’m a 24 year old university graduate, so young children should at least get an afternoon of fun out of it. Luckily all of the answers are in the back in case you’re befuddled.

The author of Dragonball Z Extreme appears to be a great admirer of the source material, and cleverly uses it to great advantage with some rather comical games. One question, “What design does Gohan have on his underwear?” is easy for anybody who’s in the know about how awesome Teddy Bear underwear really is. Another highlight is a game called “Going Ape” that has you solve a letter puzzle involving Goku, and references Goku’s monkey-like genetics and lineage with comedic results.

This book is rather inexpensive now (less than $1 in many cases), and is fit for children and adults alike. I recommend the book for any diehard DBZ fanatic, as they’ll definitely enjoy the activities and the completely Dragonball focused theme. Plus it has a glow in the dark sticker of Vegeta, and that’s just sweet.

DBZ Book Information:

By Jeff O’Hare

Published by Scholastic Inc.

Price: $5.99

Pages: 32 + 2 Sticker Pages

ISBN: 0-439-43722-9

Amazon Link: Dragonball Z Extreme

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