Dragon Ball Culture Book

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Dragon Ball Culture will change the way you view Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball may be your favorite show, but do you understand the culture that influenced your life and is a part of you?

As the world’s #1 recognized anime and manga, Dragon Ball has reached hundreds of millions of fans. Yet there has never been a book that explores its cultural content.

Where did Akira Toriyama receive the inspiration for Dragon Ball? What’s the meaning behind Tenshinhan’s third eye? And just what the heck is Chaozu?!

As an expert in traditional Chinese and Japanese culture, I will reveal the cultural origins of Dragon Ball and answer the questions you have always pondered.

You’ll discover the ancient Chinese martial arts techniques that inspired the kamehameha, dodonpa, and taiyō-ken. As well as Son Goku’s Buddhist and Daoist inspiration in Sun Wukong, Piccolo’s “demon nature,” the Tenkaichi Budokai’s ancient Chinese precursor, and the origin of both Kame-sennin and Uranai Baba.

Dragon Ball Culture encapsulates the first 153 episodes and 194 chapters (16 volumes) of the original Dragon Ball series.

There are 58 chapters spread across several hundred pages. Along the journey you’ll travel from Akira Toriyama’s youth as a fan of foreign films, to Goku’s fated encounter with Bulma, the summoning of Shenron, the defeat of the Red Ribbon Army, and the victory over Ma Junior.

The book features over 60 original illustrations in the Akira Toriyama style, penned by the amazing artist and Dragon Ball fan, Javier Secano.

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Dragon Ball is where culture and imagination meet. It is a testament to both traditional and modern culture, as a synthesis of what’s old in the form of what’s new.

Since Dragon Ball has been watched and read by so many and influenced lives in subtle and profound ways, it is significant and deserves a book exploring these phenomena.

In reading Dragon Ball Culture, you will better understand yourself.

Stay tuned for more info and the publication date.

And get excited, the next book in The Dao of Dragon Ball series is here, and your wish will finally be granted!

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