Dragon Ball Culture Volume 1 Available in Print!

dragon ball culture volume 1 print book

Dragon Ball Culture Volume 1: Origin is now available in print!

You can buy it on Amazon for only $14.99.

See Dragon Ball with new eyes. This book is your cultural tour guide to Dragon Ball, the world’s most recognized anime and manga series.

Volume 1 provides the world’s first English biography of Dragon Ball’s creator, Akira Toriyama, and reveals the true origin of the Dragon Ball series.

How does Akira Toriyama become a manga author? Why does he make Dragon Ball? Where does Dragon Ball’s culture come from? And why is it so successful?

We’ll trace the origin of Dragon Ball from Akira Toriyama’s birth and childhood, to his early days as a manga author, to catching his big break, and coming up with the idea for Dragon Ball. Then we’ll see how he becomes inspired by the ancient legend of Xīyóujì (“Journey to the West”) in order to create his Dragon World—the world of Dragon Ball we know and love.

Along the way you’ll be informed, entertained, and inspired. You will learn more about your favorite series and about yourself.

This book required over 12 years of effort to write. It is not a Wikipedia clone. You’re guaranteed to learn something new.

“For Dragon Ball fans who think they know everything.” – toonbarn.com

The book is over 200 pages long, and is written in a large and easy to read font.

dragon ball culture volume 1 print book interior


  • Akira Toriyama
  • Rising Star
  • Dragon Ball’s Origin
  • Xīyóujì
  • Toriyama’s Xīyóujì
  • Dragon World

In addition, there’s a Pronunciation Guide to give you a crash course on Chinese, Japanese, and Sanskrit languages, a full Glossary with over 400 terms, and a professional Index for scholars and librarians.

This is Volume 1 of 7 in the Dragon Ball Culture series. If you want to understand Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, GT, Super, the video games and films, this is where it all begins!

“Dragon Ball Culture is a must read. It’s beyond interesting, it’s inspiring. You’ll never look at Dragon Ball the same way again!” – dragonballinsider.com

Available now for $14.99.

You can also contact me direct if you’d like a signed copy. Just provide your mailing address so I can calculate shipping, and I will send a PayPal invoice for the order. Once payment is received, I’ll ship it to you.

dragon ball culture volume 1 print books

Thank you to all of my friends, family, and fans, for your support.

To Dragon Ball fans across the world:

Dragon Ball Forever!!

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