Dragon Ball Culture Volume 4 Now Available!

dragon ball culture volume 4

Dragon Ball Culture Volume 4 is now available in ebook!

Join Goku as he goes west in search of more power! His grand adventure begins anew in Dragon Ball Culture Volume 4.

Also on Amazon, B & N Nook, Google Play, and Kobo.

But what will happen when this naïve boy enters the real world and meets people who want to harm him? Will he be able to find his grandpa’s 4-Star dragon ball, or will the villainous Red Ribbon Army get to it first?!

In Dragon Ball Culture Volume 4, you’ll discover the origin of the Red Ribbon Army in Western cinema. You’ll see how author Akira Toriyama brings Western concepts into his Eastern world and fuses them together, creating the Dragon World that we know and love. And you’ll learn how monster movies, witches, and magical dragons mix together to tell a story about a young boy with a dream of becoming stronger.

Volume 4 explores Chapters 54 to 112 of the Dragon Ball manga.

So let’s hop on our magic cloud and head west with Goku!

What is Dragon Ball Culture?

Dragon Ball Culture is a 7 volume, over 2,000 page analysis, of the origin and culture of the Dragon Ball series. It required over 11 years of research and development, and is a labor of love from one Dragon Ball fan to another. It will enable you to see Dragon Ball, and yourself, with new eyes.

Inside you’ll find a complete and thorough biography of Akira Toriyama (the first biography ever written about him), an explanation of the Dragon World, and an incredibly deep, panel-by-panel analysis of the manga, from beginning to end.

Along the way you’ll discover how Toriyama combines Eastern and Western culture together to create a fusion manga that is beloved across the world.

This is Volume 4 of the 7. It covers Goku’s battle with the Red Ribbon Army, his search for the 4-Star dragon ball, and his encounter with Uranai Baba and her 5 warriors.

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