Dragon Soul Now Available in Print!!

dragon soul now available in print

Dragon Soul: 30 Years of Dragon Ball Fandom is now available in print!!

Buy it on Amazon for only $19.99


dragon soul interior sean schemmel

Featuring a foreword from Christopher Sabat and Sean Schemmel, Dragon Soul is an entertaining, inspirational, and enlightening celebration of the world’s greatest anime and manga’s 30th anniversary! This book features 27 stories from professionals who created Dragon Ball, 81 stories from Dragon Ball fans in over 25 countries, 600 images of original artwork, collections, and cosplay, plus exclusive interviews, insights, and heartfelt tales about Dragon Ball’s power to change lives.

All-Comic.com called it:

“A soulful collection of personal reflections on the series from fans all over the world.”

The 27 professionals from 7 countries include: Christopher Sabat, Sean Schemmel, Chris Ayres, Chris Rager, Mike McFarland, Chuck Hubert, Kyle Hebert, Jason Douglas, Chris Cason, FUNimation employees Justin Rojas, Adam Sheehan, and Rick Villa, Dragon Ball Z composer Bruce Faulconer, Dragon Ball manga editor Jason Thompson, Canadian voice actors Peter Kelamis and Brian Drummond, Latin American voice actors Mario Castaneda, Rene Garcia, Eduardo Garza, French voice actor Eric Legrand , French journalist Olivier Richard, Spanish voice actors Jose Antonio Gavira, Julia Oliva, and manga editor David Hernando, Danish voice actors Caspar Philllipson and Peter Secher Schmidt, and Brazilian voice actor Wendel Bezerra.

dragon soul interior tyler tackett

Together we will go on a global adventure in search of the 7 dragon balls, as we head west toward Japan.

Along the way we’ll meet such famous fans as Lawrence Simpson (MasakoX) from Team Four Star, Malik from Dragon Ball New Age, Salagir from Dragon Ball Multiverse, MMA fighter Marcus Brimage, YouTube celebrities SSJGoshin4, Nelson Junior (Casa do Kame), Happy Console Gamer, and film critic Chris Stuckmann, famous cosplayers “Living Ichigo,” Atara Collis, and Jah’lon Escudero, the creators of Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope, Twitter star @Goku, authors Patrick Galbraith, Nestor Rubio, and Vicente Ramirez, and dozens more.

From artists to authors, collectors to philosophers, we’ll hear their Dragon Soul and discover how Dragon Ball changed their lives.

dragon soul interior christian vazquez

This book required 2 years of labor and a lifetime of dedication to the Dragon Ball community. It is my way of saying thank you to Akira Toriyama, to everyone who created Dragon Ball in Japan and internationally, and to the global fandom.

“Dragon Soul is a must read for anyone who has ever been a fan of Dragon Ball, or for those interested in how fandom shapes the lives and personalities of people.” – Amazon.com review

dragon soul praise

The book is 480 pages long and is filled with everything that Dragon Ball fans love.

dragon soul interior atara collis

Thank you for being a fan of the greatest series on earth!

Buy the book on Amazon and free your Dragon Soul!!

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