Over 9,000 e-book Winners!

dragon ball z goku vegeta fist bump

You’re all winners!! Wait, no, no you’re not. But THREE of you are winners of my new Dragon Ball Z ‘It’s Over 9,000!’ When Worldviews Collide e-book!

Contestants entered their email into the Over 9,000! e-book landing page form beginning September 4 when the book was announced.

There were 42 entrants in the 5 days between then and now, and I used a random number generator to select the winners.

So without further ado, here are the lucky winners.




Congraturations! A winner is you! Here’s some cake!

goku cake dragon ball z

I just sent a copy of the e-book your way and I hope you enjoy reading about Goku and Vegeta’s colliding worldviews!

What’s that you say, there’s more?

Absolutely, because there’s a surprise from way, WAY back in store.

On January 27, 2012, I asked readers of the blog to take a survey so I could get feedback about the site and The Dao of Dragon Ball project.

Those who notified me that they took the survey by leaving a comment, a tweet, or posting on Reddit’s r/dbz sub-reddit, were entered into the contest to win a copy of the Over 9,000! book.

Now that the book’s finally out, I have 7 more copies to give away!

And the winners are:

Traycheff, from Reddit

alchemist5, from Reddit

superatheist, from Reddit

Johan @JXYOH, from Twitter

Gokouu, from the blog

Haad, from the blog

ultimatedbzgirl, from the blog

Way to go everyone! You’ve been sent your copy of the “Over 9,000!” e-book!

happy goku child laugh

And yes, since that was 10 copies (Over 9!!!) given away on the launch day of my new e-book, you might think I’ve gone insane, but that’s just my way of saying thank you to everyone who has contributed to the project.

Whether it’s by visiting the site, taking the survey, pre-ordering my books, or showing your support by leaving comments, I really do appreciate it.

Thank you! I hope you enjoy reading the e-book, and be sure to tell your friends about it!!

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