Representation Achieved!

guest relation guy represents derek padula

I’m happy to announce that I am now being represented at conventions by Guest Relation Guy!

This agency represents many famous actors, including Johnny Yong Bosh (the Black Ranger in Power Rangers, Vash the Stampede in Trigun), J. Michael Tatum (Zarbon in Dragon Ball Kai), Linda Ballentyne (Sailor Moon in Sailor Moon), Brina Palencia (Chaozu, Puar in Dragon Ball), Kira Buckland (2B in NieR: Automata), and D.C. Douglas (Wesker in Resident Evil).

I was able to achieve this because of supporters like you. And in particular the people who follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube—because agencies and conventions look at your follower count when deciding to represent you and book you.

The more followers you have, the bigger conventions you’ll be invited to. So follow me and share my posts with your friends. Together we’ll go onward and upward.

Best of all, now I get to say this:

Speak to my agent!


But for real, if you’d like me to attend a convention, please tell the convention staff to speak to my agent. I can travel to conventions along with the Dragon Ball voice actors, and we’ll have a fun time.

I look forward to seeing you at the next con!