Thank You to the DBZ CCG Site

dbz collectible card game shenron back of card

I just wrote my first guest post on a Dragon Ball site called DBZ Retro CCG, focused completely on the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game.

Like any guest post, the goal was two fold. First to build up buzz for the “It’s Over 9,000!” e-book, and second to help another blogger with fresh content.

Here’s the It’s Over 9,000! DBZ article on the Retro DBZ CCG site.

Never heard of the DBZ CCG? It’s a card game where you build up decks of heroes, villains, and items from the DBZ series, such as dragon balls, and then fight against one another on the card table. It’s been around for over a decade and is still played by a lot of people.

Josh Morris, a co-creator of the site, has been involved with the Dragon Ball community for a long time and he helped refine my press release to appeal to DBZ fans before it went out to hundreds of news sites, including ANN.

His site is filled with strategies on how to win at the DBZ CCG and build the perfect deck. It also features recorded competitions and reports from tournaments and anime conventions.

Read my book review of the old school “Pojo’s Unofficial dragon Ball Z Cards Simplified: A Players Guide” and you’ll see that it was popular enough to warrant a whole book, along with a video game for the Game Boy Advance.

And be sure to watch some of the card battles for a retro blast to the past. If you ever played the game before, then it may just pull you into the game all over again.

Now for the most important question: Are you going to build a Goku deck, or a Majin Buu deck?

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