Editors Chosen

Mr Shu the Tutor

Mr. Shu. Gohan's Tutor

Hey everybody. I made a decision that will take the book one step closer to completion. I hired a pair of professional editors.

The first is Marta Tanrikulu at TanMar Editorial Services, as the developmental editor. It’s her job to help shape and focus the book, restructure it accordingly, and cut whatever gets in the way of the primary message. Which, by the way, is this:

The message of The Dao of Dragon Ball is to convey the true history of the Dragon Ball series, its connections to ancient Indian, Chinese and Japanese cultures, Hollywood pop culture, futuristic science fiction, and the underlying meaning of life discovered through spiritual cultivation via the martial arts.

The second editor is Elissa Rabellino at StyleInSites, and she is the copy editor. After I finalize the content with Marta’s guidance, Elissa will help refine the prose and deftly say more with less.

Both editors are from the San Francisco Bay Area. They each had an interest in anime or manga as well as a ton of experience in their craft. I imagine that their expertise will enable the book to reach the next level.

It required several weeks of interviews and a lot of soul searching to make the final decisions, so here’s hoping for the best!

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